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   Chapter 82 It's Always A Woman Who Gets Hurt The Most

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9565

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Bruce's medicine is very good, the next day there is a physical education class, the content is to play basketball. Polly didn't feel uncomfortable.

But she was a little depressed all day. As long as she thought that she would have to go through that kind of pain again at night, she would feel depressed and depressed no matter what she did.

She really didn't understand why someone would describe such a painful thing as lust and devouring bones.

"Dear Polly, why do you look so haggard today?" During the lunch time, Avril looked up at her face and stated as usual, "there are dark circles under her eyes. She looked pale and absent-minded. It's the first time she saw the snake's tail on the corner of her eyes. It was identified as excessive enjoyment!"

"Now that you have dark circles under your eyes, do you also indulge in excessive sexual desire?" replied Polly crossly

Avril kept silent and lowered her head, digging the rice in her bowl.

Realizing that she had said something wrong, Polly apologized at once, "I'm sorry, Avril. I didn't mean it."

Avril answered absently, "I know."

She could tell that she was trying very hard, but she didn't eat much. The soup with pepper, few vegetables and a few mouthfuls of rice.

"Avril, you look thinner these days."

Knowing the feeling of hangover, Avril was in a much better state than she was at that time.

Avril took a few vegetables in her bowl with chopsticks and didn't eat them. She hesitated for a long time and finally gave up.

"Do you have Aaron's phone number?"

"Yes. What's his number for?"

"If he were not here last night, I would have been drunk to death by the crazy Abbe. I want to call him to thank him."

"Did Aaron help you last night?" she asked in surprise

Avril's fair and slender fingers moved the inky chopsticks unconsciously. There was a trace of blankness in her eyes. "Well, he's just doing this for Abbe. He doesn't want his friend to make a scene and have a hard time. I'm just the one who's suffering. But I still want to thank him. "

Observing her words and observe her countenance, she thought, 'does Avril fall in love with Aaron?'? It was easy to make a good impression on any girl with Aaron; he looked very charming. However, his personality gave her a feeling that it was difficult for him to fall in love with a woman.

Even if he would marry someone in the future and dote on his wife, he was just carrying out his task.

Just like Bruce.

It was not that they had no feelings for women. It was just a small part of their inner world. If it was another woman, they would still treat her the same.

It was like a bedroom. There should be a bed and quilt, and a man should have a woman and a family in his life. It didn't matter which woman he was going to marry.

Thinking of this, Polly felt a little depre

ut on a bitter face and said, "I know. She thought that Hal should have his own life and all the important things to do in the world should be settled. But I'm still sad. "

Avril began to calculate the benefits of Hal. When she thought of this, Polly almost burst into tears. At ordinary times every day in a bit do not feel this person how, now the person walked, the benefit is really a basket.

Finally, tears welled up in her eyes and she concluded, "from now on, when I want to eat spicy food, no one is willing to make me a fry! I shouldn't have eaten spicy hot pot for once if I knew it earlier! If he wants to have Fried Bun, just let him have it once. "

Hearing her words, Polly was speechless.

"No, I have to call him to learn more about the situation! What the hell is going on with this guy? "

"No need to call. I'm back!" Said Hal with a smile.

They turned around.

Wearing a set of dark casual clothes, Hal stood with his back to the sun. He had a handsome face with a big smile on it. He reached out his hands to them and said, "come on, lovely girls, give me a hug!"

Avril immediately turned from a sad girl to a shrew and shouted with a fierce face, "get out!"

Hearing this, Polly was even more speechless.

When she was about to take a nap, she got a call from Bruce. He told her that he had arrived at her apartment and was waiting for her. She asked what it was, but Bruce refused to tell her, just told her to come down.

Bruce had never seen her during this period of time. She was confused and eager to see him, so she put on her coat in a hurry and went downstairs.

"Dear Polly, why are you so fast today? She was still unhurried a few days ago, trying to tantalize him! What on earth has he done to you? "

Ignoring her words, she pushed the door and rushed out.

He changed her a lot. She was shy and sweet. Of course, she was a little scared.

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