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   Chapter 31 I'm Him

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Instead of answering her question, Bruce asked smilingly, "does Jean like someone ?"

"Of course there is!"

"What do you like about him?"

With tears in her watery eyes, Jean looked at the handsome face of Bruce, and she felt her ears turn red. "Young and handsome, talented, good tempered. In a word, everything is good. He is my Mr. right. I like everything about him. "

This was the first time for Miss. Jean to confess her love to Bruce, though she didn't take it seriously. The words she had said to him were burning in her heart countless times, but she was still a little shy.

Bruce said, "I'm afraid he is a quadratic world character." Mom, look, Jean is not grown up yet. In my eyes, she is always the little sister who needs me to take care of. "

Bruce's mother said coldly, "how old are you? And the one in the kitchen... I think it's less than twenty. "

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Jean retorted immediately, "yes! In fact, Polly is younger. As far as I know, she's only a sophomore this year! "

As he spoke, he shot a tender glance at the kitchen and smiled, "Wow, she's different."

When Polly Han walked out of the kitchen, Miss. Jean had already taken the seat beside Bruce. Glimmering with the corner of her eyes, she had already seen Polly, but she pretended not to see Polly. She deliberately leaned towards Bruce and almost buried half of her body into his arms.

Thinking of what Rachel Du had said, Polly Han sighed in his heart and felt very sorry for Jean and Bruce. They were a perfect couple, but unfortunately they were not meant to be together.

She sat next to Rachel and heard they were talking about what happened in their childhood.

"Bruce, do you still remember what happened that year? I was so angry with my bother that I left home for a whole day. In the middle of the night, you climbed the wall to look for me. You didn't stop until the next morning. In that year, you went to senior high school, just to come to the most nervous stage during the college entrance examination, and you were terribly exhausted. When you found me, you were so tired that you fainted. "

Bruce nodded with a smile, "of course I remember that."

"You didn't wake up until the next morning. That time, I was scared and dared not go out in a rage anymore. Mommy says you are more powerful than a doctor. You cured me of my wayward habit "

"Yes." Bruce's mother face was filled with the reminiscence of the past. "You were really a troublemaker when you were a child. Nobody could control you except Bruce. At that time, we all said that Bruce is your medicine. "

Those romantic stories of childhood awakened Polly' s memory of the man who had been hidden deep in her heart. Once upon a time, there was a man who spoiled her so much.

In this moment, she fully understood the feelings of Bruce for Jean and also understood the feelings of Jean for Bruce. At that time, her recklessness and willfulness were just to coquettishly attract the attention of that person.

Bruce was just like a medicine in Miss. Jean life. And that man was just like her. How similar was this!

Even the ending was the same, but just as fa

he direction of the apartment is too noisy. I want to be alone with Dear Polly tonight."

Taken aback, a relevant information popped up in her mind immediately, and she blurted out, "you... You want to go to a hotel, do you? Don't even think about it! We are just fake! "

"I've told you that you need to be imaginative! Do you think that I am so poor that I only have that apartment? "

It occurred to her that she could never fathom the thinking of the rich from the common people.

"So you mean we are going to your apartment tonight?"

"Dear Polly? Don't you think it's an excellent opportunity? We'll prove our relationship, prove your importance in my heart, and let my mother believe you without a doubt! "

"Dear Polly. I know you forced yourself to be my girlfriend. You always want to end this relationship. Anyway, it's not the first time that we stay alone. What are you afraid of? "

"I'm not afraid..." She was not afraid of his sexual orientation, but she often forgot it. "Okay."

The door of the villa opened and the Butler came out courteously. As he slowly drove in, the bright street lights lit up his face in front of the villa, and his sad handsome face looked particularly charming.

"In fact, I have long wanted to leave." Then... " He paused for a while and continued, "I have foreseen what will happen when my mother sees you, but I still take you there. So, sorry, Dear Polly. "

"Although I'm mentally prepared, I'm still very sad to see you in trouble. I don't want you to suffer any grievance. "

Hearing that, Polly' s heart raced! Plop! " Her heart jumped so hard that Bruce looked at her as if he wanted to smash everything. All of a sudden, she got into a panic and moved towards the car door instinctively.

He pulled her into his arms.

At that moment, Polly's mind went blank and her nose was filled with the fresh smell of his body. The warm embrace made her feel comfortable. She stopped struggling.

Then he put his soft lips on her forehead.

"Dear Polly, I don't mind whom you are thinking about in your mind. You can regard me as him at this moment. "

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