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   Chapter 29 Miss Han, You'd Better Leave

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Polly and Bruce arrived at the airport half an hour earlier than scheduled.

She was still wearing a creamy white windbreaker, base shirt, and even the shoes on her feet were the same color as the original. At first glance, you thought she was still wearing the same dress, but it was more expensive as much as the original one.

Bruce said, since she liked this kind of style that was not flamboyant, then let her be.

She looked at the label of the clothes and calculated the price secretly. It was nearly one million. Is not flamboyant? No wonder there were always some people in the society who hated the rich. From now on, she wanted to be one of them.

Ten minutes later, the broadcaster told them that Bruce's mother flight had arrived. Like the other people who would pick them up at the airport, they became anxious and waited for their relatives and friends.

However, after twenty minutes' waiting, Bruce's mother didn't show up. When Bruce called her, her phone was turned off. He thought of a possibility and immediately called Jean, but she didn't turn off her phone and no one answered.

A cold light flashed through his depressed eyes.

"How about we go to the airport's broadcast room?" Polly suggested. She had no choice but to turn to the broadcast room for help.

"No need!" Bruce said in a cold tone. He dialed another number and said, "Rachel, can you help me call Jean now and ask her if my mother is with her?"

Five minutes later, Rachel called.

"Don't worry Bruce. Aunt is in Miss. Jean's car. They are heading to your apartment now! What happened? Didn't you go with your girlfriend to pick up aunt? Why are you here? "

Since he had gotten the news from his mother, the anger on his face was alleviated. He said, "Rachel. I'll tell you later. Thank you. I'll be right back. "

"You don't need to say 'thank you' to me, Bruce. But, Bruce, I'm really curious about who is your girlfriend? Why did you do that? It's such a good thing! "

"Do you want to know who she is? You can go to my apartment now. "

"Why did you ask Rachel to your apartment?" Polly didn't want her to know that she was Bruce's girlfriend. The chaos was already out of control today, which was beyond imagination for Polly Han. Let alone Rachel Du.

Instead of answering her question, Bruce asked, "do you know Rachel before?"

"We are not only acquaintances, but also have a special relationship!"

She could tell that his mother left with Miss. Jean not because she didn't care about her own son. Instead, she just wanted to put on a show, to put a strain on her.

'Bruce's mother want to have a daughter-in-law, and she preferred Miss. Jean. However, even though Bruce and Miss. Jean were good to each other, both of them refused to be with each other for some unknown reason. Instead, Bruce insisted on embarrassing me.' Polly thought.

"Like you, Rachel and I were childhood sweethearts! I don't want her... " Being ignored by Bruce's mother made both of them feel embarrassed.

"Dear Polly!" As he said this, a faint smile played at the corners of his mouth. "How do you know that Miss. Jean and I grew up together?"

Hearing this, Polly said nothing.

If it was Rachel who told her this, would Bruce think she was a busybody? However, the circumstances in Rachel's family were special. It was not easy for her for so many years. She worked so hard that she certainly wanted to work in BA company after graduation.

At this critical moment, she couldn't hold her back, or Rachel would leave a bad impression on Bruce.

As he spoke, he leaned over to her and held her hands in his. With a brighter smile on his face, he said, "it seems that you still care about me! Well, I'm very happy! "

Polly drew back her hand in anger.

That was not what she wanted to express!

As soon as the door of the elevator opened, she heard the voice of Rachel Du, "brother Bruce, you are here?"

"Rachel, did you come earlier? Why don't you get in? "

Rachel replied with a smile, "Bruce, I'm waiting for you! You know, aunt is angry now. I don't have the guts to stand around her! "

"What?" When she saw Mr. Han, Rachel was stunned for a while, but soon she looked surprised. "Mr. Han! No way! Dear Polly, is your girlfriend. Bruce? "

Bruce smiled and said, "I'm sorry, but my girlfriend is her!"

"Bruce, you are joking. You don't need to apologize! She is my best friend and very nice. I'm so glad that she is your girlfriend! " While she was talking happily, her eyes were a little gloomy.

Polly Knowing that Rachel was worried about her, she shot her a reassuring look.

Bruce found the unlocking password.

From the balcony came Miss. Jean's coquettish voice. She pointed at the picture and shouted excitedly, "Wow! Auntie, look at this one and this one! You was so young and beautiful! I almost couldn't recognize her. I thought she was a Hawaii hottie! "

"You are so sweet that you pick up the words I like to hear! No matter how young I am, I couldn't compete with you! Hottie's days have long gone. "

Bruce's mother said in a soft voice. She was sitting in Mi

ss. Jean's front and didn't see what she looked like. But Polly would take it as a fluke. Their smiles and friendliness were only for the particular person.

She was deeply aware of this fact three years ago.

"Auntie, you are too modest! If I can be as young as you at your age, I will be satisfied! " She took a picture with Bruce's mother and said, "look! They look like sisters!"


The door of the balcony was half open. The room was full of the laughter of Jean and Bruce's mother. They were laughing happily.

If it hadn't been for Rachel, Polly wouldn't have entered the room. What she was going to do was not right.

Jean was the most suitable woman to marry to Bruce. She came from a good family, with a beautiful face and an apple of the eye. What's more, she was able to win Bruce's mother favor.

Moreover, Jean liked Bruce. She would treat him well after she married him. They were from a family of equal social rank and both were talented men and beautiful women. Now she was going to be the person who wanted to break up this wonderful marriage.

"Wow, you look pale? Rachel pulled Polly's hand and asked her with concern Are you sick? "

At this moment, Miss. Jean and Bruce's mother walked back to the living room from the balcony.

Rachel greeted them with a sweet smile, "nice to meet you, Aunt, sister Jean."

Bruce's mother raised her head and looked in the direction where Rachel was speaking. Her smile faded immediately as she glimpsed Polly. Her face darkened instantly.

She ignored Bruce and only looked at Rachel. She said in a friendly tone, "yes, Rachel. Come here and sit with me."

"Thank you, aunt!" When Rachel was about to get there, she suddenly remembered something. She turned around, pulled Polly and asked, "aunt, she doesn't feel well. Can you let her sit here?"

Bruce's mother said indifferently, "Rachel, I haven't seen you for such a long time. Can't you come over and take a good look at me? Those disreputable women. It's none of your business. "

Polly knew that the disreputable outsider Bruce's mother referred to was herself. This is really visual, a typical Cinderella daughter-in-law to see the wealthy mother-in-law scene

But there was a little difference. She had thought his mother was the kind of noble, cold, arrogant, bossy, just like Miss. Jean. But in fact, it was not true.

Bruce's mother was about the same age as her mother, in her fifties. Although she looked well, she was not as young as Miss. Jean said. But the temperament is very good, the whole person has a kind of after years of training, and the calmness is unparalleled. She must be a beauty when she was young, and Bruce' s appearance was about 50% like hers.

"Bruce, where have you been? I only come back once a year, and I asked you to pick me up at the airport. Where have you been? Thanks to Jean, if not her, are you going to throw your mother in the street? "

Miss. Jean hurriedly explained, "Auntie, Bruce is always filial to your mother. He has prepared to pick you up from the airport. I guess there must be something else that has held him up! Please don't blame him! "

She had a heavy accent on the words' what else 'and looked meaningfully at Polly.

She and Bruce had been waiting at the airport all the time. Their legs went numb.

His mother glared at him and said, "I'm blaming him. Why should I? If it's about business, that's fine! If he delayed the meeting because of some strange person, his eyes would never see me, his mother! "

"Mom, you must be kidding me! You are the only one in my heart! " He approached with a bright smile and reached out his hand, trying to support his mother.

However, his mother shook off his hand and scolded him with a long face, "Bruce, I was not going to talk about you in front of Rachel! But I have to say! I'm abroad and it's far beyond my reach. I don't care if you mess around, but please don't take her home! "what a nice girl! Jean, you should cherish her. Don't hurt her, I don't want to argue with you this time. I'm tired of the long flight! I will not spare you if you dare to do that again! "

Bruce's mother took both of Bruce's hands, and the other was holding Miss. Jean. She said to Polly, coldly, "I heard that Miss Han is still a student, and she is still in her second year at school. I think that as a student, you should pay more attention to study, and stop thinking about those stupid things in your mind. Some people and some things are not what you can think of! "

"Okay! Today is the day for our family reunion. I won't keep you here anymore. Miss Han, please go back. I'm really sorry! "

"Bruce, Miss Han is our guest. Send her home as soon as possible!" Bruce's mother ordered her son in a serious tone, "otherwise, others will say that we are not hospitable."

"Dear Polly, you..." Bruce wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. The smile on his face was a kind of bleak sadness. His eyes were full of self blame, pity and hesitation.

"No, thanks."

Polly' s eyes were cold and sharp. She looked fearlessly at Bruce's mother and Miss. Jean.

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