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   Chapter 61 Do You Have Someone He Doesn't Want To See

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Rachel took Polly' s hand and went downstairs together.

As they passed through the plants, which were decorated with colorful lights, Rachel dragged her towards the greenhouse.

"I heard that the owner of the Su family is a person who loves flowers very much. There are a variety of expensive flowers in her garden house. I know you don't like to go to a crowd place with a lot of people. Take it as a flower show tonight. "

Polly thought it was a good idea.

In the greenhouse, there was a warm yellow soft light. All kinds of flowers were neatly arranged in rows. Her eyes were full of green, and there was a faint fragrance in the air, which made her feel very comfortable.

"This is Mrs. Su's private collection. She is not willing to tell anyone. Today, she has spent a lot of money on her eldest son, who is abroad."

"I don't think so? Today is Abbe's birthday, isn't it? "

Rachel Du regretted, "Dear Polly, I was going to talk about it with you and gossip about them. But just now on the balcony, you have heard most of words and I have no interest at all. "

Polly thought of the conversation between Abbe and Aaron.

"It's okay. You can tell us part of the story that I don't know."

Rachel took her to a bench and sat down. She looked around, but no one was there. She lowered her voice and said, "the young master of the Su family is really a legendary mystery. It's said that he hasn't shown up in A City yet. No one in the entire A City knew what he looked like. However, look at the appearance of his parents, and Abbe's appearance, the estimate is not far from where to go. Ha ha, unless there is some gene mutation in his body. "

"I heard that nanny got lost at the age of his three due to her carelessness. In the past, in order to find him, the Su family almost turned the whole country upside down. It was a pity that the Su family was not powerful enough to find it back then. Therefore, Mrs. Su felt guilty and tried to commit suicide several times. Fortunately, Abbe's father gave him 24 hours to protect his wife at that time. "

"I didn't expect that Mr. Su loved his wife so much," said Polly Han

"His father loved his mother very much. The Su family was kind of a loving child, and several generations of the family had the advantages of pampering their wives and being faithful to their children. But, Abbe was an exception. Because of big son, the youngest son is spoiled. He is a typical playboy! " Rachel Du grinned wickedly, "so, that kid is destined to leave the family business. His lordship didn't realize it was wrong to dote on him until he grew up. He sometimes went into confinement. Unfortunately, he has already given up on the ambition. "

"The big son of the Su family was later sent to the orphanage, and then was adopted by kind people. He didn't be found by the Su family until he was twenty years old. Mrs. Su is full of guilt for her eldest son, and she is eager to give him the best things in the world. "

Rachel pointed at those flowers that had never seen before and said, "let alone these flowers, Mrs. Su won't hesitate even if the young master of the Su f

ay, you've promised me that you'll love me forever. "

"That's all about when we were children. You should remember it clearly."

"Of course I remember that. I remember every word you said to me. When I was six years old, you told me that although this girl was naughty, she was very cute. At her eight years old, you told me that this girl was really smart, and she could dance so hard to learn. When she was twelve, you told me that she was a beautiful girl. Who had grown up and who was lucky to marry her; and... "

Polly forgot to wipe the blood on her fingers. A dull feeling came over her and spread over her chest. It turned out that there were so many wonderful memories between the two of them, even as good as that between her and her brother, Owen. It could be imagined that they were just like she was to Owen. So, what was the relationship between him and Jean?

"I'm the most beautiful and the most beautiful girl in the world. You like the word 'Polly' the most, right?"

"Dear Polly, Don't go to such a far place alone in the future. If you have to go, you must call me."

"Dear Polly, if you get hurt, you must tell everyone. No matter what happened, I'm always here for you. I won't laugh at you crying, silly girl. "

She and that man had many beautiful memories. In those years, she woke up with a smile every night when she was dreaming. Bruce must have had a lot of similar experiences with Miss. Jean. He must have taken good care of her. More importantly, he didn't leave Jean.

He had always been with her.

For them, she was unnecessary. Although her arrival would not change anything, it still involved the two of them. In the past, even if there was any other girl who talked with Owen, she would be very jealous. She was so angry with him that she didn't speak for several days until he came to coax her.

And she is his girlfriend that Bruce has admitted in person. Polly knew how much pain it was for Jean, and for Bruce, watching the pain of his precious girl must be worse than death.

She suddenly realized how rash it was to marry Bruce.

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