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   Chapter 72 I'll Pick You Up Tonight

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9820

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A Benz stopped at the school gate. Polly wanted to go in alone, but Bruce insisted on driving her in.

"Dear Polly, I heard that your department is going to organize a tour in pear blossom Valley two days later, and I will also go on a business trip. We will not be able to see each other for several days. I can drive you there. "

"How do you know that our department is going to pear blossom ditch?" asked Polly vigilantly

"If I want to know, I can know it. I want to know everything about you. "

She didn't know whether Bruce had arranged someone to watch over her or not, but she felt she couldn't keep any secret with only Avril who had a full-time snitch on her.

"Well, it's late. Although I really want to say a few more words to you, I can't let such a good student who abides by the law late! Leave, now! "

Without giving her a chance to say anything else, Bruce grabbed her wrist and walked towards the campus. The security guard at the gate greeted him respectfully, "Hello, Mr. He."

Bruce hadn't been to A University for many times, but people like him always had the impression on people like him. Not only the security guards, but also the teachers and members of the student union knew him.

"Why do I feel that you want everyone to know our relationship?" "Can't we keep a low profile?"

"No way!" "We are a couple. I have the right to break into the world of you," said he tenderly and gently, hands on her soft waist

"That was not what we said before,"

Looking at her indifferently, he said in a domineering tone, "the past is important, but the future is more important! Time could never go back when one was separated from his beloved one. You will only have me in your world in the future! "

Standing by the window of the third floor, Miss. Jean had a panoramic view of the whole thing. A sort of viciousness and anger emerged on her beautiful face. She bit her lips and stared at Polly with eyes full of resentment.

Bruce seemed to notice something and turned to look at Jean. There was a hint of warning in his cold eyes. Jean was shocked and hid behind the wall in a hurry.

The class was about to start, so she was the only one in the hallway. She was so angry that she stamped her foot heavily and her face was twisted and ferocious.

Yesterday, after she returned, she still did not pack and leave. A man like Bruce hated being threatened most, just like her leaving didn't irritate him at all. Their relationship not only didn't go further, but also was more indifferent than before.

She couldn't imagine what he would do if she left him again this time.

"Miss. Jean, you're good in all aspects, except that you're a little stubborn. Men liked obedient and timid women. You shouldn't have left in a fit of pique a year ago. You are pushing him to other women's place, and also giving those women around him opportunities! Bruce is my son. I know what kind of per

ake the initiative? "

"Who says you have no chance! human effort is the decisive factor! Don't worry and calm down now. Let's all calm down and think about how to prevent Polly from going to the He clan's mansion! "

"What else can we do? What Lord He has said has been set. Who else can clear it up? "

"No one can disobey Lord he's order, so we can't change it. We have no choice but to find fault with Polly! Bruce would go on a business trip tomorrow and come back on weekend. This is your chance! "

When Polly was about to reach the door of the classroom, she received the message from Bruce.

Dear Polly, don't forget that I'll pick you up tonight.

In the past, when she saw such kind of messages, she would just ignore them. Today, she replied three words.

Obviously, he was thrilled.

Don't forget to miss me. You missed me every day!

She smiled and texted back. No time.

In his reply, it was a burst of tears.

There were still a few minutes before Polly entered the classroom. Everyone was doing his or her own business.

Avril was reading a novel with her cell phone in her hands. It might be the scene that the hero and heroine she loved killed each other in love. Tears streamed down her cheeks.

Hal bent over the table, his cheek touching it so closely as if he could never fall asleep.

Everything was normal as before, showing a peaceful and happy appearance.

The sun in the morning was gentle and peaceful. It was comfortable to enjoy the sunlight. Bypassing the fragrance of the wind at its temples, it was not bad to let the time pass quietly in this peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

When she passed by the table, she didn't even look at Kevin.

There was a saying that Bruce was right.

Although the past is important, the future is more important!

She was grateful that she could pluck up her courage to go forward step by step with his encouragement when she lost her courage.

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