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   Chapter 39 Why Are You So Stubborn

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9306

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Polly called her parents, but both of them had turned off their phones at the same time. She then called her friends who were close to her parents. But when she told them her name, they either said no or simply hung up the phone.

Almost all the people avoid them like monster. Only a few simple people told her sincerely that she could not help and that it was none of her business. Therefore, she quickly hid herself in case of being found. If she fell into the hands of those guys, she would be in a living hell.

Now she felt that to live was no better than to die.

When Avril found her, she saw her sitting on the curb, absent-minded, and didn't know how many red petals had fallen on her hair.

"Dear Polly, what's wrong with you?" Avril walked quickly to Polly and asked with concern.

At the sight of Avril, Polly Han didn't say a word. Instead, she threw herself into Avril's arms and burst into tears.

They didn't know that there was a pair of eyes staring at them under the blossoming cherry tree on the opposite road.

An hour later, Polly made a call to Alice and she was told that the her father's condition had a tendency to get worse. The general manager rushed to hospital and didn't have time to answer the phone.

"As far as I'm concerned, this general manager did it on purpose! It's just a phone call. Even if she's busy, can't she spare some time? "

Lisa Yang was revenging against Polly.

But she had no choice now. She had to figure out how much debt her parents owed, and only Lisa knew about it.

Another hour had passed. She made a phone call to Alice, but she was still answered by her.

"Miss Han, I'm so sorry! The general manager passed out crying as he heard your father's situation. We don't know when dose she would wake up. You can call me tomorrow. "

"Alice, when will it be tomorrow?"

"I'm not sure."

Avril couldn't stand it anymore. She snatched the phone from her, and shouted at the phone, "I don't care who you are! Go and ask Lisa, that old witch, to answer my phone! Hello! what the fuck! She hung up! What kind of people are they? "

"Dear Polly, I think you'd better tell Bruce about it, and let him help you! After all, he is well-informed and has a lot of knowledge. He must be able to find out the truth, "

"No way!" "I'll call him tomorrow," she said

Avril sighed, "Why are you so stubborn! She should have used all the resources at this time! You can go on with your own business. I'll call Hal and ask the uncle of the police chief for help. "

She called him several times, but the line was busy.

'Hal is sick and in hospital. Why does he keep on calling?

Fifteen minutes later, Hal called her.

"What's up, Avril?"

"It's not my business. It's Polly."

"What happene

her employees.

But Alina Liang can decide which day she want to come by herself, she always thought is relying on the relationship with the manager, so she has no good impression of this double master

It turned out that she had a job. The reason why she went to the coffee shop was to meet the man in her heart.

"Wow, Dear Polly, I saw you were here all the time just now. Is there anything wrong with you?" Alina changed the topic.

A glimmer of hope rose in Polly's heart. She said pitifully, "Alina, I have something to talk with manager in the company. But the security guard at the gate doesn't know me and says that I am not allowed to come in without an appointment. "

"I see! And don't blame the security guards. They're just doing their job. Please don't be mad at them. Well, let me take you in. "

"Thank you, aunt Alina." said Polly

Although she didn't like Alina very much before, I don't know why Alina always likes to gather close to her and look at her with gentle and kind eyes On several occasions, she made her feel embarrassed. Therefore, Avril once made a joke that she was the one in her heart.

Alina walked close to her and held her hands. With two dimples on her face, she asked, "Dear Polly, how about running?"

"Ah!" "Not bad. I got the third place in the long-distance sport competition of our school. "

"That's great!"

"Miss Liang, the general manager has specifically told us not to let her in!" The guard pointed at Polly, who was standing behind Alina Liang, with an embarrassed look on his face. "I'm sorry. We can't do anything about it as the general manager ordered."

With a mysterious smile, Alina took out a gun and pointed it at the head of the security. "Okay, I'll do it!"

And she winked at Polly.

At that moment, Polly had no time to be surprised, but rushed to the elevator.

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