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   Chapter 65 Aren't We Husband and Wife

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"Avril, are you all right?"

With the help of the masked man, Avril stood still, but she was still frightened. She shook her head in panic and said, "I'm fine, thanks, Dear Polly. I'm fine."

With Polly's help, Avril spoke to the masked man politely, "Sir, thank you so much."

The masked man didn't say anything. He just replied "yes" with a distant look in his eyes and then left.

Looking at the decorations on Avril's body, Polly wanted to ask what had happened to her, but it seemed inappropriate at this moment. She held back the impulse to get to the bottom of the matter, and helped Avril sit down on the bench along the road. "Avril, wait here for a moment. After a while, we take Bruce's car."

Avril looked at her with grateful eyes and said, "Wow, Dear Polly, thank you."

At about one o'clock in the morning, Bruce came back to the room and found that Polly was still awake. This tangled night was bound to be a sleepless night.

She held the quilt in her arms, while her face was pressed against the pillow. People who couldn't sleep were extremely sensitive to hearing in the quiet night. Even the sound of the security door opening was very low, she could still hear it.

He stopped at the door of the bedroom. About five seconds later, he turned around and went to the bathroom.

Then she heard the sound of running water from the bathroom. She couldn't help thinking of the last time when she saw him taking a shower and it was lingering in her mind.

She dared not think any more. She had thought it was just a glance from the window at first. Even if she had been too shy to remember it, it had been only a few days since she had felt embarrassed. Then she had gradually forgotten it and she even thought it was not a big deal.

But now, at this moment, when she suddenly remembered, she began to realize that she had seen everything that she could see, she had seen them.

She thought she was really depraved, and was mesmerized by Bruce's beauty.

As he gently pushed the door open, the fresh scent of body wash accompanying his unique breath swept over his face, like he had fallen into a fire in the forest, spreading into the sea in an instant, and provoke her tensed nerves unscrupulously.

Her violent heartbeats obscured his soft and gentle footsteps. She didn't realize that the man had gone to bed until her body was totally soft.

Not knowing why, she had been in the same direction as before. At this moment, she wanted to turn over to avoid him, but she did not dare to move.

The man approached her slowly, with his warm hand on her shoulder. The breath was getting closer and closer, bringing her an unspeaka

"we are a couple, aren't we? How could I be indifferent to things concerning you? "

This was a normal answer. He wasn't very satisfied with it, but neither was he disappointed. He said to himself, 'take it easy. Take it easy.'. Now she realized that they were a couple and they should be responsible for each other. This meant that even if she didn't love him, at least she wouldn't hate him. He swore to himself that one day, she would come to him willingly.

"Yes, we are a couple. I like that. But, in that case, shouldn't we do something that a couple should do? "


Before she could respond, his kiss fell on her lips. She wanted to struggle, but he reminded her, "you must have promised me something, haven't you?"

"Polly, it's late now. Are you serious? "

All of a sudden, Bruce tightened his grip, so that they were very close to each other. He asked in a teasing tone, "don't what? What do you think I will do to you? Haha, a silly girl. I can only kiss you. Don't think about anything else! "

The words that he said to her that day came back to her mind. She didn't expect that he would really mean it. But what did he mean by 'no more'? It seemed that she was hiding something.

However, he didn't suspect wrong. A series of scenes did flash through her mind just now. In fact, her biggest problem was that now he was so close to her, and she often thought of the scene that she ran into him in the bathroom. She couldn't help but think more about it.

The kiss didn't last long. Maybe it was because he had been busy all night and he was really tired.

The whole night, she slept in the arms of Bruce. The man's strong chest tightly leaned against her slender back, and the naturally steaming warmth wrapped her, making her sleep comfortably.

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