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   Chapter 62 You Are Dressed Less Than I Am Dressed In

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9691

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On a wooden bench outside the garden house, Bruce squatted down and helped her rub Miss. Jean' s sprained ankle. The lights in the yard reflected in his deep eyes, and he looked empty and mysterious.

"Miss. Jean, I'll keep that in mind and never forget."

She lowered her body slightly, and her slender, white finger touched the back of his hand. The move was like touching the wound, but it accidentally touched him.

As his hand slid to the other side, he was much closer to her. Suddenly, he felt some cold water drop on his warm skin. He looked up at her with a hint of pity in his eyes. "Jean, did you cry? Does it hurt? "

Miss. Jean grabbed his hand and tears streamed down her beautiful face. She asked stubbornly, "brother Bruce, do you really love me?"

He grabbed her wrist and put it on the chair, so hard that she couldn't resist. But his face was full of tenderness. He gave her a doting smile and said, "Miss. Jean, you are my favorite sister."

Jean crazily waved her hands and shouted excitedly, "Bruce, I don't want to be your sister. I, for so many years, you should know my feelings for you. I like you, you and auntie like me. Why did you refuse a blind date? "

As he rested one of his hands on the bench, he cast a sharp and narrow glance at her and found that her face flushed all of a sudden. He said in a cold and calm voice, "Miss. Jean, a blind date is arranged for those unmarried men and women who you have never seen before. But we have been with each other from childhood to adulthood. We know each other well. Is it necessary for us to go on a blind date? "

"Bruce, I didn't mean the blind date! As you know, a blind date is not for making the man and the woman know each other, but for...... "

But what? Polly held her breath and tried to curl up in the dense branches and leaves. Although she knew that the people outside didn't know she was here as long as she didn't make any sound, she still felt scared.

It was the first time that she had eavesdropped on somebody else's conversation, and it was done by Bruce and Miss. Jean.

At this moment, a girl's scream came into his ears. In a panic, she apologized, "I'm sorry, Bruce, Miss. Jean. I, i..."

It was Rachel who came back. Why was she so rash? She had offended Bruce and Miss. Jean, so Bruce certainly wouldn't blame her. But, if she did, Miss. Jean would hate her and probably take revenge on her.

Besides, Polly was at a loss. If they went on talking, would she hear what she wanted to hear? She was shocked by her thought.

What would she like to hear? Even if he said no to her, that was not for her.

Bruce was a man of decision. He would never change his mind once he had made a decision. He would not change his mind once he knew that Jean cried. The truth was that he couldn't bear it, and he didn't want to disappoint Jean.

She had to bear in mind every momen

r a while and didn't hear any sound, but she dared not to push the door open easily. Because she didn't hear the sound of his leaving. She quietly walked to the door of the flower room and looked outside through the transparent glass above it.

As it was transparent, she didn't notice it just now.

If she had come here earlier, she would have seen what was happening outside?

'let's see how he shows up with Miss. Jean...'

Suddenly, she fixed her eyes on the tall white figure.

It was less than ten steps from the garden house. He was walking towards the garden house, but suddenly stopped there.

As if she was put in the boiling water, she didn't dare to move. The blood in her body was surging along with the increasing temperature.

He looked over, surrounded by smoke and staring straight at the door with a hook in his eyes. It didn't last long. Then Bruce turned around and left.

He was just wearing a white shirt, which was bright and fresh. It was like a white lotus blooming in a hazy moon, drifting away slowly in the night wind.

It was so cold today, but why did he only wear so few clothes

Polly guessed that the coat must have been given to Jean. Was it a true feeling or a gentlemanly manner? What would he do if it was her?

She didn't know what it meant when a touch of sadness suddenly emerged in her heart at this moment, just like the autumn wind swept over, but when she wanted to capture it, it had already dissipated like clouds.

Rachel because of the fear of ugly, exposed the shoulder, as long as the demeanor does not temperature. And the Miss. Jean? Was her chest bare and her back exposed, or was her clothes torn apart?

She shook her head. It was a party of the upper class. As a socialite, Miss. Jean should always take into account her own image and family's face. Even if she wanted to strip herself in front of Bruce, she still had to pretend to be reserved.

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