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   Chapter 88 A Woman In Love

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9925

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Polly, she rushed into the campus with loud footsteps.

Bad man! Bad man! overbearing! Selfish! Damn!

I won't go back to the apartment with you. Never!

She lowered her head sullenly and bumped into someone. Both of them hit each other so hard. She hit his head hard on his ribs, and his teeth hit his tongue. His mouth was filled with the smell of blood, and she was so painful that tears were about to run down.

"Ouch!" someone cried out. He bent down, with one hand covering his left chest, and the other pointing at Polly, "you are such a crazy woman. You are rampaging around the campus. Do you take this place as your home?"

Ignoring the pain, Polly suddenly looked up at that man and ran over to grab his arm in surprise. "Hal, is that you? You are fine! "

"Yes, yes! How could you speak like that? " Hal pushed her away, as if he was dusting down his clothes. With a look of disgust, he said, "you're my good friend, aren't you? Why don't you look up to me? "

Tears dried up in an instant, and her irritable mood was replaced by a burst of joy. "Why don't I look up to you? You have no idea how worried I was for you this night! Where have you been? Why didn't you answer my calls? "

"Why are you worried about me?" "I've been at school, just forgetting to take my phone with me! Women in a relationship liked to be on the nerves all day! I have something else to do tonight. We can talk tomorrow. "

After saying that, he walked out of the school.

"Wait! Hal!" Polly caught up with him, "it's so late. Do you still want to go out?"

"What's wrong? You don't allow me to do that? I'm your friend, not yours. It's none of your business! "

Seeing the impatience on Hal's face, Polly asked with concern, "do you have something important to do outside?"

Hearing that, Hal admitted bluntly, "yes! It's urgent! I'm sorry, but I have to leave now! "

After taking a few steps, she turned around and said, "Dear Polly, you'd better call Bruce and ask him to pick you up tonight. Before Avril went to the cafe this afternoon, she told me that she still had a job to do at night. She won't go back to her dormitory! "

Don't she go to bed for the whole night? Is Avril going to risk her life? "

"Alas, Avril is so pitiful. Her grandfather had a heart attack and was hospitalized last night. She is in urgent need of money. She has already tried to do several jobs, and now she's got another one. She's really a lunatic! "

"Then where does she work? I'm worried if a girl doesn't come back in the middle of the night! "

"I'll go to see her after I get things done. Don't worry about her," said Hal.

Polly had a feeling that although Hal knew the inside story, he wouldn't tell her. It was because she was isolated from the original world by them that she felt lonely.

She thought, 'Hal, Avril and I are always close friends. But today, our friendship also has estrangement and alienation.'. And she didn't know when the

people passed her. Although there were street lights on the road near a gate, several of them were broken. Therefore, it was difficult to find the lights on several section of the road.

She was afraid of darkness when she was a child and seldom went out at night. In her memory, she only saw night road when she went to the cinema for several times, but every time she went to the cinema, she was accompanied by Owen.

After she was enrolled in college, she met with Avril, who was fearless of nothing. She started from the beginning to the University and everything was new. She often went to the night market with Avril. Gradually, she was less afraid of the darkness. But she was familiar with the place and was sure that it was not dangerous.

For example, in the campus and in their own yard.

She walked alone on the road at night and had never tried. After walking for about five minutes, she regretted. She should have waited, maybe the next moment she could get a car.

While she was thinking, a taxi with a "empty" sign came into her sight.

Polly hurriedly reached out her hands to stop the car.

"Miss, where are you going?"

The driver was a man in his thirties, smart and capable, not handsome in appearance, but looked very comfortable.

"Midsummer night club."

"Miss, it's so late. What are you doing in the nightclub?"

"I'm looking for a friend."

"What friends need to be found in the nightclub? Miss, don't you have the phone number? Have what matter to make a phone call to your friend, go all the way to run, pay money to stick energy again, do you think it is worth? "

Realizing that the driver was a little talkative, she simply chose to ignore him.

"My lady, don't get me wrong. I think it's not far from Midsummer. If it's not necessary, you'll spend the money? Summer is coming. Can't you save money for ice cream? "

"I'm sorry. I don't like ice cream! Mr. driver, can you save your energy and focus on driving? "

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