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   Chapter 56 A Peculiar Thought

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10238

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She understood why Bruce had decided to have dinner first.

There are many things that are easy to think of but difficult to do. He was a gay, kissing a woman was his limitation.

So she had nothing to worry about next.

The person who should be worried about most was no one else but him.

"Wow! It seems that I have taken a long time to learn how to cook. Green pepper potato seems to be good in color and aroma. And this dish of chicken with chilli is appetizing. Besides, the sea bass with Scallion silk and a carrot with bright color together with it... "

The man first looked at the dishes that she cooked, with extremely exaggerating skills. She almost felt that her cooking skill was really extraordinary.

The man started to beat around the Bush after they had a long conversation.

She stole a glance at the time. Fifteen minutes had passed. Although this man looked so calm on the surface, his inner world had already been in the world of diabolic beasts. As long as she stayed silently, she would see what kind of excuses he would use later.

She slightly raised the corners of her mouth.

"Dear Polly, why don't you eat? Aren't you hungry? "

He tasted all the dishes.

The potatoes were still half cooked. The spicy chicken almost killed people. There was no other smell except for the smell of the sea bass Polly was very hungry, but she lost all her appetite after eating so many delicious dishes.

She wanted to rush downstairs to buy instant noodles.

But it seemed that Bruce was enjoying it with relish, just like drinking tea. Every dish had a good taste. In order to delay the time as much as possible, he had worked hard.

In fact, he was also gentle at dinner, but now he was elegant and unhurried, which made her have a different feeling.

She suddenly felt that it was a good choice to marry him.

"Bruce, take your time." Sitting next to Bruce, Polly helped him to wipe the sweat off his face. She was such an understanding wife.

Sweat trickled down his forehead.

Maybe it was because she was too close to him that he couldn't stand it anymore. She could even feel his tense body behind the thick mask. She suddenly felt a sense of pity and gave way.

At this moment, Bruce turned around and held her hands tightly, "Dear Polly, can you give me a glass of water?"

"Okay." She stood up right away. Seeing that he was so uncomfortable, those evil thoughts that wanted to take revenge on him suddenly disappeared. In fact, it was not easy for him. Well, it's not easy for everyone. Why should one of us give a hard time to another.

But he didn't let her go, still holding her tightly. At first, she didn't pay attention to him, but now she discovered that Bruce was holding her so tightly that he even wanted to embed her hand into his palm.

'Oh, No. he must have seen through my mind. She could not bear the pain, "poof!"! Plop! " With a bouncing heart, she tried her best to maintain a gentle smile on her face. "Bruce, can you please let go of me? I can't go to the water coo

ant expression on her face, she said, "I've asked Mrs. du to help take care of Lily. When I came back after I answered the phone, Lily was out of control. "

"Just one call?" Hearing that, Bruce frowned even more deeply. "Do you know why?"

She nodded and unfolded the two pieces of thin cloth in her hand, "because of this."

Polly took the two pieces of cloth. The dark red blood stain on them hurt her eyes.

It was a square handkerchief with white foundation. The pattern on it was simple, as it was embroidered by a computer. A butterfly wandered around the blooming Begonia flowers.

Polly was quite familiar with this handkerchief. It was a gift for her on her tenth birthday, together with Owen. At that time, her stepfather was in the period of starting a business, and the life of their family was still difficult. This handkerchief was saved by her and her brother Owen by penny for their meals from their parents.

Although the handkerchief wasn't worth much, they had some savings.

Lily had never been interested in anything, but she was surprisingly clinging to this handkerchief. She hadn't expected that for so many years, the white handkerchief had been yellowing, and she had stored it all.

But now, the handkerchief was torn in half.

"I have watched the surveillance video. It was miss. Du who thought Lily's handkerchief was too dirty and wanted to help her wash it. But Lily did not allow it. When Miss Du walked to the mirror, Lily grabbed the chair and smashed it to the woman. In order to protect Lily from being hurt by glass, Miss Du was pushed to the ground by Lily and shattered glass on the ground. I saw Miss Du fall into the broken glass on the floor of the living room. Lily stood aside with two broken handkerchiefs in her hands, trying to bond them. "

When she said this, she suddenly stopped. Polly asked anxiously, "whose blood is it on the handkerchief? Who is in the emergency room now? "

"It's Lily." said Carmen, with an uneasy and panic expression. Her artery was damaged. "

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