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   Chapter 66 The Long Lost Sweetness

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10312

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When Polly woke up, Bruce was not beside her. He left a note.

Breakfast is ready. Jake is downstairs. He will drive you to school.

She held the handwriting and read it over and over again. The handwriting was handsome and masculine, like the handwriting of his eyebrows, deep and solemn.

A sense of sweetness that she hadn't had for a long time aroused from the bottom of her heart.

The road to A University was always empty. Even when it was in the rush hour, it still moved more smoothly than other road sections. She didn't know what was going on today, but she saw cars one by one, which was totally strange to her.

Jake's car could only follow behind and move at a low speed. It took her at least half an hour to reach the school, which was less than a kilometer long. But she still stopped a bit away from the school gate.

More than ten posh cars were parked around the gate, blocking it. Jake couldn't get in the car. He glanced at his watch and said awkwardly, "Miss Han, the class will begin in less than ten minutes. How about..."

"Drive me here. I'll walk by myself. Thank you, Jake. "

Before Jake uttered these words, in fact, Polly had been thinking about that. In consideration of the current situation, it would be only a waste of time for them to wait here. They'd better walk over quickly.

At this moment, there was a loud cheering in the campus.

"Welcome back!"

"Jean, Jean, I love you!"

The doors of the more than ten luxurious cars at the school gate were all opened at once, as if they were doing the same thing. The same.

Miss. Jean was wearing a bright red coat and a black dress, and her brown, big wavy hair, which was carefully cared, looked smooth and shiny.

Today, she was really stunning.

As soon as the students who were waiting for her to make their debut, their cheers soared like a volcanic eruption that erupted through the sky. With a confident and charming smile on her face, she gracefully walked into the campus under the gaze of everyone present, including admiration, longing and jealousy.

Polly was shocked and shocked when she heard what Bruce had said last night. She didn't look like she had been under water a few hours ago, and her mental state was even better than hers.

But that was not the point. When did Miss. Jean become a schoolmate in A University? A beauty like her, who was from a rich and powerful family, was as eye-catching as a diamond. Besides, she didn't look like a low-key person. Why didn't I know her? '?

"Jake, is Miss. Jean also A University student?"

"Yes. Miss Fang was in her senior year, and a half year ago, she had gone abroad for further study on dancing. You just got into the college at that time, so there was no news. "

"Further study on dancing?"

"Miss Fang is a very good dancer. Although she is still a student, she is very famous in the dance industry. She has a lot of fans, and I guess those students are her fans. "

The atmosphere in the campus was rather heated. There were only five minutes left. None of them was afraid of be

h her, could he? Why is he going to get engaged again?

Hearing that, Polly was a little confused.

"Yes! But I don't know what happened later. The two had a fight and left for abroad in a fit of anger. "

Polly knew that, he would try everything he could to prevent her from being with him, just like what he was doing now. Because he is a gay.

"Poor Miss. Jean. She shouldn't have left! Bruce must have been very angry with her back then Dear Polly, these days I have been thinking, women sometimes or not too self-willed good. Bruce has once said to us privately that we should not spoil women too much! "

The information she got shocked Polly. It turned out that his estrangement from Jean was not only because of himself, but also because of his anger.

Then what did she become? To test their love? Was it a temporary stand between the two of them?

"But, do you like them a lot?"

"Of course! For me, Bruce is like a brother. I always see Miss. Jean as my sister-in-law! Nobody could replace her! I can do anything for them! In the past, there were so many women around Bruce that they always made Miss. Jean sad. Even though he just acted according to circumstances, I was still very angry at him and pitied Miss. Jean! At that time, I was wondering how could there be so many shameless women in the world. "

Did she really have the audacity to meddle in the relationship between Jean and Bruce? What kind of woman was she in the eyes of Rachel? She must be a shameless woman?

Hearing that, Polly's heart sank. She forced a bitter smile and said, "no wonder you jumped into the pool desperately when Miss. Jean fell into it last night! I was almost scared to death at that time. "

Rachel Du smiled blandly, "I just thought that Bruce couldn't swim and he couldn't save Miss. Jean. He must be very sad."

All of a sudden, the smile on her face disappeared like water from the ground, and she was getting more and more depressed. "Dear Polly, I have always wanted to ask you. Last night, did you really push Miss. Jean? "

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