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   Chapter 76 That Is A True Man!

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9126

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Two days later, Polly was discharged from the hospital. Avril and Hal decided to go out to celebrate for her survival. They booked a private room in the restaurant called "Happy Fortune Restaurant" which was contacted by Hal's uncle. The restaurant not only provided good food, but also offered them a discount.

Another seven persons from the pear blossom valley were also invited. Since they were all poor students, the cost of the meal will be split into the student share system.

The room they booked was called Begonia. A funny classmate couldn't help laughing when he saw the three words on the doorplate. He stretched his head and looked at the door plate beside him. With dissatisfaction, he said, "a pear tree Begonia. Next to it is the aunt of peony. That's boring!"

The waiter guided them to come and said with a smile, "we also have a pear blossom restaurant, and it's over there." He pointed to the end of the corridor.

After everyone was here, the waiter started to serve dishes. Although the dishes were home-made, they looked delicious and had a good taste. It was very nice for them to eat in the canteen all day long.

Everyone was praising Hal and said he was lucky to have a uncle of the state officer. Instead of being modest, Hal offered to buy whatever they wanted for dinner.

Naturally, Hal became the host of this activity. He raised his glass and made an opening speech, "Dear gentlemen and ladies, today we have a good time. First, I'm glad that all of you have managed to get through this year and a half. Second, I'm glad that Dear Polly has been out of danger and narrowly escaped death. Cheers! "

This caused a burst of laughter, and everyone drank excitedly.

Tonight, it was obvious that Hal had something on his mind. Although he was smiling, joking and talking to soothe the atmosphere, his eyebrows were still slightly twisted. Besides, he drank one glass after another.

Sitting beside him, it was easy to see that that he was smoking. But Polly nudged him in secret and said, "Hal, you are drunk. Are you all right?"

"It doesn't matter. I'm happy today." Although he said he was happy, his eyes were filled with sadness.

"Do you have any trouble lately? If you have any difficulty, just tell us and we will help you to solve it. "

Hearing that, Hal looked slightly drunk. In a somewhat hoarse voice, he said, "I'm all right? If you do, Dear Polly. You can't help me. All right, don't worry. Everyone is so happy at the moment. Life should be full of joys and joys. What are you worrying about? "

He suddenly raised his voice, "for my frequent hospitalization, you can skip classes again. Cheers!"

Influenced by Hal, other men began to imitate him.



A popular saying on the net recently is called, marry to Bruce, or become Bruce.

"But I think Hal is more reliable than him." After a long time, Joker fought against his classmates and added.

At that moment, Hal broke in. After hearing the last sentence, he asked immediately, "what is more reliable?"

He got no answer.

"What's wrong with you two?" asked Hobson in confusion? Why didn't you make any sound when I came here? "

"Hal." Avril broke the ice. "I apologize to you. Please don't mind. If you're a reliable man, then there's no such man in this world at all! "

His fair little face was as pale as his name.

Hearing what they had just said, Polly felt a little uncomfortable. When Hal talked to her, it was obvious that he felt estranged from her. 'I just went out for a while, but after I came back, I've become like this. I really don't know what I did wrong, which makes me depressed, ' thought Hal.

Carol and two other girls followed Carol to the bathroom.

They had already paid the bill. Caspar hadn't come back yet. They were in high spirits today and planned to finish the meal as soon as possible and then go to KTV to have fun.

But the two women kept waiting, and no matter how long it took, they still didn't get the answer. Being extremely anxious, Hal wanted to call them. However, nobody answered the phone.

Then he dialed another person's number. The phone rang for a long time, but nobody answered.

"What's wrong with them? Did they go to the washroom?"

At this time, Avril's phone rang and it was a text. As soon as she opened it and saw the content, her face suddenly changed.

"Excuse me for taking a call outside."

Funny guy howled bitterly, "Avril, hurry up. Don't tell me. I will not let you go!"

Somehow, Polly's eyelids twitched.

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