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   Chapter 36 We Ran Into Each Other Dear Polly

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 8793

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Lisa first brief to Polly said Henry' s situation now

She finally understood why her mother and stepfather were so angry.

Her father had been seriously ill instead of having a car accident. He had to change his liver right away. The doctor suggested that immediate family members were the best for Henry's case.

But Lisa was loath to leave her daughter, so she turned to Polly for help.

"I refuse!" She sneered and stood up to leave, because she felt that there was no need to talk with Lisa


"Stop, Polly! I brought you here alone not only to tell your father about his physical condition. What I want to say most is that your stepfather's company has suffered a huge loss because of its bad management. I can help you... "

"Thank you for your kindness! This is our own business and we will solve it by ourselves. You don't need to worry about us! "

"Not only the company, but also your sister! There is no possibility for her autism to be cured in China at all. I can call foreign experts for her... "

"Auntie Yang, you'd better save your energy and those resources for your daughter! After the liver was taken out, she would have to participate in that competition with full energy. That was not easy. As for the matter of my family, I don't need your help! "

"You will regret it! If you beg me again at that time, I won't let you off easily! "

Polly left without looking back.

How could a person be so shameless?

When Polly and the two old people walked into the elevator, Bruce, who was waiting for the elevator, turned around and smiled at her, "Hey, Dear Polly, we met again."

"Didn't he say that he was looking for a friend? Was his friend also on this floor?

"Mr. He, have you seen your friends?" To show a sense of alienation, she intentionally saluted "you", and she did not want her parents to see through her. If Jacob's parents knew that Emily had pretended to be Jacob's girlfriend, they would be in a rage.

"Yes, I did." Looking at the two old people standing beside her with his deep eyes, Bruce smiled kindly and said, "Dear Polly, these two are..."

"They are my father and mother."

Bruce greeted them politely, "Hello, uncle, aunt. Nice to meet you. I'm Bruce, your daughter's pursuer. "

It was out of her expectation that Bruce would say something like that. Flustered, she blurted out, "how could you say that, Bruce?"

Without embarrassment of him, and the smile on his face was perfect. "You haven't promised to be my girlfriend until now. Of course, I'm pursuing you."

At the beginning, Selina and Jared thought that Bruce was a good man

speechless. Just said that the democratic and harmonious family, now become so mandatory.

On the way back, Bruce asked Polly's parents, "uncle, aunt, how long do you plan to stay in A City?"

"We are going back tomorrow."

"A City is a little cold. It's spring now. But we need a down jacket to go out. Are you not used to the climate here? "

"Yes, a little. We didn't expect be this cold. We bought a down jacket later. " "But I don't think you young people here are afraid of the cold. There are few people to wear along the street, even the thick cashmere overcoat."

Bruce chuckled and said, "Auntie, it's colder than the climate in your south."

Annoyed, Polly seized the opportunity and said, "actually, the most important reason is the heating equipment here is better! I learned from the weather forecast that it will snow this Sunday. "

Taking it for granted that Polly was still in a sulk with Bruce, she turned around, glared at her, and then said, "Bruce, I heard that you're a local, aren't you? How's it going on here? "

"The rest of the time is all right, aunt. Polly is a very adaptable girl, you needn't worry about that Besides, I will take care of her. Don't worry. "

With a sigh of relief, she continued, "I know you are a tough girl, but I still worry about her. Now I can rest assured. I will trouble you more in the future. She's a little stubborn and ill tempered. Please be good to her. "

"Please rest assured. I will take good care of her."

"Uncle, aunt, A University' s cherry blossom is famous all over the country, I suggest you can see first go back

Bruce was such a clever man with both high IQ and EQ. Unlike her, when she saw his mother, she was so flustered that she didn't know what to say.

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