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   Chapter 45 The Proposal

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Hal was so anxious that he started to sweat. He couldn't cover himself with the quilt, so he opened it. The rest of the quilt was half covered by her.

"Do you really agree, Polly?"

"I didn't say anything!"

"Dear Polly, I know you! If you don't agree, you will immediately state your position. Only when you have another idea in your mind will you refuse to answer! " Holding her by the arm, Hal asked, "do you really want? Are you really going to gamble on your own happiness for the rest of your life? "

Polly shook his head. What she meant was that she would never have a happy marriage in her life. But seeing Polly's reaction, Hal got relieved.

"Dear Polly, I know your parents are in bad condition. If you trust me, I will help you deal with those things. I'll pay their debt as soon as possible. And I will help you to find them back. "

A moment of amazement flashed through Polly's eyes, but soon she calmed down. She thought he was just comforting her by saying so.

"No, thanks. You'd better have a good rest. I'll take care of my parents myself! "

"What are you going to do with her? Just like Avril, have to work part-time? Even so, how long will it take to pay that much money back? Five years, ten years or twenty? Dear Polly, don't be so naive! "

"But, what can you do to help me, Hal? How are you going to help me? Working for me? Or borrow money from your parents? You know, I can't accept your help! "

Hal stuck out his tongue and licked his chapped lips. With a more tired look on his face, he said, "Dear Polly, trust me, I absolutely have a way to help you! I'm not bragging! "

"You are not lying. You are just comforting me. Hal, I know what you mean. I really appreciate it. " Polly choked with sobs and could say nothing.

"I'm not comforting you! I'm serious! I have the strength to do that! I... "

Hal wanted to say what he was thinking, but at this moment, the door of the ward opened. As they talked, they walked inside.

However, when they saw what was going on in the ward, both of them stopped. In fact, the problem was that only Bruce stopped his steps. Avril wanted to go inside, but she was stopped by the man in front of her.

She stretched her head and took a look inside. Her face changed instantly.

The sheets covering Hal were casually put down on Polly's bed. From the way they stood at the door, they seemed to have just come out of the same bed.

Seeing what was happening in front of him, Bruce squinted his eyes and tightened his lips. She cleared her throat and tried to break the ice, "Hey, I'm telling you to wrap yourself in the quilt. Don't catch a cold. Why don't you listen to me? You are so young but you still wear very few clothes and go out for a walk. Don't you think that you haven't stayed in hospital for a long time? "

She smiled and said to Bruce, "Mr. He, please come in. I didn't expect that you would come so soon. " As she spoke, she winked at Hal.

As if he didn't see it, instead of taking off the qui

a very uncomfortable feeling today, now Bruce sitting in front of her, with such a sad and deeply attached eyes staring at her, feel more uncomfortable

"No need!" Before she could say anything more, he grabbed her hand tightly and said, " so cold. It's not a big deal." Then he pressed back the quilt.

"Thank you." She expressed her sincere gratitude to him.

He sighed, and his eyes were filled with loneliness. "Why should I thank you? Dear Polly, I think you don't have to be so reserved when we are alone. You are going to be my wife. If you feel uncomfortable, then I will also feel uncomfortable. "

Even though Polly had prepared herself for this, her heart still beat fast when she heard the word "wife".

"Why do you look at me like that?" Bruce smiled and reached out his hand to caress her face. "You promised me last night."

She couldn't help but step back. But Bruce didn't let her. He followed her closely.

Her cold and smooth skin turned red and hot when being rubbed with the callus in his palm. She mumbled in a low voice, "last night, I didn't..." Promise me to be your wife.

However, when she remembered that scene, she almost said yes.

Bruce grinned, but the smile did not reach his eyes. His voice was still gentle, "then, Dear Polly, are you going to regret?"

Clenching her fists, she replied decisively, "no! I just thought it was a bit abrupt. "

Bruce said slowly, "but it's too long for me."

He was different from ordinary people like her. His time, every minute and every second were precious. He could make a person like her unimaginable value all her life.

However, due to his mother's coercion to marry, he could not put all his attention on work.

"Can we not get married, Bruce? To convince your mother, I think we can live together for the time being. " Her voice trailed off.

The expression on his face gradually became cold, as if the coldness of the earth had frozen. He asked, "then do you want to live with a man before marriage?"

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