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   Chapter 68 Why Didn't You Answer My Phone

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9623

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Bruce parked his car outside the girls' dorm on time.

As she was in a bad mood, she deliberately dragged. Avril looked out of the window for several times and felt anxious at the same time. She felt much better after taking the medicine and the roast chicken wings bought by Polly. So she almost recovered.

"Get out of here! I've heard that Bruce's old lover, Miss. Jean, has come back. If you keep being stubborn, then I'm afraid it's hard to say. "

Avril was really well-informed, even when she was sick, she was gifted for gossiping. She didn't need to go out to work, so she stayed in the dormitory for a day. How did she know that Miss. Jean had come back.

"It's hard to say. Just keep silent!" Looking at herself in the mirror, Polly slowly combed her hair with her fingers. Her hair was black.

"Men easily change their minds at the temptation. They don't deserve love!"

She stared at her and demanded, "wake up! This is in reality, not in novels! Do you think that you two are suffering from exceedingly difficult love! You two are in a relationship now. Bruce has no responsibility for you! If he likes you today, he can be with you. Maybe he will fall in love with another woman tomorrow! Even though he had a stronger love than the most powerful one, he could not resist the temptation of the romantic world! You have no idea what a terrible society it is outside? He is a good man. We should cherish him! "

"Avril, what's wrong with you? Why are you so emotional? But I think the masked man who helped you up that night is really nice! What a gentleman! "

Avril glared at her and said, "what do you know? Under the glorious appearance hid a certain evil spirit! If you see him again in the future, remember to take a detour! "

Shrugging, Polly said, "let's make a detour. Maybe we can meet again!"

Avril gnashed her teeth in anger and said word by word, "I wish I'll never see him again!"

Without any comments, Polly continued to comb her hair.

"Dear Polly! Come here!" Standing by the window, Avril shouted anxiously, "I told you to go down, but you didn't! Now, you was in the wrong! Miss. Jean was in Bruce's car! If you don't go, the door will be closed and it's dark inside. I don't know what bad luck the two men will do. "

Polly let go of her hands which were holding the rubber band. The ponytail that was about to be done fell down like a waterfall. She cast a glance at the window and then continued, "let them do it. I don't like my meddling and I'm not autocratic and independent. they can do whatever they want to do."

"Crazy! Crazy! It really ticks me off! Well! Ahem! " Avril put her hands on her chest. Her fair and slim face turned into a beautiful peach blossom in the wind.

When Polly walked to the third floor, she saw that Sally and two girls were coming up from the stairs. The three of them walked alon

other is ugly and smelly little girl, as long as she is not a fool, she will make the right choice. "

"What on earth do you want?" asked Polly in anger

"We don't want to do anything to you!" Sally walked gracefully in high heels. The pleated skirt swayed with her steps, making her look even more charming in the setting sun which reflected on her face through the glass.

Suddenly, she stepped back and covered her mouth and nose with disgust. Then she stepped back and kept a distance from Polly.

"I just don't want you to disturb Mr. He and Miss Fang. You should know what's the right thing to do now. It's just like you grabbed Kevin from Fanny's hands. You always pay back for everything you owe others, including the interests! "

Even though they were not so close to each other, Polly stared at her coldly and said, "I remember I don't owe you anything!"

"You don't owe me! But I'm born to dislike women like you, who are green tea bitch. They were very good when they were together, but you got in their way and pretended to be miserable. Your affectation is so disgusting! "

Polly couldn't help sneering. How ironic it was to hear such words from a woman. She is a model of justice. I can't stand her anymore! 'Polly thought to herself.

She waved the phone in front of her and said, "you hung up the phone and suddenly changed your attitude. You are not a cunning woman and you are not fawning on him any more. Do you think he will dote on you as before? Today, I will wake you up to the fact that Bruce treated you just for fun! He would come back to miss. Fang sooner or later! How do you think he will listen to Miss Fang and leave here, or come to you? "

"Let's make a bet today! If you lose, you never... "

But before she could finish her sentence, Bruce's magnetic and strong voice came from the empty corridor, "Dear Polly, what are you doing? Why didn't you answer my phone? "

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