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   Chapter 34 We Are Indeed Going The Same Direction

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10087

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Looking down from the window, Polly saw the black Benz business car as usual. Every Friday, Jake would drive this car to show up on time.

She had been with Bruce for less than three weeks, but he saw through her and knew that she wouldn't refuse.

Every time, she would go out with Jake, and the location was decided by her. She would return to the dormitory when it was time for dinner. Bruce had kept his promise.

She would think about it as well. Why didn't she refuse? Why would she be softhearted? She didn't owe him anyway!

No matter what kind of person this person was, he came down from the sky like a God and saved her from the high school students.

She was so grateful to him for his help, and she would never forget it!

Avril envied, "Wow, Mr. He is so thoughtful and considerate! Tuesday was the day of delivering food; Tuesday was the day of sending flowers; Friday was the day of weekend reunion! In addition, there were a variety of accessories, jewelry and designer clothes. To be honest, I was a little worried at first. I thought we can't trust rich people! Now it seems that you two really love each other very much! "

Was it true love?

Avril said words only one was right. Rich people are unreliable.

In fact, the so-called true love stuff were made for Bruce's assistant on his behalf. He didn't need to do anything. She had meant to call him to stop bringing these things.

However, since the fight had been over, she thought that it would be better not to get involved. She asked Jake to deliver her words. But she didn't know if Jake had told him or not, because those things still were sent to her as usual, and became more and more exquisite.

"Miss Han, Mr. He booked a restaurant to..."

"I've already had dinner tonight, so I won't go to the dining room!" She understood that Jake had been silent for a long time. If she didn't eat slowly, time would run out.

She continued, "I want to walk around the pedestrian street tonight. You drive me there and pick me up in about two hours."

"Miss Han, are you going to buy something?"

"Yes! My sister's birthday is next month. I want to buy her a stuffed toy! " Thinking of her sister, there was a short smile on Polly's face, but immediately her brows furrowed. That kid wouldn't get her attention even if the stars in the sky were in front of her.

"Do you have a sister? How old? "

"She is one year younger than me."

"Is she in high school?"

"No, she didn't."

Being a smart man, Jake didn't ask more questions. The atmosphere in the car was heavy.

Jake parked the car in the parking lot and Polly asked curiously, "Mr. Zhou, are you going to the pedestrian street too?"

"Speaking of stuffed toys, Miss Han, it suddenly occurred to me that I still owed a little niece. I think you must know a lot about what girls like, so I want to ask you a favor... "

"okay," replied Polly in a hurry

She once heard that Jake got a doctor at Harvard University. He was a talent, but he


Without answering, she said apologetically, "I'm sorry, Mr. Zhou. I'm afraid I can't go with you. I have something to do now and need to leave. "

"Miss Han, where are you going? I'll drive you there! "

"No, thanks! I can go there myself by taxi. It is estimated that it will take me a long time to go there. It's enough! You can go now. "

Before Jake could say anything else, Polly left.

It was the rush hour. Many taxis passed by her, but they were all full. All the taxi drivers lined up, of course some of them would cut in line from time to time. So she had to wait there.

She looked at the bus stop subconsciously.

From the pedestrian street to the first people's hospital. It's not convenient to change the car by bus. The bus surrounding the city took 20 minutes. Unfortunately, it was rush hour now. Even if there was not a traffic jam on the way, she didn't know when she could get there.

At this time, a White Chiffon stopped in front of her. The window was slowly lowered, revealing Bruce's gentle smiling face. "Wow, I'm so lucky to meet you here."

Looking at the cars on the road, Polly seemed to be very anxious. When she saw Bruce, her anxiety smoothed a bit. She greeted him politely, "Hello, Mr. He."

They hadn't seen each other for a long time.

Will it be long? From A University of cherry blossoms, to bloom like the sea.

"Are you waiting for a taxi?"

Then he opened the door and got out of the car. As he saw that most of the cars were crowded, he said casually, "it's very difficult to get a taxi in this road condition. Bus? I guess she got stuck in a traffic jam. "

"I guess so. I've been waiting for a long time."

"Where are we going?" Bruce walked one step closer to her, with a gentle smile on his thin lips. "Maybe I'm in the same direction that I can give you a ride."

Polly didn't want to have anything to do with him, but she answered truthfully, "I... I will go to people's hospital."

"Oh, I think we are on the same way."

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