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   Chapter 74 Be Good And Wait For Me

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9904

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The sunshine at noon was very strong, making people feel like it was burning in summer. More and more people were attracted by the waterfall surfing project, so Polly, Avril and Hal also went there.

The three of them were divided into a group. According to the tradition that a man and a woman were arranged to be in a same group, Avril and Hal were arranged to be in the same group. There was a boy in the same group between Polly and Avril.

A professional staff checked their safety rope first, and then they walked to the top of the waterfall hand in hand. The depth of over fifty meters was a deep water pool. Looking from afar, it was completely different from the feeling of standing on the ground. The strong visual impact caused by the rushing water, and the deafening sound of the water falling, all the girls were frightened to turn around, daring not look down.

The group was soon dispersed by the strong impact of the river, and the boys who were standing around Polly all disheveled. It was her first time to play such an exciting game, and she was scared to scream on the spot. Like other girls, she grabbed the rope tied on her body and climbed forward bit by bit.

Suddenly, she grabbed nothing and was thrown into the air by the rushing water. Then she fell backward. Before she realized what had happened, she felt her body hit on a hard rock. Then she rubbed it with wind. Her head was hit by something and then her body sank into the water.

She was in a daze and the only vague impression in her mind was that the rope was cut and she fell into the water. She wanted to stretch her arms and legs to the shore, but she was too weak to move.

The rail of the balcony was tightly gripped by his two hands. The veins on his hands were as clear as the meridians of leaves. Bruce stared hard at the green water under him, as if it was a mass of dizzy ink, and his eyes were full of incredulity.

Jake was also stunned, but he reacted quickly. While taking off his clothes, he said, "Mr. He, you are afraid of water, let me..." Before he could finish the last word, "go", Bruce, who was standing next to him, disappeared.

He saw nothing but a black shadow. He suddenly fell into the water as if an eagle suddenly spotted a prey and fell into the water in an instant.

Polly felt that she was floating in the air, and it was so dark around that she was at a loss and didn't know where to go. In a blur, a gentle and loving face appeared in front of her. He stood at the heaviest part of the dark clouds and looked at her silently.

She reached out her hand to him in anticipation, but he just smiled gently at her. His figure quickly retreated, slowly became transparent.

She sobbed, "Owen..."

Humble and desperate, she was like an abandoned child, cowardly lost in the darkness.

Suddenly, she heard someone calling her name anxiously. When she was the most exhausted, her eyes were closed tightly. Suddenly, a gl

fallen into the water flashed through her mind one after another. Although she was in a semi coma at that time, she could image the details.

There were so many things that she couldn't figure out.

"Wait a minute, Mr. Zhou." She sat up slightly and stopped Jake who was about to go out.

"What can I do for you, Mrs. Han?" he asked politely

The word "Mrs. Han" gave Polly a good scare, but she didn't take it as an abrupt response. Jake was Bruce's assistant. It was normal for him to know this.

It was just like that she and Bruce had registered for marriage. Sooner or later their relationship would be exposed in the public.

"Mr. Zhou, isn't Bruce on a business trip? How could he appear in the pear blossom Valley? " Besides, he was nearby at that time. That was why he could show up in time when she was in danger.

"Mr. He specially took his private plane to see Mrs. Han after the meeting. Mr. He intended to have lunch with Mrs. Han, but Mr. He said he didn't want to bother you Mrs. Han, please don't mention this matter later! Mr. boss will be remorseful for this decision! "

The fact was clear and direct. If Bruce had had lunch with Polly at that time, maybe she had not wanted to go surfing. Even if they went after dinner, and at another time, even at the same place, the same thing may not happen.

"I know. Don't worry. So, he can't swim, can he? That day, Jean... " She had seen what happened when Jean fell into the river with her own eyes. But she hadn't expected that Bruce was so anxious and painful, so he hadn't dared to get into the water.

Jake stole a glance at her, and said slowly, "Mrs. Han, don't you think you and Miss Fang have a special place in Mr. He's heart? When he saw you falling, he didn't hesitate at all. Instead, he jumped into the water. So, I have a very bold guess. "

"What guess?"

"I think at that time, the boss had only one thought in his mind. If Mrs. Han can't be saved, he'll go with you. "

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