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   Chapter 25 Can't You Just Coax Me

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Bruce was talking on the phone. Judging from his gentle tone, she knew it must be a girl. 'Maybe it's Miss. Jean, ' she thought. He was handsome and had a lot of female friends.

"Jean, you just came back from abroad and haven't gotten over the jet lag yet. Have a good rest tonight. Good night. I'll buy you dinner in a couple of days. "

In the following, Bruce said a lot of words to coax women, but she had no interest in them. She turned to look out of the window.

She found that Bruce's car had been driven downstairs, but he didn't drive in. He turned the car around and drove again.

"Where are you going? Why don't you go back to the apartment? "

She had thought that he wanted to drive her home, but it was not direction of A University.

With a sly smile on his lips, the man teased, "what's up? Do you want to the apartment with me ?"

"I didn't mean that!"

"Of course you didn't mean that. I did!"

Hearing that, Polly became silent.

The oncoming wind gradually became cool. There was also a pleasant damp. When he drove to Coastal Bridge, the sound of the waves hitting rocks could be heard.

"Well, what about those three men?" After thinking about it for a long time, Polly finally remembered to ask him about it, which broke the dull atmosphere. It was uneasy to stay with him in silence.

"you care about those three assholes more than about me!"

"Who said I didn't care about you!" She felt those words are ambiguous when she spoke out her mind, so she immediately explained, "those three men are very vicious. You look, well, a little more refined. You seem to be the one who will suffer. "

"Haha, am I a gentle man?" All of a sudden, Bruce turned his head around, and a beam of orange light shone in his eyes. He reached out and held her hand, trying to comfort her.

"I mean by comparison,"

"Haha..." The only thing he cared about was the light of the headlights on the road. He was in a good mood, with his eyes fixed on the road. When the sea breeze blew him, the smell of alcohol vanished.

At that time, Polly' s phone rang. She thought it was a message and took it out. It turned out to be not a text, but the tip of the news.

The latest news was that the son of the deputy director general of the Public Security Bureau of A City and his friend were having a romantic relationship with two third class stars in the entertainment industry. They were jealous and fought with each other violently. Two of them were fractured, and three of them were seriously injured. They were receiving treatment.

Below the posting were three pictures of the three in total.

The first picture was quite clear. Several people in white shirts were fighting and fighting. The security guards came over to separate them. They were all lying on the ground, face twisted. The third one was the medical staff carrying the ambulance.

"You did this?" asked Polly in disbelief

After taking a glance at it, Bruce turned his head to one side. He didn't say yes or no but asked, "Dear Polly, do you still think I'm a gentle person? Will you feel scared? "

"Not really." Actually, she was surprised not only by that. But the news was exposed in such a short time unexpectedly. His speed was so fast.

"It happened in Marriage Flowers Restaurant. Do you feel Aaron can handle it? " It was conceivable how embarrassed it would be for Marriage Flowers Restaurant to be a playboy place. Complained by customers, the loss of old customers, credibility decreased...

" Dear Polly, if I say this news made by Aaron and I don't know at all, you believe it or not ?"

At the same time, she nodded.

His expression was serious and it didn't look like he was lying. Besides, there was no need for him to lie to her.

"But," she was suspicious, "with the strength of my family, Mr. Fan is capable to block the news. Why did he do so?" She don't believe that Aaron was inferior in dealing with such kind of things and that someone took advantage of it.

"Aaron won't block the news. I have asked Jake to do it."

How could this be possible?

It seemed that he was getting more and more difficult to understand why his own family would pull down their own table, and even asked Bruce to clean up the mess.

"Last time, Aaron always felt guilty about that events in Marriage Flowers Restaurant" His tone was casual, as if he just said it suddenly occurred to him.

"Just now, it happened in Marriage Flowers Restaurant again !" His voice suddenly became harsh, his thin lips tightly compressed into a line, looking straight ahead as cold as knife edge.

"Brat, you as flower Guardian came too late! We have already had sex with that woman! What else can you do? Kill me if you dare! Even if you kill me, they are still a piece of shit! "

"Yes! A piece of shit! Look at that smooth skin! "

"Buddy, if you want the same thing, we can give it to you. Do you have to fight so hard for that bitch?"

Bruce thought of the dirty words of the three

men in the hotel just now. At that time, he really wanted to kill the three men right away. It was Aaron who pulled him to the security room.

Although the man didn't rape her, she was still in his arms, and he couldn't stand it. Dear Polly was the purest and most beautiful thing in the world. However, this kind of man in the world was so dirty that he didn't even have the right to breathe with her.

He didn't know what would have happened if he had gone back to the private room with Jean

He dared not to think about it, nor could he.

"This time, if Aaron doesn't do something, I won't let!!"

Finally understood what he meant. She asked cautiously, "is Aaron apologizing to you in this way?"

Looking into her eyes intently, he said seriously, "for you, not only for me Do you accept his apology? "

This word was too hard for Polly to describe.

"Now that you are willing to clean up the mess for him, does it mean that you have worked off your anger?"

"It's impossible to cool off! Some things could be ignored, but there were still something that could never be passed! However, it was not bad that Aaron was able to do that. We are business people. We can't be too ruthless. Save face for others, which means saving face for yourself. "

"What do you think, Dear Polly?"

"Let bygones be bygones."

What Bruce meant was if he didn't allow them to block the news, the Fan family wouldn't either.

He apologized sincerely. If she were Bruce, she wouldn't refuse. Although these two things happened in Marriage Flowers Restaurant, what does it have to do with it? It was those who wanted to hurt her that were truly unforgivable.

"Wow, Dear Polly, how can you be so cute? I really want to... "

Polly was waiting for his reply, but he didn't say. She couldn't help but criticize him in her heart, 'the tantalizing man is the most hateful.'.

At this time, her cell phone rang. It was from Avril.

"Dear Polly, where are you now?"

"By the sea."

"By the sea? Your boss is so romantic! Since that's the case, I'm relieved now! Have fun tonight. You don't need to go back to your dormitory! " She hung up the phone excitedly.

It was near nine o'clock in the evening, and there were several people walking on the bank. Some were young couples, some were taking children out for a walk and some were single.

At this time, there were few cars on the parking lot and it was easy to find the location.

"Dear Polly, take a walk with me." He opened the door for her and reached out his hand like a gentleman.

Pondering for a while, she thought it might be a etiquette of the upper class, so she gave her hand to him.

She mumbled and lowered her head, afraid to look at him. When she got out of the car, he released her wrist. He was graceful and courteous.

But he put his hand on her waist and gently reminded her, "be careful, stand firm."

Contact with her, again, is a light touch.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm used to it." He explained, "Dear Polly, you're always strong and independent, which makes people feel lonely. I want to take good care of you, but have no chance. "

He was just so shameless to say such sweet words!

But when she thought it over, she realized that the man in front of her was the one woman loved and cared about in the past. Unconsciously, the picture of Jean's beautiful face appeared in her mind.

When they were eavesdropping in the corridor, they saw that the woman's name was "Jean". This reminded her of that when he called her "Dear Polly", he probably thought of another possibility.

She said in an unpleasant tone, "do you think of me as someone else?"

At any time, one hated to be treated as someone else. Because for everyone, I am unique in the world.

"How could that be? Dear Polly is unique, and no other. "

Polly got stunned and couldn't help asking, "what about Miss. Jean?"

"Should I think you are jealous because Jean?"

"I don't need to be jealous!"

"Dear Polly, can't you tell some nice lies to make me happy occasionally?"

She didn't know when Bruce took her hand. When she found it, they had already walked around hand in hand.

He explained, "the wind is so strong at the seaside and it's so cold for your hand. I didn't think of anything else. I'm just afraid that you'll catch cold."

Stupid as Polly was, she knew it was words to coax girls. But even if she knew it was not true, she would still feel comfortable to hear it. In the face of sweet words, she lost her resistance. Sometimes it was not because they were too stupid. They just wanted to be cared by others, so they thought they could be lucky enough.

What if he was telling the truth? What if his concern was true?

As the sea breeze blew, his apologetic words sounded, "Dear Polly, if you think this is not good, you can put your hand in my pocket."

Looking back at his innocent and pure face, she was speechless.

She thought it would be more awkward to be in a relationship than holding hands.

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