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   Chapter 67 You Are An Abandoned Woman!

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10135

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Seeing that Polly didn't give her a reply right away, Rachel held her hands and said worriedly, "I'm sorry. I really don't want to ask you about that. In my opinion, you are definitely not going to do that. Please don't mind it. "

What did that mean? Did she ask it for others? As one of the involved persons, Miss. Jean knew what had happened, so she wouldn't ask.

The only person who could do this was Bruce!

He said that he trusted her, but in fact, he didn't.

She thought to herself, 'I have been neglecting the relationship between he and Miss. Jean. How could he be so determined to be in love with me, who I have just known for less than two months? If he had to make a choice between her and Miss. Jean, the answer would be obvious.

She had thought it too simple.

She didn't want to hide the sadness in her heart from Rachel. She asked, "did Bruce ask you to come to me?"

"No, it's not like that!" Rachel was in a fluster. She shook her head and denied, "absolutely not! Bruce, he I just feel uncomfortable in my heart, so I asked. Don't think too much. "

How could she not think about it! Obviously, Rachel was hiding it for Bruce.

The bell rang. Rachel seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. She pushed her towards the teaching building, "I won't hold you up. You should go to class now. We can talk about it when we have time. "

But Polly didn't leave. She was not the kind of person who couldn't hold back her feelings.

"But I didn't push her. It was Miss. Jean... She fell down accidentally! At that time, I was just sitting close to her! Just tell him! " It was a fact that she saw in her eyes at that time. As for the truth, if she told Rachel, she would definitely think that she was slandering her because she liked Miss. Jean so much.

Even if she still believes in herself, she will put herself in a dilemma between Bruce and me. '.

Lowering her head slightly, she pretended to be sinful and apologized, "I always trust you, Dear Polly. I know what kind of person you are since we were young! Don't take it too seriously. "

"I know you trust me, but I don't trust anyone else! That's it! If you still don't believe it, there's nothing I can do. I just want to say that I don't need to be afraid of something I haven't done! "

Avril didn't come. It took a while for Avril to answer the phone.

"Avril, where are you? How come you are not here? "

"I'm not feeling well in the dorm, so I asked for a leave." There was a heavy nasal sound in Avril's voice. It seemed that she had caught a cold.

"Are you all right? Have you taken the medicine?"

"Yes, I have! I slept well last night, and now I feel much better! "

"Have you eaten yet?"

"I have no appetite. Dear Polly, you don't have to worry about me. I have got desserts in my dormitory and I can eat some if I'm hungry. The only thing I want to do now is to sleep for a couple of days! "

Hearing that, Polly was a little nervous. She scolded with a smile, "what are you talking about? I have never sl

Kevin came from a remote village. Like most of his families who had come from the countryside, he had high self-esteem and male chauvinism. Even if he was confused for a while, he was not a person to live off a woman. He was really upset at this moment.

She should have done it for a long time. It had never occurred to her that she could be so mean.

If one was forced too hard, what kind of thing could not be done? She didn't want to have any contact with him any more, no matter whether his insistence was malicious or sincere. If possible, she would like to change her major and stay away from him forever.

No matter she was a coward or an escaped person, she had only lived for decades. Who had the patience to waste on the insignificant things? There was only two and a half years left at most. They would not contact each other from time to time after graduation.

During the break, Polly bumped into an aggressive Fanny in the corridor. She had already expected it. It was not that she was a sly person, but that she could tell if something happened to Kevin.

Fanny had a strong sense of grievance against Polly because Fanny believed that the first choice of Kevin was someone else other than her. And now her wish came true. She was desperate to act like a peacock in front of her every second.

"You think you have found the love of your life with Bruce, huh? Let me tell you, from the very beginning, I know there's always only one person in his heart -- Jean! You are proud now, but you can't laugh in the end. It's just like Kevin chose me in the end. And you are doomed to be abandoned for your whole life! "

Polly didn't want to respond to this. If she made a fuss about this, she would rather keep silent than speak with her in such a rude way as shrewish.

"Polly Han!" Fanny raised her voice and said, "actually, I had already decided to give up on Kevin. Do you want to know why I changed my mind later and humbled myself to be obsessed with him? "

"I don't want to know!"

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