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   Chapter 32 There Are Many Benefits To Be My Girlfriend

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10317

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Looking at the spread out clothes, Polly sighed.

Avril rolled her eyes at her and said with dissatisfaction, "Dear Polly, why are you sighing! Aren't you happy that someone has sent you so many top brand clothes! Don't be so sentimental. "

It was not because of her sigh.

All the clothes wore were of the same brand as SARA's. at the shop, Bruce bought all the clothes for her as long as she paid attention to them.

At that time, she thought the designs of those clothes were pretty good, as if people would pay more attention to the beautiful scenery. It was just a habit, and she didn't want to take it. And this bad luck is completely affected by Avril.

When they were shopping in the past, Avril saw a eye-catching shirt. She must go to talk it.

Just now, Avril was excitedly examining the clothes one by one, saying, "no wonder it's so expensive. The fabric's workmanship is really better than that of an ordinary brand!"

"Here you are. You can also study it further." said Polly as she handed a pair of scissors to her.

After a moment's pause, Avril came to her senses and started to scold her, "what's wrong with you! " You're showing contempt for the hard work of SARA' s designers."

Polly couldn't help calling Bruce.

"Why did you give me so many clothes?"

"Well, don't you like it?"

"It's not that I don't like it, it's just..."

"What is it?"

"Bruce, I asked you first, but you still haven't answered!" That brought her back to reality and she almost to be led by the nose again.

"Do you remember what I told you the other day. Being my girlfriend is not only beneficial, but also this is one of the benefits. " Bruce said in a cheerful tone, as if he was basking in the sun after winter lunch. "Don't forget to come to the villa tonight. I will let Jake pick you up then. "

"Hey! Wait a moment, I have to work in the coffee shop tonight! I can't finish the meal with you. "

"I know!"

"Since you know, why did you say that?"

"So what? I'll wait for you. I'll pick you up after you get off work. "

Bruce had to wait until half past ten at night. When she was about to refuse, the phone was finished by the kiss of Bruce.

She put down the phone and was surprised to see Avril staring at her.

"What's wrong? Is there anything wrong with me? "

"You are a good man. You are so good! So good that it made people jealous! 'I'll pick you up after you get off work. 'How sweet and romantic it was! She didn't expect a man like Bruce to have the potential to be a slave to his wife. If God can give me such an excellent man, I am willing to die a hundred times! "

"You are exaggerating!"

Avril put down the clothes in her hands and leaned over to ask her mysteriously, "do you remember that night? You went to the house of Bruce that night and stayed out all night. Is there something between you two that I don't know about? "

"What are you talking about?"

"You don't have to deny it immediately. Otherwise, I will think you have a guilty conscience!"

"What's your relationship with him now?" Avril m

d apologized again, "I'm sorry, please let go of my hand! I don't understand! "

The man in black held Alina's hand tightly. He was good at it. He sneered, turned around and said to his companions, "she can't understand it! Nowadays, all the girls are smart enough to play hard to get! Girl, please make a price. I'm happy today. No matter what you say, I won't say no. "

Alina could not help shouting, "I tell you! Please let me go!"

"The voice is so sexy! I like this tone!"

Even when she was angry, Alina's voice was as soft and tender as a sheep's. Not to mention the man in black, even Polly thought she was acting coquettishly.

"I won't let you go. What can you do with me?" The man in black took her in his arms. "You are my girlfriend! Come on, give me a kiss first! Ah! "

At this critical moment, the manager rushed over and punched the man in black in the face. Before he could react, he pulled Alina Liang into his arms.

Seeing this, his companions stood up at once, as if they were going to teach him a lesson.

The manager's eyes were blazing with fire, which seemed to burn all of all. But a moment later, he let go of Alina and shouted with a stern voice, "Lemon, take her in!"

Lemon was followed obediently. Alina also felt that it was useless to stay here anymore. Though she was reluctant to leave, she followed Lemon.

Ten minutes later, the police came to them.

The four rioters were almost carried out. The manager's excellent fighting skills shocked Polly and Avril. They were watching a fight for free.

"Dear Polly, Do you think there's a deep connection between Alina Liang, the manager, and Lemon? I bet the manager is a domineering male leader, and Lemon is a gentle male 2... "

All of a sudden, Avril found that Polly didn't listen to her. She had tidied up her clothes and walked out of the door. Then she got on Bruce' s car.

She was a little flustered, grabbed her bag and chased out. "Wait! Dear Polly! You said that you would take me back to school first. You can't break your words! "

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