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   Chapter 64 Who Allows You To Talk With Another Man

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9463

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It was a mess outside, but inside the villa it was leisurely and at ease. Soothing music was being played, and a few people who were drinking and chatting a moment ago were listening to the music in pairs.

She was a little hungry, so she picked up a few pieces of dessert from the buffet rack and sat down at a side seat. She was eating while waiting for Jake to pick her up.

She was holding a pink dessert, which was in the shape of rose. It tasted soft and sweet with a faint rose fragrance. She thought it was delicious, so she was going to take two more.

As soon as she got up, she saw a familiar figure.

She was wearing a light blue dress, which accentuated her curvaceous figure. Her hair was long and straight, with a curly perm at the edge. Her black long hair was dyed as black as ink, with blue water diamonds decorated on it. The dress was well matched, showing a kind of pure and fresh beauty.

She almost couldn't recognize that the girl was Avril. She was well-dressed and looked adorable.

At that moment, she was stopped by a young man. It was Abbe. He held her in his arms and was dancing.

When the dance was over, they separated and walked down quickly. She greeted the man with a big smile. The man was tall and straight, dressed in a gray suit and wearing a silver mask. Even at such a long distance, she could still feel the coldness from him.

He has a sliver mask! He looks as cold as ice. Is he

She immediately remembered that day in Unusual House. Avril had spilled coffee on a man with a silver mask. Are they the same person? From the performance of Avril, it should be.

However, after a few words with that man. When the man was about to leave, Abbe came over. He looked at the masked man coldly and pulled Avril to him. He said something to the masked man unhappily.

The man's sexy thin lips suddenly drew a shallow arc as he turned around and left.

It seemed that Abbe and Avril had a quarrel. Avril was extremely angry. She shook off Abbe's hand, turned around and walked outside.

Abbe ran after her and shouted her name angrily. But Avril didn't answer him. She pushed the door and ran outside.

Worried, she walked towards the door subconsciously. She walked so hurriedly that she bumped into someone.

"Ouch!" She screamed, not because of the pain, but because of the familiar coldness.

It was the man in the silver mask.

She quickly apologized, "sorry, sorry!" Lowering her head, she attempted to pass by him.

"Polly!" The man, who had been quiet for a long time, spoke out the word gently after she took a step forward.

"What?" She turned around.

The man looked at her for a long time with his penetrating eyes. His thin lips curled, but he said nothing and turned to the door.

Now she understood that this man didn't come fo

some misunderstanding about me and treat me as a bad guy who broke into your villa. Can you give me a call and explain it to me? "

The expression on Abbe's face changed as he didn't expect that the masked man knew his father. If his father knew what had happened between him and Avril...

He was thinking about whether he should continue to force her or he was just joking so that he would immediately ask her to leave.

But he still hoped that it was just a bluff. Although his face was half covered by the mask, it could still be seen that he was a young man under thirty.

The only person who was qualified to talk with his father like this in A City was Bruce. Therefore, he didn't have to panic. All he needed to do was to stare at him and wait for his confession.

But the next second, he regretted for his decision. A call from his father scolded him severely and asked him to send the man away as soon as possible.

Abbe's arrogance was like a fire that had been put out and could not be restored. He helplessly watched the masked man leave with Avril.

"What are you doing?".


"Dear Polly!" She got rid of the mask man's hand and ran to Polly. But the high-heeled shoes on her feet were very difficult. She tilted her body to one side as her slim root was a little twisted.

In the blink of an eye, the masked man stretched out his long arm and easily held Avril into his arms. Almost in an instant, his face turned. It was the same as before, looking at Polly coldly but precisely, like an arrow that was shot into the depths of one's heart.

The sudden fear brought uncontrollable chill, and the chill of the night wind made her tremble uncontrollably. But Avril was there and she needed her help. She couldn't be so coward. Because in the case of similar situation, Avril would not shrink back.

She took a deep breath and strode over.

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