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   Chapter 87 Dear Polly. I Am Always At Your Back

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9195

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Kevin murmured as he rested his malicious eyes on Bruce.

If I can't get what I want, then no one can get it either!

Now even if he was the boss of BA, he might not get what he wanted because of Owen!

Sally told him that as long as he didn't give up, Polly would still like to maintain the relationship as a lover even if she didn't change her mind.

But he was not a fool. He knew clearly what kind of woman Polly was. Once they broke up, there was no chance for them to continue. But at half past seven, he agreed without hesitation when Sally Ding told him to wait for Polly at the school gate.

Even if Dear Polly was impossible, it would be great if he could ruin her relationship with Bruce. All in all, he couldn't watch his woman being with another man right under his nose.

Especially the man was Bruce He. It made him look like a joke. Although it was he who broke up with her, now it was more and more like he had been dumped.

Polly ran as fast as she could. She didn't know where she was going. When she passed by the girls' dorm, she didn't stop and walked straight over.

When she touched it, she realized that she had already been on the playground.

It was so quiet on the playground at night when the fragrance of grass filled his nose. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw something. She slightly lowered her head and saw a long shadow shadow shadow projected on the plastic track around the lawn.

A sudden chill chilled her scalp. She looked back as if she got an electric shock. When she saw the handsome man who looked familiar behind her, she was relieved at once.

"I was so scared! When did you come here?" She asked the man, who looked obscure in the dim light of the streetlight, with one hand covering her jumping chest.

With his hands in his pockets, Bruce replied indifferently, "Polly, I'm always behind you."

She slowly walked towards him and asked unhappily, "why didn't you call me?"

"I'm waiting for you to turn around. Dear Polly, and I'll always be there for you. "

"Bruce, what nonsense are you talking about?" She walked towards him. He was tall, almost a head taller than her. She had to look up to catch his sight.

Bruce's calm attitude made Polly feel uncomfortable. "What if I don't turn around all the time? Will you follow me all the time? Aren't you afraid that I will never look back? "

Bruce suddenly smiled and stepped forward to pull her into his arms. He said in a domineering and gentle tone, "Dear Polly, the earth is round. Even if you don't look back, we still have the chance to meet again."

His voice was as cold as ice that melted into the water and disappeared. "I'm afraid that you've lost your way and will never come back."

His word

legs were bound.

"Dear Polly, if I can't enjoy myself to the full this afternoon, I don't mind having sex with you now!" He bit and bit her gently in his kiss and threatened her with his hoarse and depressed voice.

"Bruce, you bastard!" Polly shouted in a hoarse voice, tears streaming down her face involuntarily.

He was overbearing or possessive, but he had hidden himself too deeply. Like other men, he also didn't like women to disobey him, and didn't want them to bring him any trouble.

All of a sudden, he released all the strength that was suppressing her body. He sat up straight, and there was a deep emotion in his eyes. He gently called her, "Dear Polly..."

"What's the name of your classmate? Let me help you..."

"No, thanks." "My classmate is not so important to me. I don't want to cause you any trouble! Now please open the door and let me go! "

The hand that was holding in the air froze, and the coldness in his eyes was getting dimmer and dimmer.

"Sorry, Dear Polly."

On the road near the a gate, a black Maserati was parking in the mottled tree shade. Outside the half open window stood a handsome man. His dark eyes were as deep as the sea. A faint smile appeared on his face when he saw that Polly got off from Bruce's car.

The driver was a man in his thirties. He observed his expressions and reminded Owen, "master Owen, Miss Han, shall we go there and have a look?"

"No, thanks." There was a gentle smile on his face, as if he was immersed in his memory. "At this time, the last thing I want is someone to bother her."

"What about letting her be?"

"Of course I can't leave her alone. Get a reliable bodyguard to follow her and help her at all costs to do what she wants to do. And, "the smile on Owen's face deepened," ask that person to be careful. She's very smart. "

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