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   Chapter 51 Getting Married Secretly

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 11120

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When she saw Bruce at the bus station, she almost couldn't recognize him.

The man wore a casual style windbreaker. Standing under the blossoms of red trees, he gave her a gentle smile, as lovely and handsome as a big brother next door.

At that moment, her heart skipped a beat uncontrollably.

What a familiar scene it was! She once dreamed a person smiling at her. As for that person's face, his memory was getting more and more blurred after so many years. She even had an illusion that the person who once smiled gently to her was exactly him.

He didn't drive over, but took her hand, like other happy couples, waiting for the bus.

Their hands clasped together, and the pair of rings on the fourth finger gave out dazzling light in the sun, entangling closely.

Unfortunately, their marriage was just an agreement.

Last night, she finally signed her name on the agreement. She had never seen a man who could act shamelessly, coerce and bossily with such potent command. She couldn't tell the true emotions from his occasional expressions, but she didn't tell.

In this agreement, everyone takes what they need, and this is the most important thing.

Next to them, there happened to be a couple. The girl looked at Bruce and said to her boyfriend in a low voice, "did you see that boy? He's so handsome!"

Her boyfriend cast a glance at him and answered calmly, "Oh? I think that girl is very beautiful."

"Where are you looking at?"

"Then where are you looking at?"

The boy pulled the girl into his arms and smiled wickedly, "it's too late to regret now!"

The girl pinched his face and complained, "we haven't got our marriage license yet. What are you proud of?"

"Well, I'll behave myself now. When I get out of the Bureau of civil affairs, I'll teach you a lesson."

"How dare you!"

They were also going to the Bureau of civil affairs. If they continued to tease each other like this, they must be in a good relationship.

A smile appeared on Polly's face. Bruce pinched her palm.

She asked him with a smile, "are you very proud of her praise?"

"Then he said you were beautiful. Are you very proud?"

"But..." as he raised his head, he added with pride, "we two should look like a perfect match."

"What are you talking about?".

She didn't expect that an old man like Bruce, who looked very young and almost the same as a senior student, was so childish than her.

When they arrived at the Bureau, the man and the woman got off the car first and walked in front of them. After taking a few steps, the girl suddenly turned around and asked, "are you here to get your marriage certificate too?"

Bruce smiled and answered, "yes!"

With admiration in her eyes, the girl said, "Congratulations! Congratulations!"

Then he said in a polite manner, "Congratulations! Congratulations!"

When the girl was about to say something, her boyfriend dragged her back and scolded her in a low voice, "enough! I've asked you. Now you can give up! "

"I asked this question for you! Now it's time for you to give up! "

This couple would definitely not be lonely after they got married, and their life must be very wonderful. In fact, if two people were in love enough, it was not bad to get married.

Unlike her

She knew the reason why she married to Bruc

ce now and ask him where he is? Check again what cars he used today! "

A few minutes later, a phone call came in.

"What did you say? When he got on the car, he only used the black Benz! He was having dinner with Polly on the sixth floor of the hotel? How is that possible? How did they go together! How can they get there without a car? "

"What? By bus? taxi? Are you kidding me? Why would he do such a childish thing? "

But next second, she looked terrible.

She was told that if a man would like to do such a childish thing for a woman, that would be something serious.

"Do you mean that Bruce really likes her?"

What if he really liked her? 'Bruce also likes her, since are like, that is no different Polly was young and beautiful and didn't have much experience. He just wanted to have some fun.

Now that the bitch's parents were in trouble, the ho clan's parents would never agree their relationship.

The light glass window reflected the face of Miss. Jean, which was hideous because of hatred.

"Tell me. Whatever you do, I won't let that tramp have a happy meal with Bruce!"

On the sixth floor of the daylight hotel.

The location he had chosen was great. It was a nice location. The sun was shining through the window. Although the temperature rose again recently, the air was filled with coldness from the beginning of the winter and ice melting. The sunshine and his gentle eyes made her heart warm.

He had held her hand on the table before the dishes were served.

The table was well prepared. The dishes were all her favorites.

She remembered the first time she had dinner with him, he had ordered all the specialty dishes of the restaurant, because he didn't know what she liked to eat then.

"Auntie, my friend once told me that the specialty of this restaurant is very delicious,"

A sweet and smiling female voice was heard all of a sudden. As soon as he heard the voice, he looked up, with his eyes darkened.

Looking back, Polly recognized that voice. It was from Miss. Jean.

At this moment, Miss. Jean also looked over, and her eyes happened to meet with Bruce's.

She said to Bruce's mother in excitement, "Auntie, Bruce, Bruce is here!"

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