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   Chapter 30 Reasons For Being Forced To Marry

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Obviously, they were mocking and contemptuous of Polly. They were expecting. Then she said, "I can walk myself without his help." how about this.

In fact, if she left now, she is not herself.

The expression in his eyes was too complicated for her to understand. But she was born rebellious. She would do what she was not allowed to do.

What Miss. Jean said and Bruce's mother's abuse of her had aroused her anger.

She knew that she would bring disgrace on herself if she stayed, but what did it matter?

Bruce's mother wanted to have a family reunion dinner with Miss. Jean in a harmonious atmosphere, but she will not be able to fulfill their wishes She couldn't bear that they were on good terms!

If she was not happy, they would be unhappy.

That was how she was. She would try her best to fulfill her promise to others.

After a long silence, Polly suddenly smiled and said, "Aunt, Miss Fang, in fact, I am the one who should say sorry! I'm sorry, but I'm not going to leave! "

Then she raised her head and proudly looked at Bruce, with provocation in her eyes. "Bruce, why didn't you tell Auntie that I was your girlfriend? We are official partners! "

There was another reason she decided to stay. In other words, no matter what he said downstairs, it would be good for her.

'If he let her go, then from the moment we get out of this house. Our plan will come to an end.'. From now on, no matter how he threatened her or tempted her, it was impossible.

If Bruce asked her to stay, she would do everything with him for his courage.

The moment she caught sight of the man, there was a gleam shining in his eyes, like a desolate wood in winter suddenly encountered early spring rain, which made it look delicate.

"I haven't told you yet." He walked to Polly' s side and put his hand on her waist. Smiling, he said to his mother, "Mom, please allow me to introduce. She is my girlfriend. Her name is Polly Han! Is my date for the purpose of getting married! I think this dinner is enough to be treated my girlfriend. "

Although she knew it was fake, her heart couldn't help beating when she heard the words "for the purpose of marriage".

Looking at Miss. Jean with his dark eyes, Bruce complained, "Jean, you should have known it. You have been with your mother for such a long time. Don't you find a chance to tell her? "

"I..." She looked away and didn't know what to say. It never occurred to her that Bruce would lower his own mother's status just for the sake of a woman called Polly Han.

She got into a panic and couldn't adapt herself to the fast changing of her plan.

As he didn't intend to let her go, he asked again, "and, Jean, why didn't you answer my call? I have been waiting with your sister-in-law for more than half an hour at the airport. But we still didn't see her. Mom's phone was turned off again! Don't you know how worried sister-in-law and I were? "

Polly's face turned red, and she thought, 'Bruce has gone too far!'. Why do you mention the word 'sister-in-law'. Now that she had come to this, she decided to throw caution to the winds. After all, she was just acting.

She remembered how she had treated her students when she had been a private teacher. She put on a perfect smile and said, "that's right, Miss. Jean. Why didn't you answer the phone? Bruce and I were so worried that we almost called the police! "

"I..." Jean was so anxious that she flushed. She blinked her beautiful eyes and almost burst into tears. She is so pitiful that I couldn't bear to see her like that.

"Don't blame her! I asked her not to answer the phone! " Bruce's mother gave him a hard look and said, "don't play a trick on Jean together! I know clearly who has done right and who is kind! "Oh, Han Polly? Do you know what I hate the most in my life? Bruce, I hope your eyes are right! "

Bruce's mother left Miss. Jean alone in the living room to have a chat with her. And Polly was sent to the kitchen to help the hourly worker Molly with cooking.

When Polly was washing celery, Rachel came in and took her to the balcony.

"Dear Polly, are you okay?" Rachel Du closed the balcony door and asked her with concern.

"In the past, Miss. Jean went to America with aunt. She had been away for three years. She had a fight with Bruce."

"Dear Polly. Listen to me. Don't get involved in the matter between the two of them."

"It's okay, auntie. It's much better than I thought." She felt wronged, but she didn't want to affect her. She owed the he family a lot, so Polly didn't want to put her in a dilemma.

"Dear Polly, why didn't you tell me earlier that you are Bruce' s girlfriend? If I had known it earlier, I would have persuaded you not to come here. Aunt she only likes Miss. Jean, no matter what kind of person Bruce looks for, how perfect, aunt won't like!"

She was well aware of that.

Rachel was silent for a while and said in a low voice, "aunt is not as mean as she is today.

In fact, she is a good person. She was very miserable when she was young, and only Miss. Jean took care of her As a result, aunt have taken Miss. Jean as the most important person. No one can replace her. "

"But, Polly, don't worry too much! Anyway, Bruce treats you very well. When you get married in the future, you will live with him! "

"But, Rachel, our relationship is not like what you think!"

Although Polly Han hesitated for a while, she finally decided to tell the truth to Rachel Du. The relationship between them was special. If she knew that it was all fake, she would not have the entanglement between Jean and herself.

"We are not in a real relationship!" "Polly speeded up her speech, "Bruce just asked me to deal with his mother! It seemed that his mother had been forcing him to marry Jean. He didn't like that girl! And he has come up with such a bad idea! "

"I see!" Rachel was relieved, and swept away the haze, " but Dear Polly, How could you promise such an outrageous thing? Why did he come to you? "

"Because I owe him a favor. But, you know, I'm afraid of owe. No matter how hard you try, you still have to pay the debt! "

"But I still think what you did is too reckless! Dear Polly, if this happens again, you must talk to me first. Although I may not be able to give you some useful advice, I'm two years older than you and have seen more things than you. "

"At that time, I didn't meet you. I can rest assured with you! " Polly made a face mischievously to Rachel.

"Yes, but I still can't figure out one thing. I think Bruce seems to be a nice person to Miss. Jean. Besides, aunt adores Miss. Jean very much. Why doesn't he want to marry her? "

Suddenly, Rachel Du's face became very serious. She got close to her and said, "I'll tell you a secret."

"You have been with Bruce for such a long time. Have you heard any rumors about his sexual orientation?"

"You mean, Bruce is really a gay?" She had never taken it seriously.

Rachel's face was overcast with pain. She said in a low voice, "we still haven't collected evidence. But Bruce is truly not interested in women. This is the real reason why his mother forces him to marry her! "

No wonder Bruce was so young and forced to marry, as if there were no restaurants in this village.

"I have been watching them from the very beginning. Bruce and Miss. Jean like in love with each other. But I think he doesn't want to see Miss. Jean being treated unfairly after their marriage, so he... "

"You don't have to explain. I understand!"

"I thought there was a miracle in Bruce because of you! I want to tell you, although my mother likes Miss. Jean, she trusts Bruce more. If there is no other choice, as long as he is willing to marry, Auntie will accept any girl. As long as you tolerate it, you will be fine. Now think about it. Fortunately, I haven't told you. Otherwise, I would make a fool of myself. "

"If so, that Miss. Jean does not know Bruce 's problem?"

"So what? Miss. Jean was in a coma. She couldn't listen to anyone's advice! Aunt really hope that the miracle that Miss. Jean. Now it seems impossible. "

"So you mean that all we need to do is to make Bruce' s mother dispel her suspicion of him?"


"So, can you help me to reassure aunt?"

Rachel kept silent for a long time before she replied, "as you know, I was funded by the he clan. Auntie treats me very well. She didn't look down upon me just because I was born poor. She treated me as her own daughter. I can't deceive her. I'll feel guilty. "

Polly had thought of this for a long time.

"But, I know you are hard to do that. But, just think about it. Take your time to recover. As long as aunt stop forcing Bruce to marry, my relationship with Bruce will come to an end! By then, I will have my freedom as long as Bruce make up an excuse. In that case, aunt wouldn't hate me anymore! Isn't this the best of both worlds? "

"That's true." With an indecisive look on her face, she bowed her head, meditated, and said, "well, give me some time."

Although Bruce's mother chatted happily with Jean, her eyes were fixed on Bruce all the time. See him get up from the sofa, immediately call to stop him: "you give me stop" Men in our clan never cook!"

When he was about to explain, his mother rushed to him and said, "don't tell me that Polly can't cook! How could my daughter-in-law not know how to cook? "

"Mom!" Then Bruce sat beside his mother and said, "thank you for your consent to our marriage."

"When did I agree?"

"Didn't you just say that she is the daughter-in-law of the ho clan?"

"We should wait until she can cook!"

The smile on Jean's face suddenly froze. It was obvious that Polly had the chance. She was full of resentment in her heart, but could not vent it. She had to ask Bruce in a flirtatious tone, "brother Bruce, what on earth do you like Polly?"

In her eyes, Polly didn't deserve Bruce at all. That woman was no match for her.

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