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   Chapter 77 What Are You Doing Here

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9868

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A minute had passed, and a steady sound of footsteps came from the corridor, echoing her heartbeat, which made her panic for no reason.

She wanted to stand up at once, open the door of the private room and rushed out to find Avril, asking her what happened to her on earth.

But she refrained herself.

Everyone has his own secret, and even relatives and best friends don't want to tell it to others. Judging from the expression on Avril's face just now, it must be something important. If it was possible to tell her what had happened, Avril would not have pushed the door and left. But she was still worried that she couldn't tell her what had happened.

If she pushed the door open and went out at this time. Perhaps, there would be no future between her and Bruce. However, fate was like two parallel lines within the plane. They missed the only point that crossed each other, and would never have any intersection in the future.

Two minutes later, Polly couldn't wait any longer. She stood up immediately and said to other people, "I'll go out to have a look. You guys go on talking."

Hal was sensitive, so he realized something and followed her, "Dear Polly, I'll go with you!"

Their action immediately caused other people in the private room to laugh.

"Hal finally couldn't bear loneliness. He reached out her black hand to Dear Polly! Hahaha... "

After closing the door of poppi's room, Hal asked, "are you okay? Dear Polly."

"Hal, I think Avril is in trouble now. Leila and Carol haven't come back yet. I'm sure it has something to do with this case. "

"What happened?"

"A City Su home two little, Abbe, is called the little overlord that, you know?" In recent days, as Polly was close to Bruce's friends, he got to know that Abbe was called the overlord of X city. As for his frequent being confined, it was not because the education in the Su family was strict, but because this boy was too profligate.

"I've heard of it."

"Avril and I met him just now. She was too frank and infuriated the second young master of the Su family." She thought that Avril didn't want others to know about their past.

"No wonder you have been out for such a long time! Where is he now? "

At the end of the corridor, Polly replied, "he must be in pear blossom hall."

Without hesitation, he stepped forward and said, "okay! We're going to find him now! "

"Hal, wait! You'd better go back. I can go there alone. " Abbe wouldn't punish her for the sake of Bruce, but things were different for Hal.

Hal glared at her and knocked on her head. "What nonsense are you talking about? A City was a society ruled by law. Even if he was the second son of the Su family, would he be able to do everything in power? I don't believe he dares to keep Avril here! "

She was not afraid that Abbe would hold on to Avril, but she was afraid that he would take it out on Hal. He was too weak to stand any harm from Abbe.


"How dare you! You bastard!" The security guard shouted, "which school are you from? Which teacher taught you this? I'm going to find him! What kind of asshole have you taught? "

"You are the jerk!" Sometimes, Hal wasn't as easygoing as he seemed to be. He struggled to ask, "which school are you from and which teacher have taught you? Why do you point at a person when you are talking to her? "

"You..." The security guard was flustered and exasperated. "Your teacher didn't teach you well, so I will teach you for him!"

"I think you'd better take care of yourself first!"

The best way to solve this problem was to use violence not to negotiate with him. The security guard was very aware of this. With a straight face, he pushed towards Hal and said, "I don't care what you are going to do. Get out of here! The master of the Su family has just told me to guard here. No one is allowed to come in! "

In Abbe's opinion, they were just a group of naive and inexperienced students who could be frightened by a mere security guard.

If Polly came here alone, she really didn't know what to do. The security guard was not tall, but he was strong. She was a weak woman and she was unable to deal with him.

But Hal was not much taller than her. Although he was much taller than the security guard, he still couldn't help himself to fight.

"Don't hit him! His uncle is the police chief!" Helpless, Polly had no choice but to say that. "Don't you believe it? If we don't have such a relationship, how dare we come to see Mr. Su?"

The security guard hesitated.

"Even if your uncle is the police chief, it's useless. Mr. Su doesn't want to see you! "

"Wait a minute! I'll call Mr. Su! "

Polly took out her phone and searched for Abbe's number in the address book. She called him several times, but he didn't answer. She saw that the face of the security guard next to her gradually changed from worry, doubt, to disdain and anxiety.

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