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   Chapter 44 That's Not A Little Touch

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10535

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When Polly woke up, the first person she saw was Avril.

In the ward, she sat on a chair near the corner, with her cell phone in her hand. Nobody knew what she was looking at.

That guy's face was very bad and her eyes were red and swollen. There were livid circles under her eyes, as if she hadn't had a good sleep for many days. The golden sunlight fell on her face, but it didn't work.

Seeing her waking up, the woman was stunned, then she scratched her hair.

"Wow, you're awake! But what did the disappointment on your face mean? Do you feel unhappy because you haven't seen Bruce? You are so heartless! I have been worrying about you all day and night! Don't you know that you have exhausted me! You are so good. You always think about your man when you wake up! A lover is more important than a good friend! "

After saying a lot of words, Avril suddenly found that Polly just leaned against the pillow in silence and looked at her with a smile. Being stared by that pair of affectionate eyes, she was flustered and quickly changed her seat.

"Don't look at me like that. It's so scary. Well, you wake up now. Are you hungry? You've been sleeping for a day and a night. The doctor said you should eat something even if you're not hungry! But don't you ever think about the spicy hotness, the spicy powder, the cold preserved noodles and the casserole fans! "

Avril opened the heat preservation pot at the bedside and took a small bowl of porridge, "do you want to eat by yourself or should I feed you?"

All of a sudden, a smile broke on Polly's face.

This is the reality, not the second illusory vital energy space.

She quickly turned serious and asked, "Avril, have you got any news about my parents?"

Avril didn't say anything. The sound of white porcelain spoon scratching the bowl wall was clear in the ward.

"The other day, I asked Hal to help me investigate something about your family. But he just can't help it. "

Polly knew that Hal had been in hospital all the time.

After a pause, Avril said seriously, "uncle and aunt, there are no news yet. But now, your boss has already started to look into it. I think we'll know something about them soon. Take it easy. I guess your parents are just upset. Maybe they just want to take a walk outside and will come back in a couple of days. "

If so, that's all right. But Polly knew that her parents would not be so irresponsible. The moment the accident happened, she wanted to escape from the city as soon as possible. They would certainly try their best to deal with it.

She was afraid that something bad would happen to them.

Lisa hated her mother so much that she would do anything to vent her anger.

"Dear Polly, don't think too much. Now the most important thing is to get well as soon as possible. You have been so worried these two days that you have lost a lot of weight. If it goes on like this, you will have no energy to worry about your parents. "

Polly nodded and took the bowl.

There was someone knocking at the door outside the ward. Avril went to open the door, and it was Hal, who looked tired. He was just like Avri

fairy at the party.

It was said that the man in the photos was the boss of BA, and the woman was a student in A University. That night, this man, who was known as a legend in the business circle of A City, made a romantic proposal by taking advantage of the cherry snow which was rare to be seen in a century. She was deeply moved and nodded her head immediately.

The headline of the news was the dream of snow, the best couple in the century.

The following comments were divided into two groups. One for praise, do not know which girl so blessed, can get the favor of a big male god of A City The other party sneered and said it was no big deal. He would have another actress in the photo within a month.

Hal took back his phone and stopped looking at it. She knew that there must be a comment which was harsher than that. But it didn't matter. She just took a look at it and didn't take it to heart. Those insignificant comments were not enough to draw her attention.

"Do you know what that means?"

"What does that mean?"

"Are you really silly. With Bruce' abilities, he didn't suppress the news actually, and it had attracted millions of comments in just one day. He wants everyone to know that he is going to propose to you. "

"There are still many people saying that the heroine will change very soon," Polly replied disapprovingly

"Don't try to change the topic. Let's talk about what happened in the past and now. What do you want if he proposes to you? "

"Let's talk about it later. Things haven't happened yet. I can't answer you."

Polly wasn't an ungrateful person. She wouldn't take back her words as long as she promised her. For example, when she had promised to be Kevin's girlfriend, she had indeed decided to fall in love with someone.

However, their relationship died before they were able to enjoy it.

However, things were different now. She couldn't get anything from Bruce. He had proposed to her for his family and she did it for her family. In this respect, they were equal.

But she wouldn't tell this to Hal, not to mention to Avril.

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