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   Chapter 38 Do You Deserve Him

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"How shameless you are!" Fanny came upstairs and scolded at Polly like a shrew, "it's been a long time. Why are you still clinging to Kevin?"

Kevin focused his attention on Polly until the sound of Fanny came out. Frowning, he blamed, "what brings you here?"

"Why can't I come here?" Fanny replied, "I heard from Sally that she was seducing you again. I was so mad at her that I came over! I didn't believe it at first, but I didn't expect it to be true! She still has feelings for you! "

Polly stood on the top of the stairs, looking down at the two men who made her sick as if she had eaten flies, and said coldly, "Fanny, I think you're mistaken! I have a boyfriend now! I have no reason to pester your boyfriend! "

"Polly, don't be so arrogant! How dare you say you have a boyfriend? Is it Bruce? " Fanny said as she buried his whole body into Kevin's arms to declare her ownership of him.

"Who is Bruce? The CEO of the BA, the leader of the A City! I have seen so many excellent women, but none of them could win his heart! What do you count? Do you deserve him? I think he is just playing with you. "

With her eyes as cold as ice, Polly sneered, "it's not up to you whether I'm good enough or not!"

Fanny's tone became more acerbic ''hum!'' 'it's not up to me. So you are the boss? The number of women around him is enormous! You don't have any chance."

"Since Bruce doesn't want Dear Polly, does he have a crush on you? What are you doing here in such a hurry? " Avril appeared out of nowhere, "Kevin put you in his mind as a treasure. Who else care for you." I guess even if you take off all your clothes and send them to Bruce's bed, he won't listen to you! "

Fanny's face turned livid with rage. She said, "Avril, don't be so rude! How can you link me with Bruce! "

"Why can't we talk about it? Well, do you have a guilty conscience! Are you also among the women you mentioned that have entangled with Bruce? "

"That's impossible! I have a boyfriend now, and he is also the one I love most in my life! "

"Well, then hurry up and get out of here with the people you love most in your life. Don't ever appear before Dear Polly! Dear Polly is very busy now. Besides the classes, she have to work every day, and will date with Mr. He. she have no time to meet you. "

"I'm telling you the truth, right?" Fanny spoke in a high voice, as if she had suddenly discovered a great secret. "If Bruce really thinks highly of you, how could he allow you to work? I won't let Kevin suffer that! "

With a mocking look at the couple, Avril said in a sarcastic tone, "she has the right to do anything she want! Mr. He likes her and is willing to give her freedom! I am going to question Kevin. If Miss Fanny doesn't allow you to work, it's ashamed for you to show up in public. Do you dare to mention that again? "

Kevin was speechless.

"I guess you didn't even dare to say a word." With a mischievous smile on her face, Avril reached out her hands and pulled Polly into her arm

ld Polly not to worry and would take care of Lily before got her parents' news.

She was so agitated that all she could think of was a malicious smile from Lisa that day. She thought for a while and finally dialed the number of that woman.

"Are you the one who made all these?" "Lisa, I do think you are a selfish woman! You have torn up a family for your own selfish desires many years ago. Do you want to do that now? Are you not afraid of retribution? "

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone. As if no one answered the phone, a strange and embarrassed female voice came, "I'm sorry, Miss Han, the general manager is in a meeting. I'm her secretary, Alice Wu."

The tensed air around Polly was released in a second. She controlled her tone and said on the phone, "Miss Wu, When will Yang Lisa finish the meeting?"

"About an hour,"

On the tenth floor of LY company.

Lisa casually sat on the CEO's chair and asked Alice, "what did Polly say to you?"

As a shrewd woman, she wouldn't tell the truth. With a smile, she reported to Lisa, "she was so worried. She kept asking when the general manager would answer the phone."

"And your answer is that I have to attend the meeting for one hour!" Lisa nodded in agreement. "Alice, no wonder boss trusts you so much! I didn't believe it at first, but after the days I spent with you, I've already dismissed the idea of asking the new comers to replace you. "

Alice was so shocked that she sweated, but she still kept her countenance, showing a very humble expression on her face. "Thank you for your trust!"

"But it seems a little early for an hour. Just leave her alone! "

"How long will you need?"

"How about the day after tomorrow?"

"Then boss..." But Alice soon realized that she had made a mistake. She looked down under the pressure of Lisa's gaze. "Then the day after tomorrow."

The day after tomorrow is the deadline for liver replacement

"Don't worry. We can handle it as soon as possible!"

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