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   Chapter 63 Wear Your Own Clothes

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When Polly Han was in the garden house, she was sweating out of nervousness. Now she couldn't help trembling with cold wind coming out.

When she walked to the fountain pool, the sound was suddenly as loud as thunder. At the same time, Spurted water with colorful luster.

Red one, yellow one, orange one All kinds of color light changed back and forth and fell on the dense water pillars arranged together. The whole courtyard seemed to be covered with a layer of evening glows, splendid and magnificent.

Abbe finally came here. She didn't know what kind of luxurious hall it was inside. Would it make the overseas man be touched by the family? Or would it just mock and smile?

Out of politeness, she thought she should give Bruce a call and tell him where she was. She took her cellphone out of her bag and found several missed calls, all of which were from Bruce.

But why didn't she hear it? All of a sudden, she remembered that her phone had been muted.

Things had become a little worse. If not, Bruce would think that she didn't answer his phone on purpose.

She sighed and dialed back. The phone got through as soon as the ring tone began. "Dear Polly, where are you now?" the man asked urgently and hoarsely

"I don't know." Polly looked around and saw a row of silvery branches fluttering like silk. "It seems to be on a river. There are a lot of willows."

"Okay. Don't move. I'll come to you right away. Remember! Don't move! "

The man's tone was an command that she had never seen before. And this kind of overbearing touch was triggered one of her veins. She suddenly felt a tingling sensation.

How could he find the river, which was so long and had not yet told him its exact location. She decided to find a place to stay. He could just call her when he arrived.

Suddenly, someone walked to the Bank of the river. She was scared and took a few steps back.

"Polly Han! What are you afraid of? "

"Miss. Jean, what are you doing here?" What was happening next to the river was frightening.

The moment Miss. Jean walked on the street, Polly saw her face. Indeed, she didn't wear much clothes. Even if she was wearing Bruce's suit, they could tell that she was wearing a low cut dress. The fabric was as transparent as snow, and her slender waist was partly visible and partly covered the key parts.

In order to tempt Bruce, she had gone all out!

Any normal man would be unable to bear such a shock. She couldn't help but fix her eyes on such a beauty, let alone men. But what did he do to the beautiful and sexy woman just now? Even though Rachel had a strong psychological quality, her face was pale with fright?

"Polly, what are you looking at?" There was an air of complacency in her tone. In fact, she didn't mind being seen by Polly. She was here to show off.

"You must be looking at my clothes. That's right. It's his. " Miss. Jean lowered her head and pressed her cheek a

lling into the water! " His voice was hoarse, and his eyes were as red as blood.

"I'll get her out of here right now!" she said As soon as he raised his head, he saw a purple figure beside them dashing out and jumping into the river.

The woman in front of her looked like Rachel Du, but she was unable to be seen clearly because of the lamplight. But Rachel guessed from the sound down there that although Rachel was good at swimming, it was difficult to save people.

It would take a long time before the security came to rescue. She didn't want both of them to die because it was a matter of life and death. She'd better go.

She held the railing with one hand, grasped the hemline of the dress with the other, and crossed one leg out.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Bruce saw what she was doing, so he turned around and pressed her down, shouting in horror, "Dear Polly, what are you doing?"

"I'll help them! Don't worry. I'm good at swimming! She was once the winner! "

Bruce pulled her off the railing and held her in his arms. His face was dark. "Stay here. Don't go anywhere! Especially not to save people! "

She explained to him, "I'm not bragging. I'm swimming..."

With a poker face, Bruce pressed her tightly into his arms and rebuked her loudly, "there are many people who can swim in the Su clan. You're not the only one!"

Hearing the news, the security guards rushed into the river. In less than five minutes, they saved Miss. Jean and Rachel.

She struggled to free herself from Bruce's grip and wanted to see how those two were doing. However, Bruce stopped her.

"It's so cold outside. Go back to the villa now!" Bruce picked up the suit and put it on her. "I'll ask Jake to send you back to the apartment at once!"

Polly threw the suit back to him and said, "I don't feel cold! You have to wear your own clothes. Don't give others anything else as a gift! " Then she turned around and strode towards the villa.

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