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   Chapter 40 Don't Beat About The Bush!

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10153

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Polly was extremely terrified. She had been thinking when Alina would be subdued. No matter what a high-ranking officer her father was, it was no fun to threaten the security with a gun in the company. As there were cameras everywhere in the company, the scene must have been photographed.

She was also afraid that the several big and sturdy bodyguards would wait outside the elevator. Therefore, what Alina had done for her was meaningless.

Soon, the elevator reached the tenth floor.

When she opened the door, she found that someone was waiting for her outside. She walked out while thinking, and bumped into the woman unexpectedly.

She hurriedly apologized, "sorry, sorry!"

It was a woman in her early thirties, wearing a business suit. With short hair, she looked common and energetic. The moment she saw Polly, she put on her trademark smile and asked, "are you Miss Han?"


"This is Alice Wu. General manager asks me to invite you to her room."

After sending Polly into Lisa' s office, Alice left quietly.

"What can I do to make you let my parents go?" Polly asked directly.

The question was left unanswered for a long time.

Lisa buried her head in front of the laptop and almost covered half of her face with the screen, which could not be seen from her angle. The sunshine went through the transparent glass window and fell on her white and delicate hands. The diamond ring around her ring finger reflected a harsh light.

It was so quiet in the room that even the dust kept moving. The sound of typing on the keyboard was unusually clear, and it was robbed of her hearing, colliding her fragile nerves.

She had already expected this. Trying to suppress the restlessness in her heart, Polly asked her again.

The sound of typing the keyboard was still going on, as if Lisa Yang had not heard the question she had just asked. It seemed that she had never done such a bad thing. She could still be at ease with her in front of her.

The outburst of the emotions was like the surging waves on the surface of the water, and they were about to break through the barrier and get out of her body.

If Polly could see herself in the mirror at the moment, she would find that her eyes were full of hatred and anger, and the dark red fury in them was like the magma flowing at the end of the volcano.

She walked quickly to the table in front of Lisa and pounded it heavily. "Lisa, did you hear me?"

She thought very clearly. At this time, there was no need to be afraid of infuriating Lisa. Because no matter how bad her attitude was, She would speak for her like the victor. No matter how humbly and cautious she pretended to be, the result wouldn't change. Then she didn't have to tolerate anything anymore.

Lisa suddenly raised her head. When she saw Polly for the first time, she was surprised, as if she just knew that Polly was here.

Clenching her lips, she stared at the hypocritical woman.

About ten seconds later, Lisa turned off her laptop, and greeted a

m angry with what you did. But considering that Henry is your father, I'm willing to give you a chance. " Lisa took out a kraft paper envelope from her briefcase and put it on the table. "There is a debt condition about your stepfather's company. As for your liver, I can reluctantly accept, but the price will be decided by me. "

She quickly turned around and ran to the desk, trying to take that envelope.

However, Lisa put her hand on it. She said calmly with a smile, "what's the rush? I haven't finished yet! "

Polly had a bad feeling about this. Staring at the envelope, she asked anxiously, "anything else?"

A weird smile appeared on Lisa's face. Her eyes with thick eye shadow and fake eyelashes looked a little scary.

"Before the liver operation, you will take some rest first. Right?"

"Why ?" It was a kick in the ass for Polly, and she was paralyzed.

"Why? Liver exchange is a major operation. After that, you must rest for recuperation. You are going to leave the campus... "

"That's different!" "Tell me why directly! Don't beat about the Bush! "

"Okay! You were admitted into a key university in the country while Britney went to a stage academy, which made me lose face in the circle of friends. You are both Henry's daughter. I think the God should treat us equally. Why can you go to such a good university? Do Britney have to be said as an idiot? "

"What's more, you and your mother often target me. This makes me very likely to have a bloody dream. Because of that, I can't sleep or eat well the whole day. So I think it is a good way to make up for my spiritual loss."

Lisa took it for granted shamelessly.

"Of course, I can give you some time to think about it, in case someone calls me aggressive. But you have to give me your reply by eight o'clock tomorrow morning. Because the liver transplant surgery would begin after two hours. Or I won't wait for you. "

"No need to think about it. I promise!"

"Okay. See you at the hospital at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning."

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