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   Chapter 54 Bruce And Kevin

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9903

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All of a sudden, Polly's phone rang. She immediately took it out, but before she could answer it, her phone was snatched away by Kevin.

He looked at the name on the screen, and the violent red lines appeared one after another in his eyes, which were quickly connected into one. He could not control the emotion deep inside his scarlet eyes. Finally, he threw out the phone as if he could not control it.

The phone was broken into several pieces and the battery flew out. The shiny screen turned into dark. Silence came back.

"Let me see how he will find you!"

"Kevin! You fucking bastard! " Polly couldn't stand it anymore and slapped him across the face.

This time, she was so angry that she almost used up all her strength. He had been working out all year round, but now he was startled by her heavy blow.

Polly pointed at him. Those feelings that had been suppressed in the bottom of her heart and almost dissipated all burst out. Now, in front of him, she would vent all her emtions.

I have to say something clearly to someone so that I can break up thoroughly. So far, Kevin still chased after her and didn't let her go because she was unable to say what she wanted to say. The leaves would create infinite imaginations at any place at any time and place.

After the breakup, she was always reluctant to think about Kevin, not because he still held a certain place in her heart, and it was painful to think about him, but because she felt sick. But when she thought about it now, she found it hard to overcome the feeling of nausea.

"Kevin, listen carefully every word I'm saying now! You know what's bothering you! Although I feel sick every time I think of this, I still have to tell you! Believe it or not, I have never been perfunctory to you. That day, you and Fanny appeared in front of me together. When you said you wanted to break up with me, I really felt bad! At that time, I thought it would take a long time for me to recover. However, the slap you gave me then largely alleviated my sadness. "

"To be honest, I don't hate you at all. On the contrary, I am grateful for your slap. It was you that woke me up. Besides, the scene you and Fanny had planned on the street. At that time, I was wondering if I was an idiot that how I believed people like you. "

"Even so, I haven't fully recovered. But I should have said that you didn't disappoint me with your performance later. You and Fanny started a public display of affection. Don't you know that she was so mean to me! But what did you do except for observing them coldly? Do you really love me just because I'm ruthless? "

His face was twisted as he begged, "I can make it up to you if you could do as I said! As long as you are willing to come back to me, no matter what you want me to do in the future, I will listen to you. "

His hand was still covering the cheek. Perhaps the other side of his face was still painful.

She was so angry at his wor

n this regard. "

"Mr. He, don't flatter yourself! How many rich people like you are sincere and honest? "

With his hands in his pockets, Bruce asked with a mysterious look in his eyes, "Kevin, do you mean that Fanny doesn't love you wholeheartedly?"

"I didn't say that!"

Bruce stared at his face with his cold and sharp eyes, and said, "in this case, I think Kevin should listen to Dear Polly. If you choose, don't regret it. You should cherish it!"

After taking a few steps, Kevin suddenly turned around and said, "I think Mr. He actually minds it. Or why didn't you come in just now? You probably want to know what that person's position in her heart. Do you think there's any chance? "

Without waiting for Bruce's answer, he left with a smug smile.

" sometimes I hope it is on my own..." All of a sudden, Bruce stopped talking and smiled ambiguously.

What he wanted to say was that sometimes, he hoped it was under his control. Giving others hope is giving yourself hope. But he wouldn't understand that.

With her hands on her shoulders, she slowly slid down the wall. She felt terrible, but she didn't shed a tear. Deep inside the wound has been split, blood in the gurgling flow, but it is like a layer of solid ice wrapped, how cannot flow out

Hearing the light and slow footsteps approaching, Polly looked up sensitively. As soon as Bruce entered, she stood up with guilt in her eyes. They had been arguing so intensely just now that she had forgotten that Kevin was waiting for her.

"Bruce, I..."

Then he waved his hand, and rushed in front of her and held her into his arms. He said in a low and magnetic voice, "Dear Polly. You are leaning on me. I allow you to say nothing now."

He held her face tightly in his arms. Her heart was filled with his familiar body temperature, familiar smell and sweet smell. Suddenly, tears fell down.

She slowly raised her hand that had been drooping on her side and put it around his waist.

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