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   Chapter 70 Don't Fight Back!

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10194

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She turned around with a disdainful look. Polly, don't you think you are too proud? 'will I be disgusted by her words?'.

That was what she was waiting for.

As she expected, Polly threw her hand away in disgust and said, "no, thanks. I can wash the clothes myself!"

She pulled a long face and almost cried out, "Dear Polly, this is what I should do. I'm so worried about you... "

Without saying a word, she just watched coldly at her performance. She wanted to know how shameless a person could be.

All of them were awed by her hypocrisy, as their wonderful performance was interrupted by a phone music.

All eyes were on her. She knew what had happened. For a moment, her face was as pale as the white wall in the dark.

The voice came out of her pocket. She hurriedly reached out and touched a thin square. It was because she was afraid that Bruce would find out and secretly put Polly's phone into her pocket when they were not looking. She was so nervous just now that she even forgot it. She felt very regretful and wondered why she didn't mention it earlier.

The phone was ringing. Bruce stared at her pocket sharply and asked, "is your phone music the same as Dear Polly? Um... It's so strange. Where's your phone? I didn't hear any music? I've been wondering why she didn't answer my phone. Miss Ding, can you give me a reasonable explanation? "

"Mr. He," Sally took out the phone from her pocket with her trembling hands. "I just wanted to say that the phone Dear Polly is always at my place. I..."

Before she could finish, Bruce's eyes were as dark as ink, but his voice was still indifferent. "Why is your phone?"

"Mr. He, here is the thing..." She tried to delay the time and tried her best to make up a reasonable excuse. She panicked and didn't know what to do in front of him. She didn't remember anything.

She used her usual trick to deal with men, trying to squeeze a few tears and muddle through. By virtue of her pretty face and innocent appearance, Sally had become more popular among men. So, she had thought that this tactic was for all men. Moreover, she had a crush on Bruce. If she could take this opportunity to hook up with him, it would kill two birds with one stone.

The more she thought about it, the more complacent she became, and even her movements became lighter and weaker.

However, she was so pitiful that Bruce didn't even look at her at all. He looked at Polly, and asked as sweet as possible, "Dear Polly, tell me, what's going on?"

Even though she could not think of a reasonable explanation, she knew that she should not let Polly tell the truth, otherwise she would be done. If he did, he would know that she was lying.

It was a terrible crime to cheat the boss of BA.

Without thinking too much, she rushed to Polly and pushed him aside. "Mr. He, let Polly change her clothes first. She is so smelly!"

"Shut up! Miss Ding, I will only once in a while. I don't like hitting women! Get out! " "Even when he said the word "get out", it was still too slow t


More importantly, he felt he failed to do his duty. If one day the boss's mother asked him about it, how could he get through it?

The wise man always make wise decisions. He had always boasted himself of being able to see through people's minds, but he had neglected that matter. Because in everyone's eyes, Polly was no match for Miss. Jean.

However, there was one thing he was very clear about. Boss had kept the truth from him for a long time, and now he suddenly wanted to tell me that he was dragging me into the mire.

As soon as they entered the apartment, Bruce immediately turned on the light and pulled Polly onto the sofa. Despite her unwillingness, he checked her from head to toe carefully.

After confirming that she was not hurt, he breathed a sigh of relief. This little girl looked quite gentle and fragile. He didn't expect her to be so bad tempered. He had been in the car for a short time. The place was cramped. He was afraid that he would hurt her, so he had to keep still.

In a fierce dispute between the two, the weaker one finally failed and was pressed on the soft sofa by Bruce.

"Bruce, you are too heavy! Get up! Get up now! " Clenching her fists, she punched the man in the chest. "I hate you! I hate you!"

His heavy body made her out of breath. Her face was as red as a ripe apple. Her lips were as red as roses, but she tried to express her protest. He couldn't help but be touched and lowered his head to hug her.

Polly twisted her head back and forth to keep away from him. "What are you doing, Bruce?" she asked

"Don't resist me!"

With just one hand, Bruce grabbed both of her hands and shook them back and forth. A pair of dark eyes rolled with disappointment. "Dear Polly. I'm your husband, and you're my woman. What do you think I want to do?"

"You, you are not, so what..." Polly swallowed hard and finally did not dare to speak it out.

"Who am I? No matter what I am, you have been married to me for some time. Shouldn't we get to know each other? "

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