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   Chapter 28 It's About Dear Polly' image, Can't Be Casual

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At seven o'clock in the morning, the black Benz MPV stopped in front of the girl's dormitory on time.

The time for picking up was 9 o'clock in the morning and it almost took one hour to go to the airport. She didn't know why he came so early. Maybe it was a rule in a rich family that one had to wait a long time in advance.

Bruce didn't come, and there was only Jake in the car, which made Polly feel relaxed. Last night, after eating up the spicy hot pot, she decided to save the tourist expenses, totally ignoring Avril's persuasion.

So she was wearing an ordinary Beige windbreaker, which she bought on a discount last year. It's totally new clothes, and new ones were the most suitable ones to show her respect.

If Bruce's mother felt ashamed of her, then she could do nothing about it. After all, she was not a rich woman.

"Are you in the car now?" asked Bruce on the phone. After she getting on the car

She hummed.

"I'll wait for you at SARA."

SARA was an international designer. She didn't know much about luxurious clothes. Avril learn design major and always talked about the clothes design of SARA. 'if I can see the designer of SARA, I will never feel sorry in my life, ' Avril thought. So Polly knew something.

It was located on the golden road of A City and had two storeys.

When Jake stopped the car, a sharp sound of the wheel rubbing the ground was heard. A red Porsche almost grazed over the Mercedes Benz's door. It quickly made a turn and stopped in front of the car.

It was like the Porsche was in front of them on purpose.

When the door of the Porsche was opened, a tall woman in a bright red cashmere shirt got out. She shook her big chestnut waved hair and looked at them apologetically.

This beautiful and sexy lady was Jean.

When Jake saw her, his knitted brows relaxed. He got out of the car in a hurry, looking a little panic.

"I'm sorry, Jake. In the past more than a year, I'm used to the American roads. I'm not familiar with the domestic road. I was so worried that I almost hit you. I'm really sorry. "

Jake didn't believe his ears. He wondered why lady Jean changed her personality today. If this had happened before, no matter who was right or wrong, she would have taught him a lesson long ago.

"It's not Miss Fang's fault. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have stopped my car here and blocked your way." Jake said in horror, " I apologize."

She glanced at the Mercedes unintentionally and asked knowingly, "what's up? Isn't Bruce inside?"

"He is not here." Jake lowered his head and didn't dare to look at her.

Jean pouted and said unhappily, "I don't believe it! We have made an appointment to meet here. Why hasn't he come yet! Aren't we going to pick up Aunt today? "

Her voice was so loud that even Polly, sitting in the car, heard it. She was totally confused and didn't know what Bruce meant? He had made an appointment with both of them. Did he want to take them to see his mother? Survival of the fittest?

Needless to say, the person his mother liked was definitely Jean.

Jake was confused too. But Jake was too smart to offend anyone. He just stood aside in silence.

She walked towards Benz and asked Jake seriously, "if Bruce is not here, who is in the car?"

"Miss Fang, you..."

It was too late for Jake to stop her. She walked over and pulled the door open aggressively.

At the sight of Polly, she put on a grave expression. Suppressing her anger, she said, "I didn't expect Mr. Jake Zhou to be considerate and romantic. You are so busy with your work in the company, and why do you still have time to pick clothes with your girlfriend? "

Jake immediately realized that Miss. Jean had already taken Polly as his girlfriend, so he denied, "no, Miss Han isn't..."

"What are you talking about! You was a man. Why you had hidden you girlfriend. Don't worry. I won't tell Bruce! "

If it were to happen, she would have a ghost if she did not tell. He looked subconsciously at the window on the second floor of SARA, wondering if boss had heard what she said just now.

"Miss, you look familiar." Standing beside the car door, she overlooked Polly with arrogance. "Oh, I remember! Didn't you deliver me desserts in Marriage Flowers Restaurant that day? Unusual Sister?"

Unusual Sister was the name for a young woman who worked in Unusual House.

Then she turned to look at Jake and shouted, "why didn't you tell me earlier, Mr. Zhou? If I had known that she is your girlfriend, I wouldn't sue."

"Miss Fang, I am not..."

Jake' second attempt to explain himself failed. Miss. Jean just ignored him and quickly turned to Polly. "I'm really sorry! And people like you still need to work to go to school. It must be very hard for you. I shouldn't have done that on impulse. I am so regretful when I think about it now. I heard that Unusual House always believes in the belief that customers are God. The manager is an upright and unselfish person and he treats everybody equally. Have you been punished anywhere? "

Polly couldn't stand her hypocrisy any more. She got o

ut of the car and said in a neither humble nor pushy manner, "Miss Fang, don't be so self-accused! You are our customer in Unusual House and we should be responsible for our inappropriate service! "

"Unusual Sister, I really admire your attitude towards work! No wonder he is the staff of Unusual House! Mr. Zhou is such a good choice to have a girlfriend like you. Yes, you have a good taste. Mr. Zhou is a nice man! "

Why does she always push me to Jake '? Had she known about her relationship with Bruce? Had she come up with such a campy idea just like those actresses in rumors?

"I'm sorry, Miss Fang. I'm not Jake's girlfriend." She looked to the door of the shop and pointed to Bruce who was walking out from it. "My boyfriend! It's him!"

At the same time, Miss. Jean also saw Bruce. She tried to keep a smile on her face, but it turned out. With a trace of disdain in her tone, she said, "are you kidding me? How could Bruce find a girl like you?"

She turned around, ran to Bruce, jumped into his arms, and said like a child, "Bruce, I didn't know you were here! Have you been waiting for me for a long time? "

"Not too long,"

Bruce took two steps back, trying to pull away from her. He put his hands behind his back, and his body was like a pine tree behind snow, invisibly giving people a sense of alienation.

He glanced at Rufus with half smile and waved at her, saying in a soft voice, "quiet misery, what are you doing there? Come here quickly. Even Miss. Jean can't stand it. " Why do you keep me waiting? "

Polly didn't know how Miss. Jean looked like when she walked up to Bruce, she felt her psychological quality was better and better.

Bruce reached out and held her in his arms, turning around to face Miss. Jean together.

Bruce reached out his hand to shake hands with Miss. Jean, which scared Polly. Did he want to hug both girls at the same time?

He just patted on her shoulder and said in his usual gentle and magnetic voice, "I didn't expect that you are still so considerate. You always know what I want to ask. But you have to get rid of this habit. Otherwise, Dear Polly will be jealous in the future. "

On the other hand, being angry or sad, Miss. Jean's lips trembled for a long while before she said in a trembling voice, "Bruce, do you really like this kind of Unusual Sister?"

Bruce rolled his eyes at her, annoyed, and refuted, "Jean, she has a name. "Polly Han!"! You can ask her to Dear Polly, or just call her sister-in-law like Aaron. "

Miss. Jean went back to her car angrily and banged the door. She took out her phone and pressed the number.

"Hey! What the hell is wrong with you! Why do you always give me such bad ideas! Bruce didn't admit it at all! He demanded me to call her sister-in-law in front of Polly! Not girlfriend? It's sister-in-law! "

"Are you crazy! How could Jake be compared to Bruce? He's nothing better than Bruce! However, he didn't make any response at all. It seems that he won't let her go easily! "

"I've had enough of this! In my temper, I would have slapped that bitch on her face into a pig's head! Well, next time you don't give me such bad ideas! Every time I listen to you, I'll be in trouble! You are just a jinx! "

Then, she left. Seeing her back of Miss. Jean, who looked dejected and depressed, Polly felt sorry for her.

"Is there anything wrong with Miss Fang? She just likes you. You don't have to hurt her feelings. "

She could see that from the beginning, Miss. Jean had been very confident, and it was very likely that she had thought that even if she pushed her to Jake, Bruce would do as she wanted.

It seemed that it was the first time for Miss. Jean to be defeated in front of Bruce. Her pride and dignity couldn't bear this insult. Being irritated, Jean turned around and was about to leave.

Polly was in great fear as he had shown enough respect to her in front of Jean Fang.

"Then what should I do? Should I cooperate with her to form a match for you and Jake? Or do you really... "

"Mr. He, what are you talking about? No way! I'm sure you must be kidding me! " Jake, standing nearby, broke out in a cold sweat.

Heaven and earth conscience, he never have bad idea to Polly. You can get shot lying down. That's probably what he's talking about

"Of course I know you are okay. Otherwise, do you think you can still stand here?"

Jake Zhou sighed in relief.

The price of the women's wear in the shop was about tens of thousands. She wouldn't even dare to touch it, let alone bought it. After walking around for a while, she sighed and said, "forget it. It's not real anyway. I think I can wear whatever I like."

The look on his face was serious as he said, "it's about Dear Polly' s image, Can't be casual!"

He then explained with a smile, "of course, in my eyes, you are beautiful no matter what you wear. But my mother has never seen you before. She doesn't know what a good girl you are. So it's necessary to package you up. Or you prefer to stay with my mother every day and let her find you are a good girl? "

Polly was speechless.

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