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   Chapter 43 Only I Can Accompany You

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10950

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No one answered her. She was really alone in the dorm.

Sometimes people are like this, a good hunch can't be realized, as long as a little thought of the bad, a thought is a quasi. It's so weird!

She dialed her phone again, but the familiar melody echoed in the dormitory. She didn't take the phone with her! Did that mean she was not far away. For example, bathroom?

She put down the fried chestnut, walked out of the dormitory and ran towards the washroom.


Then she went to several adjacent rooms.


At this time, her mobile phone rang. She was very excited. But then she realized that she didn't take her phone with her. But when she saw the caller ID on the phone screen, she got excited again.

"Mr He! Hello. "

"Miss, do you know where Polly are now?"

"I don't know. She didn't bring her cell phone with her. I was also looking for her! Where are you, Mr. He? Do you know that Dear Polly have already dropped out of school? Could you please help her? She is still so young and she likes this school very much. If... "

"I have known all those things!" "Anyway, don't worry. I'll take care of this. And, thank you very much, miss. "

She was still in a bad mood.

She clenched the phone, tears streaming down her face.

Mr. He is here! Dear Polly needs help!

It snowed more and more heavily, and it had been snowing since afternoon. Trees, roof, playground It was covered all over with coldness.

Stepping on the thick snow, Polly passed through several branches with the fluffy snowy branches and walked to a row of sunflower trees slowly. The cold wind blew past her ears. The snowflakes in the sky were like the fluffy white, and the footprints left behind became shallow and soon were swallowed by the falling jade white.

She wore a pink down jacket which was very wide. The thick white feather collar on the front end of the coat almost covered the whole face, revealing her small nose tip and pale lips.

Pink was her favorite color, and also his favorite.

He once said that this was the color of cherry, bright and brilliant.

She wandered among the cherry trees where petals of roses fell, raising her face, and looking into the snow rustling in the wind, her sight was blurred. The snow-white flannel was light and weightless, laying on the edge, outlining the outline of the flowers. White and pink clung to each other, the leaves of the gods fluttered with the wind, and the snow drifted away gently. The flowers of the trees were covered in a layer of mist, graceful and elegant.

She remembered why she had worked so hard to be admitted into this school. It was just that this was where he learned and lived.

He had told her more than once that a beautiful cherry blossoms.

She asked innocently. How beautiful was it?

His thin lips curled up into a smile. Two words came out of his mouth, "fairy realm".

Later, she finally came to this school as her wish. The library, the playground, and under the cherry tree, he was everywhere. It was really as he said, beautiful as the paradise on earth.

But, Owen, have you ever seen the cherry blossoming in the snow night?

The extreme beauty was extremely cold. It was the sight of others, but it was her heart that was

ter who would come, the person who really can accompany you is only me? Why don't you grasp the most real and tangible thing? "

Polly clenched her fist in the air and then put it down. Her nose twitched as she replied in a low voice, "because I have nothing that I can hold." Now she had nothing.

He raised her head and forced her to look into his eyes. "Dear Polly, why do you think so? There is a man right in front of you, waiting for you to turn around. Why don't you turn around? "

Levi was silent.

She didn't know whether she should turn around or not.

"I've told you that I'm not a man who will only do things without paying anything in return, and I'm still who I am now. But at least for now, I won't force you to do anything. You just need to promise me that you will leave everything to me, okay? "

Maybe because of the cold wind, she suddenly felt dizzy, and her cheek was aching. She could not stand firmly in her feet, and gradually she could not see the face of Bruce. She muttered, "everything? What is it? "

Until this moment, his long face softened a little. "Everything about you! Dear Polly, give me everything you have, will you? "

She tried to pull herself together and saw the face of the man who was gently talking to her. But she had no strength at all. She felt like a petal blown in the air by wind and slowly dropped.

She saw that man' s face coming closer and closer. The white snow and pink petals fell like rain on his hair and cheek. The affection in his eyes made her shiver.

Her fingertips gently slid across his cheeks, as if to remove the petals on his cheeks. It was the warmth that she wanted to hold in her hands in a world of ice and snow.


She nodded to him and held him tightly.

"Polly!" He pulled her in his arms tightly, pulled open his coat and wrapped her in.

She put her cold cheek against his strong chest. Listening to his powerful heartbeat, she suddenly felt calm.

When she recalled the scene of this night, she realized why she had agreed so easily. Perhaps it was because she needed a warm hug so much at that time.

She couldn't refuse his warmth at that coldest night.

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