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   Chapter 79 Are You Asking For My Opinion

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Soon, they heard the sound of the metal key rotating and the iron chain rubbing. The hotel manager didn't lie. It was true that Abbe and other people had locked the door.

Mr. Su avoid her? Why go to all this trouble?

But he ignored one thing that the most difficult defense in the world is the human heart.

The door of the pear blossom hall was opened from inside, and a strong smell of alcohol rushed into the nose, which almost made Polly cough.

But she had no time to think about it and directly walked in.

Standing at the door with awkwardness, Aaron lowered his head slightly and didn't dare to see the two people who were about to come in, "Bruce, sister-in-law."

He felt that he was so unlucky today. Why did he have to ask for his help one by one? sister-in-law used to be like this, and so did Bruce

The key point was that Bruce's "trouble" had instantly alienated their relationship. Bruce had probably known from sister-in-law about his refusing to help. From now on, the relationship between them would not be like before.

But he had no other choice. On the one hand, he played with his big buddies from childhood to adulthood, on the other hand, he had known sister-in-law for less than three months. As long as normal people chose the former.

"Avril!" She rushed into the room and began to search for Avril with sharp eyes. But then she saw a table of man standing in the corner, including Carol, who was sobbing.

She got flustered.

"Dear Polly!" Other two girls immediately came over from the corner of the wall, their eyes full of joy.

"Where is Avril?"

"She was drunk and fell asleep!" She pointed to the sofa through the window.

Hearing that, Polly looked at the sofa with unconcealed panic in her eyes. All her attention was on the table just now, ignoring the sofa. She saw a woman was lying on the bed covered with a man's suit coat.

She walked to the sofa and took a closer look. It was really Avril. Nobody knew how much wine this girl had drunk. Her face was as red as a mature apple, and the smell of wine from her breath was strong.

"Avril!" She stretched out her hand and pushed Avril. Avril frowned and mumbled something she didn't know.


At the sight of him, all the people in the room stood up from their seats and showed their respect to him. Among them, some of them were obviously drunk. They were not only flushed, but also trembled. They could barely stand with others' help.

"Okay," Bruce replied flatly. His sharp eyes, which were totally different from the atmosphere in the room, swept over them one by one. He then turned to the two girls standing next to Polly, with red eyes and tears on them, and dropped back to the sofa again.

He smiled, but not very obvious, and his voice was like a gossip. "It seems that everyone is very excited today. Am I disturbing you?"

"What are you talking about, Bruce? Hahaha... " The embarrassment spread like a ripple on the water

n her eyes. She moved to the side of the road.

"Hal!" After a while, the car light went out and Polly stopped after only two steps.

That black Rolls Royce stopped beside Hal. The door was opened quickly, and a man got out of the car, who courteously opened the door for him and respectfully invited him to get in.

Before getting on the car, Hal turned around and looked at Polly. His eyes were full of helplessness and despair.

Polly was stunned. Did his uncle send someone to pick him up? But they looked different. The way those people treated Hal was more than flattering and cordial. If they were just being domineering, they couldn't do that.

Who the hell was this Hal?

He looked so tender and weak just like a boy next door. Was there anything unusual about him?

"sister-in-law, please get in the car."

She didn't come to her senses until she heard Aaron's gentle voice from behind.

"Did you see the car parked here? Do you know whose car it is? "

"You mean the Rolls Royce?" Aaron shook his head and answered, "I don't know. They must have come from the capital."

"Capital?" Having known him for such a long time, she still didn't know the origin of Hal's family, but just knew that one of his uncles was an officer from A City. There was no trace of Capital in his accent, but rather close to the local people. She thought he was also from A City.

"Yes! I'm sure the license plate number is from the Capital! "

As soon as Polly got into the car in a low spirit, Avril took the back seat while she sat on the front passenger seat. Aaron opened the window and sprayed a refreshing agent in the car to barely cover the smell of alcohol.

She called Hal, but his phone was switched off. She tried calling him again, but it suddenly occurred to her that Hal's phone had been smashed by that security guard. Therefore, even if she called him a hundred times, it would not work.

Tonight, she was in a mess, so she needed to tidy herself up.

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