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   Chapter 37 She Didn't Want To Lose Him Again

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10377

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Bruce sent Polly's parents back to the hotel and then sent her back to school.

"What the hell are you doing, Bruce?" Polly asked angrily, as she couldn't put up with the questions all the way

Bruce helped her fasten the seat belt and asked with a smile, "what do you mean, Dear Polly"

Polly's ear tip was red. Why did this man move so fast? She was about to do something, but before she could react, he leaned over.

This spontaneous intimate action made her blush and her heart beat faster.

"You told my parents that you wanted to be with me! What do you mean? "

"It's exactly what they think!"

"Why did you make my parents misunderstand us like that! They are too naive to take your words seriously! "

"I didn't make them misunderstand me! What I said is true! " Bruce said in a serious tone, "as a matter of fact, I'm a simple boy when facing them."

Realizing that she was impulsive, she couldn't help yelling, "you are not innocent at all! Didn't you say that we were just acting! Oh, I see. Your mother must have known something and has forced you to marry Miss. Jean recently. "

"Dear Polly! Please forget that acting! From now on, I hope we can be together wholeheartedly. "


"Uncle and aunt have told me that I am a good man. They are all relieved. What else do you worry about? "

She had never seen such a shameless person! Was he really the man who could do everything in A City?

It was impossible to win in a fight with him. Realizing his current situation, Polly tried to keep his reason and said to him in a soft voice, "Bruce, you promised me before that you would never appear by my side from now on!"

"I did say that! But I regret leaving you again! " As he spoke, he leaned his body against the car door, and added, "actually, do you know what you mean to me? You see that as a show, but I have never, I am serious, and I am fully devoted! "

"Do you know what I want to do every second?"

Bruce greedily studied her facial features, including her curved eyebrows and small nose, and finally rested his eyes on her pink and soft lips.

At such a short distance, Polly could clearly feel the man's steaming and flaming scents. His burning eyes, like the rolling magma on the ground, almost melted her.

The strong feeling she had never felt from the man that she was on the verge of bursting out.

Her hand instinctively placed on her chest, pushing him away, and she asked tremblingly, "what, what do you want?" All of a sudden, the scene he had kissed her the other day flashed through her mind. Last time they had separated in the villa, he had kissed her in a forceful and imperious manner.

She could feel an inexhaustible heat wrapped around her whole body. Fortunately, it was at night. He didn't turn on the light in the car and her blush was not exposed to his eyes.

"Do you know I've been hesitant about you. I am afraid that you will be afraid if we are too close to each other; if we maintain such a lukewarm relationship, you will also make me suffer. "

"Dear Polly, tell me now, what should I do?"



She put on a hopeless look.

At that moment, the whole classroom was extremely quiet. A bad feeling rose in her heart.

As she expected, the professor on the platform was staring at her with a pair of innocent eyes.

She stood up in horror and stared at Avril. That guy shook his head. However, the expression on her face showed that she was sorry that she couldn't save her because she had no idea of that.

Feeling all people turned to look at her, she was embarrassed. Suddenly, a small note was handed over. There were two people who would do this in the past, but Hal took a holiday at home for several days due to his poor health. So I want the other one

The neat and familiar handwriting on the white paper made her feel ironic.

When the class was over, they walked out of the classroom together. Avril kept nagging, "Dear Polly, tell me what happened to you in the last two days. You are always absent-minded in class! As your desk mate, I feel so stressful! "

"I always feel stressful. You just do it a few times. Bear it."

Avril rolled her eyes.

"Dear Polly!" With them standing at the foot of the stairs, Kevin said, "let's talk."

Avril took hold of Polly' hand, not letting her go. "Leave, what can you talk about with such a scum?"

However, Polly shook her head and said, "Avril, you go to the canteen first. I'll be there soon!"

Avril was displeased with this answer. She stood in front of Polly and said, "are you going to be softhearted because of that?"

"Avril, don't worry. I won't. I will only speak a few words to him. I can't hide from him for a lifetime! "

When she shook her head, Kevin' s eyes lit up. However, as she was about to say something, his eyes dimmed.

"What do you want to say to me?" "What do you want to say?".

"Dear Polly, why don't you follow the answer I gave you?"

"Now, you have no obligation to pass me the paper. You are now Fanny's boyfriend, and I have a boyfriend too. I don't want anyone to gossip behind my back, affecting my relationship with my boyfriend! "

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