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   Chapter 89 I Want You Tonight!

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9718

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Polly rushed to Midsummer night club. She had called Avril many times along the way, but she couldn't get through.

When she reached Room 201, she reached out to push the door, but was stopped by a hand that was very accurate.

"Miss, do you know the man in this room? You can't open the door randomly in a nightclub. You have to pay the price if you go to the wrong place. "

It was the same driver again. A glimmer of vigilance rose in her heart. When did the man follow her here? Why did he follow me? '?

"Don't be afraid, miss. I am not only a driver, but also a temporary bodyguard. I saw Miss came to the nightclub alone, so I thought maybe she needed my help, so I offered to come over. " After the driver introduced himself, he stretched out two fingers and said, "not expensive, two hundred per hour."

He was probably driven crazy by the desire of money. Ignoring him, Polly pushed the door open again.

"It's ok. One hundred per hour!"

"Fifty is also OK!"

"Fifty then!" As soon as she said yes, she took out her purse, paid him and said, "you can leave now!"

She was really confused. She once heard from her classmate that a scoundrel would specially find someone who was inferior to her and ask for money with various reasons.

The driver was exactly that kind of person. If she didn't give him money, he would definitely keep tangling with her and stopping her from entering the door.

The door of the room was pushed open, and the lights were on. The colorful lights dazzled her. She couldn't see the people inside clearly. Fortunately, this was the case, and the people inside couldn't see her clearly.

It was a mess in the room. Some people were roaring with microphones, some were dancing to the music, and some were sitting in the corner. Each of them was holding a woman in their arms, making love passionately.

There were two men sitting in the middle of the sofa with their heads looking towards each other. They seemed to be talking about something. Beside the two men sat a man and a woman. The man was trying hard to get her drunk. The woman was thin with hair shawl, just like Avril.

But she couldn't see her face clearly, so she groped the wall to look for the switch of the flashlight. As before, a hand reached out and pressed before her.

The room was soon filled with light.

"Miss, if you are looking for someone, you should turn on the light." Said the driver behind him. He pointed at the sofa and asked, "have you seen the person you are looking for?"

Why is he here? Is he unsatisfied with the lack of money? But at this time, Polly had no time to consider this. She looked up and scanned the whole room.

When the light was on, people in the room all looked at them.

The person who was singing stopped. Only the music was still ringing as usual. The two men, who were singing and dancing for the singer, were so absorbe

ottle of wine and took a sip, then handed it to her. "It's your turn!"

'it's disgusting!' murmured Rufus as he turned away.

"What? Do you still dislike me? Who do you think you are! " The man's hand clamped her face and forced her to turn around. "Don't play hard to get. Shame on you! Drink it for me! "

His hand squeezed her mouth fiercely. He picked up the bottle of wine and tried to pour it into her mouth. Polly struggled with all her strength to dodge the attack. Most of the wine was spilled on the ground.

"What a hot chick! I like to be tamed and untamed at will! " The man put his mouth close to her and pressed her against the sofa, "have fun tonight!"

Her mind went blank, there was only one thought in her mind at the moment, that is, she would never let this dirty man touch her. Her free hand fumbled around like a drowning man looking for a life-saving straw. She grabbed a bottle, lifted it and smashed the man's head hard.

The bottle broke into pieces, and the man's face twisted a few times. The red blood and liquor fell down together. He swayed a little and lay on her.

The music was deafening, and the broken bottle was drowning in it. Besides, the light above their heads was dazzling, so no one noticed that the man had already fallen.

Her heart beat so fast and so fast that she could hardly bear it. She looked around and found that everyone else was busy with their own things, so nobody noticed her. She took a deep breath, pushed away the man on her body, and helped him to sit on the sofa. With her trembling hands, she picked up a tissue on the table and wiped off the blood on his face. She even smoothed his hair to make him look like normal.

Having the guts to finish this scene, she said loudly before leaving, "thank you, sir, I'll go first!" After that, she stood up, bypassed the sofa and walked towards the door.

"Stop! Are you going to slip away after you kill him?"

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