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   Chapter 90 I Don't Want To Sell You Out!

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10303

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Trembling with fear, she turned around.

But she ignored the other man who sat next to the man in a grey suit. This man's voice was not loud, but penetrating. Even in the rhythm and rapid music, she could still hear clearly word by word.

She told herself she was lucky and walked forward quickly after only turning back once. As long as the man didn't stop her, or he couldn't stop her, she could go out.

She opened the door fiercely, but took a step back. She only considered whether there was a pursuer behind her, but ignored whether there was a block in front.

Two strong men more than 180 height stood at the door.

"Why are you still here?" The voice of the man in black suit suddenly rang in her ear, and she didn't know when he had already walked behind her.

She turned around in horror. The man got so close to her that she could even smell the mixed odor of cigarettes and alcohol on his body. He reached out and turned on the lights. The lights were off.

"Ah!" Kate shouted. She was sitting closer to the man in grey suit. Just now, she casually put her hand on the sofa and touched some sticky and fishy liquid. She didn't know what it was, but felt strange. Now that the light was on, she saw clearly that there was blood on her hand.

The man next to her had blood all over his hair, his cheek and his white shirt, which was exposed.

The others also found it and all came over.

A man shouted in panic, "Mr. Cheng, what happened? Why did he get hurt? Mr. Cheng, wake up! Wake up! Mr. Yao, come here. What's wrong with Mr. Cheng? Why did the bottle break? "

As they got closer, they found many broken wine bottles scattered on the ground. Obviously, someone hit Mr. Cheng's head with a bottle just now. All of them couldn't believe what had happened.

After all, the perpetrator looked too weak.

However, this group of people had experienced some scenes, and their mentality was better than ordinary people. They were in a panic for a while, and then someone called the ambulance immediately.

"Do you want to escape after you hurt him? I won't let you off so easily! " Mr. Yao opened the door and ordered the two strong men standing outside, "take this woman away!"

"Yes, boss!" The two burly men replied respectfully. Then, one of the men came in, seized Polly's arm and dragged her out.

Knowing that it was absolutely no good thing to be taken away by them, Polly struggled and questioned in a loud voice, "why do you take me away? I beat him. I'll take the responsibility. We can go to court! "

Yao raised his hand and slapped her forehead. Her eyes went dark and her head was buzzing.

"Bitch! Damn it! You have wounded the distinguished guest invited by me. How can we go to court with the business of tens of millions of dollars ruined like this! It's all your fault. I only know that. You have to pay for this! "

"I will compensate you." her voice trembled with dizziness

Again, Mr. Yao slapped his hand away and said, "you're so poor. What compensation do you want? Even if I sell you, it's not worth

lady. Are you not even twenty years old? Wasn't it a pity for him to die at such a young age? Think about those who care about you, your parents, brothers, sisters, and friends... "

As long as the normal girl heard he said this, she would certainly hesitate. At the same time, Polly paused for a while, but she immediately came to herself.

She loved someone else. She wanted to give all of herself to the one she loved without any impurity. She couldn't accept it when she told Bruce that she was with another man.

If Owen could caress another woman with the hand that held her in his arms, her heart would be torn apart as if she were hanging in the sky.

She put more strength on her hand, and the broken glass cut into the skin. Red blood beads came out and looked like the enchanting Ruby on her white, jade like arm. The pain, like a poison, passed through the blood circulation and instantly spread throughout her body. Enduring the sharp pain, she did not say a word, but sweat dripped on her forehead.

Mr. Wang took a deep breath and couldn't help but stop. He didn't expect the girl to be so strong. He had thought that she was just bluffing. Girls at her age, such a young girl, definitely cherished life.

"Mr. Wang, if you really like to play with dead bodies as you said. When I lost my ability to fight back, I had tried my best. So I didn't blame anyone. But now, I have the ability to fight back. I won't allow you to bully me! "

"Mr. Wang, I'm sorry! You are not meant to be with me in this room tonight! " She picked up the glass debris stained with blood and pointed it to her artery.

Only ghosts would believe that this man had a quirk of making corpses.

When she was about to insert the glass into pieces, the door of the box was smashed open.

"Dear Polly!"

The familiar voice, like the one that had been immersed in the soul, seemed to have passed through ages, dispersed layers of mist that blocked in front of her, and reached her ears.

All of a sudden, a thick layer of mist covered her eyes.

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