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   Chapter 69 Do You Need My Help

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All of them looked at him in amazement. Then, Bruce walked towards Polly.

The sun slowly turned around. In the dark stairs, Sally and the two girls looked a little dazzling as their faces were pale. None of them had expected that Bruce would come up. Back then, Fanny had promised them that he would do as she said. In his heart, Jean was the best. Even if Bruce insisted on coming up on a whim, he would also feel disgusted when he saw the embarrassed look of Polly. However, it seemed that things were a little different now.

But the next moment, they saw hope. Jean followed him closely. As long as she was there, he could not make trouble.

"Bruce, it's so smelly here!" She reached out her hand to take his hand and said, "let's hurry up. How could she get out of A University? The smell is so bad. It hasn't been sterilized in a few days! "

Bruce was much faster than her. She didn't catch the moment when her fingertips touched his coat.

"Bruce..." When she saw that Bruce took up Polly's hand and carefully checked the wound on her hand, she was choked by what she said. Her beautiful eyes were full of jealousy, anger and disdain.

"How did you injure your arm?" Bruce glanced coldly at the two girls standing behind Polly. Sally' s hands stiffened in the air. The phone in her hand was like a hot potato. She didn't know whether she should keep it or not. After thinking for a long time, she hid it behind her back.

At the moment he showed up, all of Polly's strength and stubbornness were gone. Her eyes, which were filled with tears, shone with tears. But in her heart, she still held a grudge against him. At this moment, she didn't want to talk to him, and she didn't want him to see the delicate side of her. She bit her lower lip hard and tried her best not to let the tears run down.

Then he took out his cell phone and dialed Jake's number. Although he tried to restrain his anger, he still knew what he should do. "Bring some sanitary pads here at once!"

Almost as soon as he hung up the phone, he heard a rush of footsteps downstairs. Within a minute, Jake appeared with a medical box.

"Mr. He, who was injured?"

With a gloomy face, Bruce took the medicine box, took out the tweezers and cotton from it and washed off the disgusting liquid on Polly's hand. Then he took out the tweezers, violently pulled over Polly's hand with a little resistance, lowered her head and skillfully helped her remove the glass fragments that pierced into her flesh.

It hurt so much that she couldn't help but make a gasp.

His voice was as soft as hushing a baby in the kindergarten. "Take it easy, Dear Polly". He stared at her badly mutilated hand, and the pieces of glass he picked out from it hurt like stabbing into his heart.

The women in the room were all dazed by the sickening smell. But Bruce was standing so close to Polly and talking to her with a smile. Didn't he dislike her at all?

"My God!" One of the girls couldn't take it anymore. She covered her mouth, put her hands on the railing, bent down and began to vomit.

Bruce's cold eyes swept over her. The girl sobb

n glass on the ground and the stinky liquid that flowed all over the floor. "Then is this your stuff?"

"About that," said Sally. She was not a fool and she dared not to tell a big lie. "This is our nutritious for trees. It is made by us. We have all selected biology, so... "

A slight smile tugged at the corners of his mouth, yet it was a faint one. "Then tell me, how did you get rid of the ingredients? Is it waste?"

In Polly's white casual top, the decayed black and green liquid was gorgeous, like a musty bun with black thread hanging at the end of her hair. This appearance is embarrassed, if this is put in peacetime, Sally they already could not help sneering. But now, they didn't show up. All of them looked down in the mouth.

Sally tipped her companions a wink, but none of them wanted to say anything. All of them avoided her eyes and lowered their heads in fear.

She was really mad at him. In her eyes, Bruce was a God and there was nothing she could do to deal with him. But her two teammates were much more stupid than pigs.

She took a deep breath and mustered up all her courage to say, "Mr. He, here is the thing. We three walked on the stairs while talking with each other on the way. When we arrived here, we saw a woman was rushing down on the lunch table. "

The more she spoke, the more excited she became. She even gestured with her hands.

"Our glass bottle was knocked to the ground by her. Then it broke. Everything happened so fast that we had no time to stop them. In the blink of an eye, they had fallen to the ground. "

"I'm sorry, Mr He. I'm really sorry." She bowed to him again and again. "It's all our fault. We failed to protect Polly. I'm sorry! "

Then, she turned around and made a bow to Polly. After that, she walked up to hold Polly's hand. With a pinch of flesh on her face, she said, "Dear Polly, we are responsible for your matter today. As for your clothes, I will clean it for you."

Pointing at the messy ground, she said to the other two girls, "you are responsible for clearing this place. Let's get inside. "

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