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   Chapter 86 You Want Me To Let You Go! Fond Dream!

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9132

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Polly couldn't believe her ears. She didn't miss him just now.

In her mind, the scene that Bruce hurriedly held up Rachel after she fainted was the scene that nervous and panicked.

What she thought was that all the attention of Bruce was on Rachel, and he could no longer control her.

Why did she hear his business every time she thought about another man?

There was a burst of commotion among the onlookers. Someone came over with light, steady steps, and from the corner of her eyes, she saw a hand with slender bones pulled her away.

Kevin was shocked by the man's good-looking face and elegant temperament. A name came to his mind somehow.

He asked, "who are you? Why do you meddle in other people's affairs? "

"I'm Owen Su." The man's handsome eyes were full of unfathomable emotion. He pointed at Polly, "she is my sister."

He thought that maybe Polly had already forgotten him.

When he left, she followed him and cried, begging him not to leave. However, all he could do was leaving her a cold back. No matter how hard she begged him, he didn't turn around. They hadn't contacted each other for five years.

In her whole life, she never thought that she would see him again.

"Wow, you've grown up."

With a smile on his lips, Owen Su stretched out his fair and slender hand to touch her hair, but was avoided by her.

She took a step back and looked up. "I'm sorry, Mr. Su. I'm afraid you've got the wrong person," she apologized with a faint smile

After saying that, she turned away.

She didn't feel happy at all at the moment she saw him. There was only sorrow and disappointment in her eyes.

So what if he came back? Many things and many people are different from what they used to be.

"Polly..." Owen stood there, looking lonely at the back of Polly who was walking into the night.

He finally met her. In fact, Dear Polly looked like a little girl. There was no difference from the girl who used to follow him, call him "Owen" sweetly.

She must still be angry with him, for he had left her five years ago and ruthlessly.

So he had prepared for this situation long ago.

However, as a simple woman, how could she know that he was not forced to leave, but had to leave?

If it hadn't been repaired in the past five years, he wouldn't have had the courage to stand on this familiar land again.

Take away yourself and your love!

"Owen, nice to meet you again. What a coincidence!" Low voice interrupted his thoughts.

With a soft smile, he turned around and calmly looked at the man walking towards them with the light of the street lamps on his back.

"Bruce, are you here to look for Dear Polly?" He didn't avoid the question because he

hard time leaving the man she loved a little bit, and now Owen Su came back.

But what was more hateful was that the man courted Dear Polly but didn't treat her well, which made her suffer so much!

If oneself at the outset can fling caution to the wind...

It was the pain of Owen's leaving that made her suffer!

He couldn't forgive himself!

The man was like a mirror, reminding him of his mistakes.

"Mr. He, I know I was wrong, but I really like Polly. I've been with Fanny for such a long time that I finally realize that Dear Polly is what I really want. As for the wrong things I did to her, and the hurt I did to her, I will try to make it up to her! "

"Make it up? How can you make it up to her? Mr. Kevin, please use your brain. I'm Polly's boyfriend now. Do you think it is appropriate for your ex to talk about compensation in front of my current girlfriend? Is the food of A University fed to pigs? "

It was the first time that he had been scolded by someone. His pale face immediately turned red. At this moment, his dignity, which he had always attached great importance to, had disappeared his fear for Bruce.

"Mr. He, please show some respect! Don't abuse me. It's reasonable! "

But he was just ignored. With a wave of his hand, he shouted, "fuck off!"

Kevin's courage that had just been summoned up vanished in his majestic aura. However, after taking a few steps, he was still unwilling to give up. So he turned around and said, "Mr. He, now that Owen has come back, I think you may not know that he is the one who is most important to Dear Polly now! Except him, Dear Polly would never fall in love with another man! You'd better let go of her as soon as possible! "

Bruce was in no mood to argue with him anymore. He said coldly, "you want me to let her go! No way! "

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