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   Chapter 46 marriage agreement (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-02-01 00:13

At that moment, Polly was a little flustered, but she calmed down quickly. She thought of what Hal was worried about, and she didn't think it was wrong to live with a man like Bruce.

She bit her lips and said in a low voice, "I have no problem with that. As a man, I think you can do that. "

The smile on Bruce's face became dangerous. He suddenly got close to Polly and pulled her into his arms. He held her face in both hands and kissed her.

Polly Han didn't expect it. As she pushed him away, she asked, "what are you doing, Bruce?"

She pushed him away easily.

Then he sat straight, with a touch of coldness and complexity in his eyes, "Polly? Is this the attitude of you living together before marriage? We haven't done anything yet, but you refuse so much? Are you sure you're not kidding? "

Polly stuck out her tongue to lick her lips where his lips just touched and stammered, "then, if we are going to get married, isn't it the same?"

All of a sudden, she realized that Bruce had taken the initiative to kiss her for several times, which might have made her look gay. Then what he had proposed to her was true.

"If we get married, we'll have to pay more for a divorce. And I'll also promise a divorce."

"For example..."

A perfect smile bloomed on Bruce's face. "When are you going to have a baby? It's up to you."

Stunned for a long time, Polly responded, "are you serious?"

"What? Are you so distrust of me?"

"But you told me earlier that you were just trying to......"

"I said deal with it, but what I understand is obviously different from what you mean "

"What did you say?" she asked in disbelief, eyes wide open

He opened his b

r instinct, he or she would get a complete information before the information entered his or her brain.

The news post was

The CEO of the Y City logistics company eloped with his wife!

It's obvious that there was something wrong. Polly scratched the screen and read the news quickly.

She was so excited that her hands were shaking. Polly didn't know what she had brought up, and the website was closed all of a sudden. She prepared to search for the source in key words, but before she could give a reply, more than a few similar posts appeared on the Internet.

It suddenly occurred to her that Avril might have seen the news, but she didn't tell her. She then thought of the flustered look when Hal gave her the phone. It turned out that he had also watched the news.

Everyone knew it except her.

But she didn't believe that her parents would do such a thing. They would never run away with the hard-earned money of the employees. They would never leave her or sister.

There must be some misunderstanding!

She opened the webpage again, reading it word by word, for fear of missing a key point.

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