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   Chapter 85 The Hypocritical Man

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10056

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It took her a few steps before she could remember that she hadn't asked who was poisoned. She intended to ask her again. However, she saw that Rachel fainted again. Bruce held her in his arms nervously and strode to the underground garage.

She suddenly stopped.

After taking care of the wound, she called Hal for several times, but nobody answered. She called Avril again, but she was answered soon.

She anxiously asked, "Avril, have you seen Hal?"

"I saw him in the afternoon. Now I don't know where him went! But I saw him walking out of the campus mysteriously after school. "

"Has he come back now? Avril, please, go to their dormitory and ask about it. "

"Do you forget that I'm in the cafe now? I can't run there! What a bad luck tonight! That mysterious Lemon didn't come again somehow. It was agreed that tonight would be the main day of this season's dessert, but he didn't come, and it's pissed off a lot of his lady fans, and now I'm in hot water! I not only have to pay extra burden, but also have to accompany the ladies to smile. These are the muscle muscles twisting. "

It took Avril a long time to tell this to Polly. Then she remembered that Polly asked, "are you okay? What happened to you?"

"Nothing. I was just asking." She wasn't at school, so there was nothing else to talk about with him.

Among her classmates, she had three phone numbers, Avril, Hal, Kevin. Since Hal and Kevin were roommates, but she wouldn't call him.

She decided to go back to the school.

After getting downstairs, she took a taxi. Just as she closed the door, her phone rang.

It was from Rachel.

She thought, 'why does aunt call me at this time? Does she have something to tell me? Now her mind was in a mess and she didn't want to say anything.

However, she was very pitiful. Her mother had suffered such a terrible thing, and what she needed most was the care and help of her friend. She could not show her impatience, but tried her best to comfort her.

"Hey, Dear Polly!" Rachel Du's voice sounded cheerful. "Are you in the apartment now?"

"No, I'm going back to school."

"It's late. Why do you go back to school? Ah, do you because of me? I'm sorry to bother you and Bruce tonight. I was in a bad mood then. Bruce helped me and my mother a lot, so I didn't want to bother him. "

"I decided to come back and figure it out by myself when I arrived at your apartment. But I didn't expect that I would faint. I really didn't know how I fainted! I often came to the apartment to look for Bruce. The security guard of the delivery room knew me and helped me call him for help. Dear Polly, I only think of myself, not your feelings. I'm really sorry! "

"But I don't care at all. You don't have to apologize!" Edward didn't know how to make her feel less guilty. "Really? I didn't take it to heart."

"Dear Polly, I know you are comforting me. How can you not take it to heart?" Rachel suddenly muttered in a low voice, "Oh, this phone is so terrible. Why c

Han didn't hear a single word from her. She stared at him with burning eyes and said, "do you mean that you hasn't seen him since he left school this afternoon. 'so he is really not at school?'? Who did you see him go out with? "

"What?" Kevin didn't expect that this was exactly what mattered to her. He became less enthusiastic. "Yes, Hal isn't at school, but I don't know where he went."

"Dear Polly. I'm talking about our affair. How about Hal? Can you not change the topic? " Holding her arm with his hands, he said sincerely and warmly, "let's start over again, okay?"

It was incredible for Polly to have such an idea. Fanny and Kevin only showed off their love in campus and in the moments. Normally, they should flirt with each other in a good way. Why did he keep bothering her? Did he have the same feelings as she did when they were dating?

Was he just a playboy?

She didn't care what kind of person he was. From now on, she didn't want to talk to him anymore. Since what she said didn't work, she just left without saying anything.

"Kevin, I'm sorry. I have something else to do now." She tried to get rid of his hand but failed because of his great strength and his determination.

The quarrel between them quickly attracted a group of onlookers.

"Kevin, please let me go. It not only respects me, but also respects yourself!"

"Why should I let you go? I've regretted so much for breaking up with you before. I won't let you go from now on!"

"There are so many people watching at the school gate. Aren't you afraid that Fanny will know this?"

Fanny knew that as long as she knew, she wouldn't do anything to me. As for you, are you afraid that things will get worse and Bruce will know it? Well, I'm going to make it a big thing! "

Polly had never seen such a shameless person. What he did now only had one purpose, that is, to destroy her if he couldn't get it.

When the two sides were in a stalemate, a clear voice came through the crowd, "let her go."

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