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   Chapter 41 I Have Already Dropped Out Of School (Part One)

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 5654

Updated: 2020-01-31 00:03

At eight o'clock in the morning, Polly arrived at the hospital on time. But there was no one in the ICU. Polly called Lisa, but her phone was off.

She knew that woman's phone shouldn't have been turned off at this time. A person like her would never run out of electricity. The only reason was she avoided seeing her like the previous several times.

A sense of foreboding overwhelmed her.

She asked a nurse on duty and the nurse told her that the patient inside had entered the operating room and had the liver transplant surgery. She said that she was the daughter of that patient, and the liver that was transplanted in her body. Why did the patient enter the operating room.

The nurse looked at her strangely, saying that the patient had found a new liver. She also said that her filial piety is very moving, but such a thing as giving liver is still dangerous, very grateful for her.

Polly was on the verge of breaking down.

'how could she lie to me!

Now she had dropped from school and the debt from her parents reached five million. How should she repay that huge sum of money!

It was not until now did she understand that the woman's real purpose was to use this issue to make their family broken up.

She didn't take a car but went back to A University from the hospital. It took her two hours.

The sun sank into the thick clouds, and the sky gradually darkened. Layers upon layers of water and ink gathered, rendering the dense mass of lead grey clouds.

Just like a sharp ice knife, when a moist cold wind blew across her face, it stimulated her skin and brought her a sharp pain. In the dead of the road, there was nobody. All the shops had be

ar Polly, are you stupid? Why don't you go in? "

Where should I go?

From now on, Avril was no longer her classmate. She was excluded from her original life. It was the same as when Henry abandoned her and her mother and they were forced to leave.

Lack of sense of belonging was the most terrible thing!

"Avril, I've already dropped out of school!" She said in a low voice with a red face.

"Are you kidding! Are you crazy? " She didn't finish her sentence because she knew that she wouldn't drop out of school without any reason. "Did the mistress force you? That was going too far! How could she do such a shameless thing! Dear Polly, please trust me, while human beings are doing, God is watching, such a person will absolutely come to no good end! "

After she took off the down jacket, she just wore a cashmere. Her white face immediately turned blue and purple, and her ears were red and abnormal. However, she was very excited.

"But as for Dear Polly..." All of a sudden, Avril's tears fell down. She hugged her and said, "Why, this kind of person wants to get evil, must give your happiness to ruin!"

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