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   Chapter 27 Why Do You Run Away As Soon As You See Me

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On Friday afternoon, Polly received a call from Bruce. He said his mother came back from America this Saturday and asked her to go to the airport with him tomorrow morning.

"So soon!"

"It had been agreed my mother come here in a week, but now it has been postponed to two weeks. Is it still too soon, Dear Polly?"

It seemed that he didn't take it seriously. However, Polly was different. She had entered the state of first level ready for battle, which made her very nervous.

Since she had made that agreement with Bruce, she knew the day would come sooner or later. She knew if she did well this time, his mother would completely believe her and be free in the future.

Originally, she wanted to dress in a simple student's dress, but Avril firmly denied her idea.

Avril said that it was a very cautious thing for her to meet the male's parents for the first time, especially for a rich woman like his mother. She must dress decently. If it was too shabby, it showed no respect for her; if it was too showy, it was not dignified First impression was very important. Don't mess up the meeting tomorrow.

She thought what Avril said made sense. If she left a bad impression on Bruce's mother, she would definitely force him to find another girlfriend. If so, her task would be incomplete and she would not be able to return the favor she owed to Bruce. She would be too shameful to ask him for the video.

She learned what to wear from Avril with modesty and cautiousness, but Avril had no experience, so she asked for the help of Hal.

Although Hal seemed to be very experienced, the clothes he introduced to her were all very expensive, so she couldn't afford them. At last, Avril contributed the money she sold flowers last time and their travel expenses.

Then the three headed for a clothing store of famous brand, with the money.

Too of famous brand they cannot afford, dare to turn in the store of general brand only Just, good look is over a hundred thousand, cheap of those, the price is in 10 thousand or so, either be already old style and rustic, otherwise be a flowery and gaudy, resemble 50 years old woman to wear of.

It was nearly half past six when the three were sitting on the bench in the pedestrian street dejectedly, with a cup of milk tea in their hands, drinking and sighing.

"The world of the rich is so unimaginable!" After a long while, Polly let out a sigh and took a deep sip of her milk tea.

"Yes! I used to think that they were the same as us, with noses, eyes and mouths. Now I understand that no matter how hard you look at them, they are totally different from us, " Avril also took a big sip of her milk tea.

"No matter how rich you are, you have to be in your middle age, grow old, die and eventually be scorched into ashes."

Hal's words were immediately despised by two big beauties

"Are you hungry now?" "What do you want to eat? It's my treat."

Suddenly, Avril became energetic. "Spicy!"

Hal said, "Fry."

As usual, Avril and Hal guess the winner As a result, all of them just ate spicy hot pot.

If Hal won, Avril would pester him. She kept playing guess until she got what she wanted.

Spicy food was her favorite. She wouldn't let Hal win.

At a table near the window on the second floor, a man and a woman were sitting there. They were dressed in expensive and decent clothes, looking noble and elegant.

Moreover, they were outstanding both in appearance and temperament. The two attracted a lot of attention. People became the focus of the second floor.

"Jean, I haven't seen you for more than a year, but you have changed your taste." With a smile on his face, Bruce picked some cabbages for the woman sitting opposite to him, "don't you mind the noises here? I remember that you always like a quiet environment. "

As soon as he put his chopsticks away, cherry picked up the cabbage and put it in her mouth. "A lot of college students nowadays like eating this. I found it fresh, so I came to have a try. It tastes good! Bruce, have a try. It's really delicious! "

She picked up some mushroom and brought it to the mouth of Bruce.

Polly walked towards spicy hot pot. Perhaps it was weekend, the ground floor was full. They had to go to the second floor to try their luck.

The second floor was full of people, which was led by Polly. However, when she saw the three people sitting in the northeast corner were about to leave after dinner, she immediately ordered Hal to take the seat, and then she and Avril went back to the first floor to order dishes.

All of a sudden, she paused and looked at the window.

The woman put the mushroom into the man's mouth with a doting smile. Suddenly, the man did not laugh. His deep eyes looked deep like the water. He stared at Polly

Polly nodded at him, turned around and took Avril's hand to go downstairs.

The coldness in his eyes was like the moon which had fallen on the river in the winter night.

Polly felt lucky that she walked in front of Avril to block the sight of her. If she had seen that scene. Polly don't know what will happen. On the one hand, she was afraid that Avril would ke

ep asking; on the other hand, she was afraid that Avril would be impetuous and interrupt them.

She had no idea that Bruce would appear such a place, which made her almost caught off guard. She remembered that he had been to those upscale hotels. Even at home, there was a chef hired to cook.

How could he come to such a noisy and noisy place with such poor condition?

It only meant that it was Miss. Jean who asked him to come. The man he cared about her, so he came. Love me, love my dog. Even her habits are fond of him. '.

Just like what Rachel had said, Jean was a lucky woman.

"Dear Polly? Why did this change suddenly. Hal has occupied seats." Avril put the bowl down. When they went back to the ground floor, there was an empty seat. Polly sat there without saying anything.

"It's very convenient to get to the first floor! You used to like it on the first floor, didn't you? And the location upstairs is at the corner! " "Hal, you can come down now. The first floor is empty."

In less than one minute, Hal came down.

"You two are so naughty. You can do whatever you want. You make me wait for you upstairs alone." Although he was yelling at them, he shot a questioning look at Polly.

She knew that Hal had seen that too. But he didn't say that. That was why the three of them had a long friendship.

We can make up for our weakness and weakness. '. Although he would complain a lot afterwards, he would not embarrass her in front of others. He could take care of her feelings. On the other hand, Avril was not afraid at all. She was a straightforward person and would say whatever she wanted to say without any hesitation.

She winked at Hal, motioning him to talk about it later, and explained, "well, I just told Avril that it's convenient for us to go downstairs. Otherwise, we have to run upstairs with the bowls. This bowl is not spicy. Here you are. "

Hal happily took the bowl from Polly and said, "thank you, Dear Polly."

Avril snorted, "if you don't eat spicy food, why you are here! Hal, do you mean to smash somebody else's sign?

He couldn't eat any spicy food. Now that she looked down upon him, she was used to it.

As soon as she took her seat and started to eat, her phone rang. It was from Bruce. She took the phone and went outside.

Observing her expression, Avril said to Hal delightedly, "I guess it's Mr. He. How could they be so sweet? They were going to meet tomorrow, and he still make a phone call in the evening. "One day apart seems like three years."

Hal shook his head, saying nothing, but continued to eat his spicy hot pot.

"Do you think I'm scary?" "Why do you always run away as soon as you see me?"

"Well, i... I'm afraid that I'll disturb you."

"I don't think it's an excuse for you to say hello to me."

"I've already told you at that time, so I don't think it's necessary for me to go there again specially. What's more, if you don't think it's a kind of interruption, Miss Fang may think that the less trouble the better. In many cases, I think you'd better take good care of a lady and make her happy. "

Bruce kept silent for a long time before he said, "I'm sorry, Dear Polly. I didn't take care of your feelings. I heard everything about the date in the Marriage Flowers Restaurant from Aaron. It's all because of what she did. Please don't take it to heart. "

"Why should I take it to heart! You have already helped miss. Fang deal with the aftermath, haven't you! You can rest assured that miss. Fang has a perfect and noble image. As for me and Avril, we will never go out to talk nonsense! "

In the beginning, she didn't take it seriously that Jean made difficulties for her and Avril. For some inexplicable reasons, when Bruce mentioned it to her, she felt a little angry for no reason.

"And, Mr. He, I don't know why you want me to be your fake girlfriend. In fact, if you just want to deal with your mother, Miss Fang is the best choice! " She couldn't continue because she was a little emotional tonight.

"I'm glad that Dear Polly has found out about this," It was difficult to tell what kind of emotion was in his tone. "But you'd better think about it carefully. What am I doing for? "

"Why? I can't think of it! "

After a moment's silence, Bruce suddenly smiled and said, "as for the real reason, I don't have the courage to tell you. Because I'm afraid you'll be scared away. "

"Now all you need to know is that the reason I'm looking for you instead of Jean is because she is the blind date my mother set for me. " So, Dear Polly. I need your help! Make her give up hope on me and believe that I will never marry her! "

Taking the chance to answer the phone, Miss. Jean ran to a quiet place and vomited heavily to the garbage can.

"I have done what you said. The food will taste as bad as it tastes! Disgusting! Rubbish! I will never come to such a dirty place again! "

"What? You asked me to put up with it! Is it something that human can eat? I don't think Bruce would like that kind of woman who like this food! "

"All right, don't say anything more! All in all, it's impossible! "

She hung up the phone angrily.

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