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   Chapter 71 Dear Polly, You Start To Care About Me

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 7958

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The man in front of her was glaring at her, as if he was slightly drunk. She recognized it was her face that was reflected in his eyes. Gradually a dark and heavy whirlpool was formed, as if to drown her.

She knew what it meant by that look. She still remembered that he had looked at her that way when she stayed with Kevin alone once. She was so frightened that she ran away. Then she made various excuses to avoid him.

However, the man in front of her, was her husband, and they were a legal couple. Could she say no?

Was it because of the relationship between them that she felt she was slowly melting in his eyes? This feeling is very bad, because this man, she does not look like her.

She must find a solution as soon as possible.

Bruce chuckled and said, "since you keep silent, I'll take that as a yes!"

"I... I want to go to the bathroom..." Her heart was beating so fast that he might have heard it.

There was a shining light in his eyes, like a meteor, then he laughed. "No way! Let me kiss you as long as I want! "

The man's smile seemed like magic. He drugged her again and she felt dizzy.

Sometimes she was drunk, and sometimes she was sober. In a trance, she stretched out her slender arms to reach his waist, wanting to hold him tight.

This strange feeling scared her inexplicably. She reached out and pinched herself hard to wake herself up.

"Step aside, Bruce. I really want to go to the washroom." In fact, she didn't want to go at all, but she knew that it was the time. Their situation was too dangerous for her.

It was the first time that she deeply realized that he was a very dangerous man.

"No way! Bad girl! " It was not easy for him to let her go. He stretched out his hand and scraped her nose gently. His eyes were full of affection and tenderness. "Little girl, don't think you can get through easily today! Or, give me your man, or tell me what's in your mind! "

"Do you have a third choice?"



"Give me everything of you!" Not only her body, but also her heart.

Bruce straightened his back and reached out his hand to smooth her disheveled long hair. Her fingers were fair and long.

"Just tell me why you don't like me."

This man was way more powerful than Polly. She could not afford the consequences of silence

Anyway, she didn't dare to believe the hearsay again.

er face turned red and her heart beat fast again.

The corners of Bruce's lips lifted into a smirk. He sighed and said, "I'm afraid that it'll be hard for you to accept in a short time! It was just a prelude to regulate the atmosphere. Dear Polly. I'll take you to the He clan's main house. "

This news wasn't good. Her relaxed nerve got tensed. "Why?" she asked

As he looked at her, a deep sense of guilt and pity appeared in his eyes. He said, "my mother told grandpa what happened between us. He wants to see you."

"You told them that we got married?"

"No! But now they all know that you are my girlfriend. Grandfather want to see how you look like. "

Realizing his words were too implicit, Polly immediately retorted, "do he want to see whether it's me or your childhood playmate, Miss. Jean?"

And it was far more than that. She had planned to frame her up in front of Bruce, but it turned out that she had failed. She wouldn't be reconciled. Perhaps she came to Bruce's mother and complained. In a word, she left a bad impression on the He clan.

"Dear Polly, do you care about Miss. Jean?"

"It's not about whether I care or not. She is the most important person in your life. She will always appear in our lives. There's no way to ignore her."

Then he corrected her with a serious expression, "Dear Polly! You're wrong! Now you are the most important person in my life. Only you are the person who will be with me all my life. "

"But I'm happy that you said you care about her."

"Why are you so happy?"

"Because Dear Polly began to care about me."

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