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   Chapter 26 Dear Polly. Are You Cold

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They chose a rock and sat down.

The moon shone down like water. The thin lines of the moon in the air interwove into clouds, which made the sea covered with a layer of silver light, so bright and otherworldly like firework.

The night breeze blew over the sea. The sigh was soft, graceful and charming. The silver moon shadow was crushed, and the phosphorescence of the marine creatures that flashed on the sea surface from time to time swayed in the ripples of the surging meridians.

At this moment, Polly had calmed down completely.

At this moment, she seemed to have returned to the most innocent age. There was no sorrow, disappointment, or pain, and the man by her side was still the one she could trust.

"Dear Polly, are you cold?" "Suddenly, Bruce asked her softly?".

"Not cold."

"When we were in front of the apartment building, Polly asked me a question." The moon was shining in his eyes and he stood still.

"What?" He could not catch up with him.

He turned around and looked into her eyes. The stars were shining. His voice was as gentle as the warm night breeze. "Because, in such a intoxicating night, you are not the only one who is woolgathering."

Hearing that, one question came into his mind.

At that time, Bruce drove to the downstairs of his apartment but didn't go upstairs. She asked him where he was going and why he didn't go back to the apartment.

"That's an answer to the question."

He said with a low and deep voice all of a sudden. With a smile on his face, he continued, "now let's go in the sea wind and take a look at the stars and moon. Those terrifying thoughts no longer exist in our mind. It seems that the beautiful scenery really can heal people's heart and make them feel better. "

However, for Polly, it was not a good thing for her to watch a lot of stars or moon as the night wind blew. The next day, when she attended the class, she lay prone on the last row of seats on the stairs. No one knew that she was sleeping.

As a matter of fact, Avril did a good job on this thing. Nothing had happened the whole morning.

Suddenly, her phone vibrated. The phone vibrated for many times. The caller had a feeling that the other party would not stop until she received the phone call. The constant voice made the people sitting nearby feel scalp numb. If Avril did not wake her up, it would cause public indignation.

It was the first time that Polly had slept like this in a public place. After taking the tissue from Avril and wiping her mouth, she took her phone and sneaked out of the back door.

"Nice to meet you, Rachel." Polly was a little surprised that Rachel called at this time.

"Dear Polly, I'm sorry for what happened last night. I didn't help you,"

The original is for that. She reminded Polly of the incident last night

"But you don't have to blame yourself. You have tried your best."

"But I still feel guilty. I think I am so useless. I can do nothing to help." Rachel paused and continued, "that's how she is. Miss. Jean has been loved by everyone in the upper class family since she was a kid. She was born with arrogance, overbearing, and forthright. She couldn't tolerate a grain of sand in her eyes. But she has no evil intention. Don't get even with her. "

"Don't worry. I didn't take it seriously." She was not bored. How could she will bother that kind of high born lady?

Rachel sighed and continued, "actually, the most important thing is Bruce. You don't know how he dotes on her in the past. She was like a treasure to him. Miss. Jean comes from a rich family with a beautiful face. What's more, she has a handsome man who cares about her very much. How lucky she are! "

"Rachel, Did you know Bruce and Miss. Jean long ago?" Polly couldn't help ask.

"Right. I'm a poor student and have just finished my university with the help of Bruce. Now I'm having an internship in his company. She would work in his company if possible. I know a lot about him. He and Miss. Jean grew up together. They are playmates in childhood"

Hearing the words "playmate in childhood", Polly felt empty in her heart.

"Miss. Jean is the eldest daughter of the CEO of the Phoenix film industry. The Fang clan and the he clan are on good terms for generations, and their families are close to each other. Children played very well with each other since they were children. Bruce is older. Although he regards himself as eldest brother all the time, but to her that pet, already exceeded the affection of brother and sister.

Speaking of this, Rachel suddenly smiled apologetically, "Polly, sorry, Delay your class? "

"No, it's the break." Polly had never thought that when she lying, she could neither blush nor feel her heart beating.

"Polly, don't worry too much about what happened last night. Not long after Miss. Jean called your work place, Bruce asked me to deal with the complaint. It's done. You two won't be punished. "

Avril had told her about this early in the morning. But unlike what Rachel had said, nothing happened.

The faith

of "customer is the belief of God", which was unshakable in Unusual House. The employees who were complained by their customers must be punished.

As a group leader, Avril's salary of half a month deducted as punishment. And she had to work overtime on every Saturday.

It would be the best result for her.

"Bruce later learned what had happened. He thought she had gone too far, which was not in line with her noble identity. He had always spoiled Miss. Jean. That includes defending her image. There were too many beautiful girls from decent families. But they couldn't match Bruce. Every time Miss. Jean did something harmful, it was Bruce who took care of the mess. It was also because of this that Miss. Jean feared nothing. In a word, she is very lucky. Ordinary people like me just can envy her. "

"Dear Polly? Do you think so?"

With an inexplicable downcast mood, she hummed a "Hum ok.." with an expressionless face.

"All right, Dear Polly. You can go to class now. You have to work harder. I hope you can work with me in BA company. "

Polly was in a bad mood all day, so she looked listless when working at the cafe in the evening. Avril asked her with concern, "do you feel uncomfortable these days?"

"No, didn't."

Avril wanted to say something, but when she raised her head, she saw a shadow coming in. She immediately stretched out her hand and took Polly's arm to remind her to look over.

"It's that girl, Eva Qu. She was the sister of the CEO of a subsidiary company in South China, who want to learn cooking desserts with Lemon." Avril said in a very low voice. "But she hasn't come here for a long time since she left in despair last time. Was it because her love for Lemon had been restored? Anyway, don't forget that she's from a rich family. You'd better be careful later. "

Hearing Lemon's name, Polly remembered that Avril had told her in the afternoon. In addition to Bruce and Aaron' s forces, that mysterious Lemon interceded for them as well.

Polly's first reaction was.

"Avril, do you think there is a possibility? Lemon, in fact, has a secret crush on you? "

"Why don't you say that he have a crush on you?"

"I also want him to have a crush on me. But I just came back that day, and he didn't even see me. How could he have a crush on me? Avril, Congratulations! You're finally ready to move!

As a result, Avril hit Polly, Polly almost did concussion.

When they were about to get ready, Polly glanced at the kitchen and cried out in surprise, "oh my God! Something is wrong! Lemon, he comes out! "

In the stunned eyes of the crowd in the coffee house, Lemon slowly walked up with a small and exquisite plate in his hand. He was tall and thin. A white chef's suit that looks bloated on someone else was like tailored to him However, his face was totally covered by a mask and only one pair of eyes could be seen.

He went straight to Eva, put the plate of dessert on her table, pulled out the chair and sat down in front of her.

Eva's eyes were lit up with surprise. Lemon didn't beat around the bush. He lifted the plate for her and gestured for the meal.

Eva flushed and asked, "Brother Lemon, would you like to eat with me?"

"Lemon, I heard this is your latest invention. Am I the first person to have a try?"

"Lemon, why don't you eat? It's so delicious. I promise you that it will taste sweet in my heart. "

This scene almost made Polly and Avril stunned.

No matter what Eva talked to him, Lemon had been sitting quietly with a serious face. Eva kept on talking endlessly, not caring about whether Lemon had heard her words or not.

"Avril, don't you think that Lemon is strange? Is he... " Polly made a few gestures to show that 'Is he unable to speak?'

"No! He just doesn't like talking. "

"Actually, Avril, I think we should introduce Hal here. Doesn't he know a lot about desserts? Lemon doesn't get a female disciple. Maybe he will have a male disciple. "

Avril got a little angry and said, "Hal is just a paper soldier. He can only brag and just you believe his words!"

"He's not just talking about those things on paper! The food he cooked was delicious. Avril, you have eaten it before. How can you say that against your conscience? A lot of boys like to cook, and among them, Hal is the best. "

"Stop talking nonsense Then why don't you go to be his girlfriend? That man was good at gauging people's mind. He said so much because he knew you liked desserts. Don't take it seriously! Humph! "

Lemon kept silent like a sculpture for a whole night, and Eva had a talk with it for the whole night. Polly felt that 'Both of them were talented!'

At the end of work, Avril said to her mysteriously, "I've heard about that. Our shop manager and that Eva's family seemed to be some relatives. Anyway, our shop manager and Eva were on good terms. Do you think that Lemon will sell his beauty for us? "

"It's absolutely possible!"

Polly's eyes were gloomy, and with a serious expression, she sighed heavily, "poor Lemon! What can I do to save you? "

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