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   Chapter 73 How Lovely!

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This time, the activity to the pear blossom valley was a barbecue. The group was made up of ten people, making small groups. Undoubtedly, Avril, Hal and Polly were in the same group, and the other seven people were coaxed by Hal.

It's warm spring and flowers are in blossom, and the pear blossom ditch is beautiful. The pink peach flowers, snow-white pear flowers, and all kinds of wild flowers in the grass along the roadside, decorated a ravine with brilliance. The running water was clear, surrounded by several newly growing yellow tender trees on the ground of the jagged rocks.

In the pear blossom ditch, there were grills specially reserved for tourists to barbecue. And even the fire was ready-made. The workers specially made it for the visitors. They were only responsible for bringing food to the place where they lived.

The price was not very high. 80. It was a good deal.

However, it was the first time for them to have a barbecue in the wild. Though it looked interesting and romantic, it wasn't easy to do it actually. They had no experience and had their own ideas. One said that she should do so, and the other said that she should do so. After cooking for half a day, the pleasant stream of smoke and vegetables suddenly flowed into the village, choking the smell of roasted meat.

It was until noon that the bamboo skewer was fresh out of the furnace. Only a few, most of which was stained with ash. Fortunately, Hal had prepared a lot of desserts, which gave the hungry people a chance to eat them.

They chose a clean and big stone and sat down. Next to them, there were a few stones piled up and they cast a cool and gloomy shadow. While they were eating the dessert, they helped each other wipe off the ash on their faces. They laughed together.

"Avril, do you think this dessert tastes familiar?"

Avril was chewing the cake, and her pronunciation was a little vague, "are you familiar with it? I don't think so. But it's not bad. "

"Do you like the flavor of Unusual House. The one made by the cold and mysterious Lemon?"

The people in Unusual House. called the dessert master lemon secretly. No one used that word. If this man was too peculiar, there would be no good wherever he went.

"How could it be Lemon? The dessert he made in Unusual House. is worth at least a hundred dollar." Avril pointed at a huge plastic basket on the grass, where there was still a lot of cakes left, and said, "look, that large basket. How much does it cost? Hal is a petty man. It's impossible. "

"Haven't you noticed that? It must cost a lot even if those cakes weren't bought in Unusual House." she defended Hal.

"You are right."

"So, don't say that Hal is mean any more. None of them was rich. Life was not easy for them. Besides, his health condition takes a lot of money to our family every year. "

Realizing that this topic was too heavy and this was not in accordance with today's happiness and atmosphere, Polly turned the topic back. "Avril, I think this taste is really like. It can be taken

esting to stay here and watch her? How lovely, right? "

Jake was so embarrassed. He changed the subject immediately.

"Mr. boss, would you like to have lunch with Mrs. Han?"

"No, thanks! She is very happy now. If I disturb her, she will be unhappy. I don't want to be hated by my wife. Besides, I have been satisfied with watching her here. "

Jake wanted to say, 'Mr. boss, although you are easy to be satisfied, I won't say that out.'.

"But Mr. He, aren't you here to give Mrs. Han a surprise?"

A wicked smile flashed through his eyes, and he said, "are you sure? I'll send you out. Will you scare the kids when you show up in front of them? "

Jake was speechless.

Was it strange for him to wear a black suit? Before he came out, he looked into the mirror on purpose. As far as he knew, there was no more handsome assistant boss in A City than him. What's more, if she is still a child, how old does he look?

This was the kind of sadness that one could live on his looks, but had to depend on the inside.

What about the boss and his wife? They are father and daughter? In the interval of his business trip, he even took a private plane back and peeped at them, but why did he look so happy as if his daughter had just grown up? It was not far from the pervert.

But he couldn't let the boss know about it. Otherwise, he would no longer be his assistant.

Under the waterfall, two women were hiding behind a big rock. They were both in black tights and hat. Their faces were mostly covered by sunglasses, and the rest were covered by a hat.

"They wore a safety belt. How could it be possible for her to fall off the waterfall?"

"Don't worry. I have arranged everything well. The safety rope is safe for others, but for her, it's absolutely fatal! "

There are so many people around her. If she was held by one of them, she may not fall down. "

"Don't worry. By that time, there won't be too many people around her. Even if there are a few people around her, they will not try to stop her!"

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