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   Chapter 60 I Can't Forget Him

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10187

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Polly walked around and finally figured out that the luxury villa that Bruce took her to was owned by the Su family. Tonight was Abbe's twenty second birthday party. The Su family had hired several famous photographers to shoot the whole course.

Before she came, Bruce didn't tell her anything. So by the time she knew it, she had already been at the Party of the Su family for about half an hour, and she had heard of that from other people's jealous gossips.

She wouldn't have agreed to come if Bruce had told her earlier.

Since Bruce met a business partner, she was sulky and didn't agree to go with him. She found a place to stay alone. She walked along the corridor decorated with all kinds of green plants and looked around aimlessly. She felt a little depressed when she thought that there were cameras everywhere.

It was still early when they arrived. The protagonist of the party hadn't shown up, and the atmosphere had not yet been active. Guests got together in twos and threes and they were all very happy. Almost every one of them had a smile on his face.

She didn't know if their joy was from the bottom of their hearts or it was something that forced them to do.

She suddenly wanted to see if Bruce would be like those people, with fake smiles on his face. But he was no longer at the place he had been. She looked carefully and there was no sign of him.

Just now, the man promised her that he would stand at a place she could see. But after a short walk, he had disappeared.

She raised her goblet and took a slow sip of the red wine. The quality of the wine was very good, mellow and rich. It tasted like very wonderful.

Although her family was not as luxurious as the Su family, on festivals, her father would get several bottles of good wine. The family sat around the round table and had a meal happily.

But now everything was different. Her father's company had gone bankrupt, and her mother and sister had been abroad

"I finally found you!" She heard a familiar laughter behind her.

Polly turned around and saw Rachel walking towards her with a big smile. Tonight, she wore a off the shoulder evening dress. The elegant light purple color made her skin more fair and sparkling. The elaborate face with the elaborate makeup appeared, but she felt something different on it.

She used to have high cheekbones and a slight swelling under her eyes, but all of that was gone. The passage of time did not leave traces of vicissitudes on her face, but she had become a perfect handcraft carving.

"Dear Polly, why are you looking at me like this? If you were a man, I would think that you fell in love with me at first sight!" Rachel Du teased her.

Affected by her, Polly also became cheerful. "But, I think you are so pretty now that I can't help looking at you more carefully."

Rachel pointed at her face and said directly, "false. It's all fake. Eyebrows thin and long is the line out, eye circle liposuction, and the most painful is here!! "

She pointed at the cheeks and sai

y stayed at home since he was very young. Now he is still overseas. My mom said that she set up a camera to let him watch the live broadcast so that he could feel the happiness of family reunion and cultivate the relationship between family members. He can see wherever he wants. I don't want to make myself a little ugly. If my elder brother watched it alone, it would be okay. But if he watched it with his friends, I would be embarrassed and embarrassed. Then I would never have the face to see anyone. "

"Humph! You are so handsome.

"You look handsome too. Why don't you put on your trousers?"

"Don't try to be cocky in front of me. If you are in front of Bruce or your brother, you will be as cautious as an ant on a cat."

"You fucking asshole! Aaron, don't blame me for interrupting you. Last time when Bruce dined with sister-in-law in Marriage Flowers Restaurant, your relative was the one who took a photo. Your family is so protective of him, and they are willing to smash the tag along for Bruce. I've heard that she is your father's illegitimate daughter... "

Then, Abbe's wailing and begging for mercy were heard. "Aaron, I'm done! Never mind. Please spare me this time. I have spent a lot of time and effort in making up. "

It was getting darker. A cold night wind came from the balcony. Rachel sneezed.

"Are you cold, Rachel?" asked Polly in a concerned tone Her shoulders were exposed.

Rachel Du put her hands on her shoulders, "yes, it's a little cold."

"Why didn't you wear more? You really should answer that sentence which has been circulating on the Internet recently. It's not easy for me to get through the winter, but I'm freezing to death in the spring. "

Hearing Polly's words, Rachel burst into laughter. She wiped her nose with a tissue and said, "I have no choice. This is the reality. It's not easy to survive in this industry. I'm afraid of cold, but I'm more afraid of ugliness. "

"Dear Polly. I know there is a place in this house, which should be quiet and not cold."

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