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   Chapter 48 Someone Suspicious

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10048

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When Bruce went back to the company, there were only Polly and Avril left in the ward.

"Dear Polly, do you think what I said to Hal this morning is too much?" Avril said with a sad face, "look, there's no news about him till now. Is he so sad that he hit the wall and died?"

Although Polly was unable to laugh, her mood was alleviated by her words.

"Maybe I should go to see him or call him."

"How do you know that?". With her head down, she was eating the chicken soup sent by Bruce from Jake.

All of a sudden, the phone that was charging rang. When she was about to put down the bowl, Avril stopped her with gesture.

"Don't move. Drink it carefully! Let me help you! "

When she saw the phone number which lit up on the screen, she saw "Paris" on the screen. She could not help but frown. She picked up the phone and marked the scam phone immediately.

And she even cursed, "rubbish! Super trash! "

"What's wrong? Who called me? "

"Who knows! They might have planned to rebel us, or they might have taken a walk in the terror rumor, tell the end of the world and make people panic; or they might have lied to the weak women and children, hand over their savings obediently, and if they regretted, they would commit suicide. All in all, you can't answer this phone right now. "

The call log popped up all of a sudden when she was about to leave. She felt a little angry when she saw the scam phone call just now.

She muttered, "It was addicted?" She emptied the document with her fingers.

At the moment, the scam phone call came again. Immediately, she felt very angry. This move was more deft. She then put the fraud into the blacklist.

Seeing that Avril was holding her cell phone in silence and looking at her smug face, Polly felt a little confused.

"Avril, what are you doing?"

Avril shook her phone and said with a smile, "I'm peeking at your secret! Damn you! How many secrets have you hided from me? "


Before leaving, Avril asked, "Dear Polly, what do you want to eat for lunch? I've made progress in cooking recently. "

"You are really good at cooking. Don't you remember that you always bought food in the restaurant?"

Avril blinked her big eyes and teased her, "Wow, you've never been like this before. Are you discontented with my cooking has become more picky about food recently? "

"I've given all the chicken soup to you!" said Polly as she handed it to Avril.

"This is your boss's spiritual chicken soup. How can I enjoy it? You'd better enjoy it yourself, haha..."

When she stepped out of the door, she saw two handsome young men in suits standing in front of the information desk. They were carrying flowers and fruits in their hands and were asking the nurses something.

They were not only rare handsome men, but also well-educated and polite men. Therefore, Avril couldn't help looking at them.

The nurse at the front desk suddenly stood up and shouted to Avril, "Hello, pretty girl, please come h

my gift for you! "

"Who cares about your stuff! 'take it away! Take it away!'! How blind you are! Get out! Get out now! " The middle - aged man's voice was filled with what seemed to be a ball.

Polly had meant to run away as what Avril told her, but she felt that one of the men's voice was very familiar, and it seemed that he was Aaron!

Was that Aaron Fan!

While walking, she kept an eye on the ground to see if there was anyone suspicious.

At last, the suspicious people didn't notice it, but Aaron did.

He was embarrassed to see a middle-aged man standing at the door and apologized. Beside him stood a tall and thin man in a blue suit.

It was Abbe Su!

Why are they here?

At this time, the phone of Polly rang. She took a look at it and found it was from Avril. Maybe that Avril called to urge her as she hasn't gone downstairs for a long time.

"Dear Polly, where are you? Are you blocked by the two men! You are so stupid. I have strived for such a long time for you. How can you not make it? "

"Avril, are the two men you are talking about, tall, thin and handsome?"

"Dear Polly! How can you still talk about handsome guy with me even in this situation! He is handsome. But don't be attracted by his appearance! "

"Are they in a gray suit and a blue suit?"

"Dear Polly!" Avril's voice became panic, "you met them? Where are you? "

"I'm right next to them."

"Don't be afraid. Wait for me!"

"Avril! Please listen to me... " Polly wanted to tell her that they knew each other, but she didn't give her the chance and hung up.

When Avril arrived at the scene, she saw that Polly and the two young men were among the fruits on the ground, apologizing to the bad tempered uncle together.

That uncle was giving lectures so intently that their eardrums ached. Making such a loud noise, the whole corridor was empty, and even no one dared to go over to see what happened. There were only a few lookers at the edge that no one dared to get close.

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