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   Chapter 55 Where Polly

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That upset Polly all afternoon.

In the evening, she took the initiative to ask Bruce He to have dinner with her. Last night was their wedding night. It was messed up completely because of her low spirit. Deep inside, she felt sorry for Bruce. So she decided to make it up to him.

"Dear Polly, what's wrong with you today? You have checked your phone ten times in such a short time." Avril's big eyes shone with the glow of eight diagrams. "Are you playing with your mobile phone again?"

"No, I am just checking the time. Avril, do you think that the time of the last class is too slow? "

Avril shook her head and said, "I don't think so. I wish time could slow down a little bit and be quiet. Then I can stay in the good youth of 19 years old, keep my youth and never die! Then, you don't have to think about the rice and salt tea, which may make you sick, ill or die! "

"That's bullshit! Why didn't you be a poet? I think it's a good idea. Don't sit here. Get the professor on the platform out. You can go upstairs to talk. "

"Dear Polly, How dare you talk about me like that! Tell me the truth. You lost your mind all afternoon. Did Mr. He wait for you outside again? "

"No, I'm not!"

Since Bruce said he had to work overtime tonight, he might come here a little late.

All of a sudden, she put on an expression of epiphany. "Oh, I see. That's why you'd rather die than stay here. You're doomed! "

"What am I done with?"

"You've been deeply in love with Bruce. You can't extricate yourself from him!" Then Avril began to recite with infinite imagination.

Ignoring her question, Polly just let her enjoy the good show and continued to check her phone.

It was almost the end of class, but Bruce was so busy that he didn't even bother to send a message to her? But on second thought, she felt lucky that Bruce hadn't asked anyone else to do that for him.

She texted him back and forth excitedly, but it turned out that the person she was talking with was actually Jake. This really disappointed her.

"Dear Polly, then stop torturing yourself. The class is over in a few minutes. I'll cover you. You sneak out of the back door and made a phone call to your dear Mr. He. To tell you the truth, your restless face makes me crazy. "

"Avril, I think you are too boring to pay attention to me! You'd better find a boyfriend as soon as possible. You're so full of food and nothing to do, it's maddening "

However, she didn't hurt her opponent, but fixed her eyes on Kevin. She frowned and gave him a stern look.

"Dear Polly, have you noticed anything wrong with that bitch? Why does he always come to us? It can't be that he sees no hope in pursuing you and is ready to extend his black hand to me? "

"Avril, don't you think it's disgusting to associate yourself with that kind of person

When Bruce input the password, she hesitated, "Bruce, did your mother..."

The man replied calmly, "don't worry. My mother will go to the ho clan's mansion tonight."

"The he clan's mansion?"

"It's my father's home. Grandpa has been in poor health these years, and every time my mother came back from abroad, she would go to visit him. "

As soon as she entered the room, she was pulled into Bruce's arms. Unexpectedly, she was pushed hard against the door. And in the next moment, a pair of warm hands put on her back.

The man was lying on top of her, and there was almost no distance between them. With his forehead against hers, he kissed her passionately, leaving her no time to think.

His tongue was like a dancing snake, holding her tightly and passionately entangling with her. They had pestered each other for such a long time that Polly almost blacked out in the kiss.

"Dear Polly, there are only two of us here tonight. You belong completely to me." As he whispered in her ear, he tried hard to suppress his gasps. His voice was anxious and hoarse. "Tell me, how do you want to compensate me?"

Although she had never been through anything before, out of a woman's intuition, she knew what he wanted from his eyes, in which red light was flowing in the darkness.

Even if she was mentally prepared, she was still very nervous. She bit her lips and said in a voice that was no louder than midge, "I, I originally wanted to invite you to dinner Don't you want to eat first? "

You can cook even if you are hungry?

Bruce's eyes lit up and stared at her for a long time. Then he suddenly leaned over her and laughed in a low voice, "Dear Polly, I don't need to eat anything since I have you."

With a crisp sound, he turned on the light, raised her chin and said with a half-smile, "Dear Polly, in fact, I really want to make up for my wedding night now."

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