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   Chapter 24 What Nonsense Are You Talking About!

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9999

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"Wait!" A man and a woman screamed at the same time.

The man was Aaron Fan, and the woman was Rachel Du.

"What are you talking about?" The peerless beauty turned around and looked at them, with anger burning in her beautiful eyes.

Rachel took a look at Aaron. Seeing that he was embarrassed, she guessed that he dared not say anything.

With a polite smile, She explained to Jean, "Miss. Jean, you just came back from abroad. We're so glad to see you. Please don't get angry at such a trifle. And the two of them, at first glance, knew that they were college students and were taking part-time jobs. I used to work when I was in school. I would try my best to complete my work, in case anything went wrong! I think both of them must have done the same thing. They didn't break the dessert intentionally. Please forgive them. "

"Rachel, they can't hold a candle to you! And, you know! I'm angry not because I can't have the dessert, But the meaning of those two love is different! "

The name of Touching City' Love was the name of two desserts delivered by Polly. It meant that the relationship between the two was Cloris, unless the mountains apart and they would never be separated.

Such a beautiful wish was ruined, and her eagerness to share with the one he loved was so intolerable.

Moreover, it was ominous.

Even those who didn't believe superstition would tremble with fear when it came to their lover, the most precious thing in their hearts, even if they had a little loss.

With a smile on her face, Rachel advised in a soft voice, "of course I know why you came here. I have always admired your tolerance and magnanimity. You won't leave this time. You still have a lot of time to spend with him. How about next time... "

Jean interrupted her directly, "but many things can't be repeated! You know me best. I hate being defeated! No matter what the reason is! "

"But, Miss. Jean..."

Rachel was about to say something more, but was interrupted by Jean again. "Shut up, my dear! I will never forgive them for what happened today! "

Rachel did not dare to say anything more. She looked at Polly with an apologetic look on her face. "I'm sorry. I can't help you," she said.

Polly, giving her a grateful look. Only true friends could stand up for her at this moment. On the contrary, Aaron and other young masters of rich families were waiting to watch a good show, and some pretended that they had nothing to do with it.

Only Aaron looked a little apologetic. He stood up and opened the door.

"Yes, yes, you are right. We have made a huge mistake. We shouldn't have been forgiven!" Avril bowed to Jean with a big smile on her face and said, "it doesn't matter how you want to punish us."

Whatever Avril said and did, Polly did as she said.

Avril's attitude changed Polly's impression of Avril. Polly had thought that Avril would throw the two boxes of broken dessert right in front of Miss. Jean. And then Avril would say, "I quit! What can you do about it?".

Jean Fan looked them up and down. She withdrew her slender fingers from the screen of her mobile phone, and a faint sneer gradually emerged on her lips. She said, "well, since you say so, I will give you a chance to correct it."

"Miss Fang, please go ahead!"

"Come here! If you want to drink cross cupped wine with all the boys here, I'll forgive you. What do you think? "

Polly' s face turned red, but she quickly replied, "okay..."

"Wait!" Avril gave Polly a stare and tried to stop her, "let me help her. She's a wimpy drinker."

"Who do you think you are?" "I want her! Get out of here! "

Instead of getting away as she had been told, Avril stood up and said to Miss. Jean in a stern voice, "Miss Fang, we work together. If there is a punishment, it should be us who are responsible for it."

"What right do you have to order me?" Miss. Jean couldn't control her anger anymore, so she picked up the glass and poured a glass of juice on Avril.

Polly saw it clearly and she rushed to Avril. The icy liquid with a refreshing taste of Hami melon poured all over her face.

"Polly? What are you doing?" Avril was surprised and angry. She quickly took out a tissue from her pocket and wiped for Polly.

"Don't wipe it!" Miss. Jean grabbed Avril's arm and pulled her over. "Let her be. No one is allowed to wipe her mouth! Aren't you afraid of my complaint? Now I tell you, you can go back. As long as she stays, I will let you go! And I can only complain her! "

Suddenly, the smile on her face became sinister, "how do you feel about this idea?"

Before Avril could say anything else! Avril, you'd better go back! Better than both of us! "

If Polly hadn't figured out that this woman was just picking on her, she would have been a big fool.

Besides, this job was very important to Avril. She could tell that she couldn't lose it from her hard work!

"It's nothing serious. I just had a drink,"

Gritting her teeth, Av

ril stared at her and said, "nothing! Are you stupid, or are you pretending to be? "

If Polly asked to drink cross cupped wine with a group of men in front of Bruce, she would get herself into trouble. Suddenly, Avril understood what was behind this. She also understood that it was for her that Polly was willing to bear that humiliation.

"I'm sorry, Miss Fang. We can't meet your requirements, so please just make a complaint to us!"

After saying that, she took Polly's hand and walked outside, slamming the door with her left hand.

"Avril, in fact, I think the way of punishment is not completely unacceptable! I... " For a moment, Polly couldn't figure out what was on Avril's mind.

Avril glared back at her and shouted, "shut up!"

She suddenly became silent, her voice also very low, "Dear Polly, do you think I am a loser? So you have an illusion that you want to share my worries? "

"No, it's not like that! Actually... " That was exactly what she thought in her mind. She said, "Avril, don't you feel wronged in your heart?"

"Of course, I am sad! But I'm used to it! Most importantly, we have an inescapable responsibility for this. Dear Polly, If you are responsible, you must have the courage to shoulder the responsibility. "

"Then just now, why didn't you let me..."

"I can't act on impulse, but if you can't stand it, then you don't need to stand it any more!"

She suddenly realized that there was a great distance between them.

It turned out that she was not only the audacious girl who often laughed heartlessly. Maybe everyone was different from what they looked like.

The group was consisted of Bruce, Aaron and a lot of people

"sister-in-law!" As soon as she thought of Aaron, he appeared. He looked at her apologetically, "I'm sorry. It's not that I didn't help you just now. It was Miss. Jean who was short tempered. When she was angry, the more others tried to talk her out of it, the more difficult she was to cool down! He will make it worse! All of us didn't dare to say anything. As for the complaint, I will handle it for you. Please don't worry. "

Hearing that, Polly was no longer angry. She said, "thank you, Aaron."

"It doesn't matter. Either you and Bruce are in trouble, so is mine. What's more, I'm still worried about that photo of Marriage Flowers Restaurant, so I haven't had a chance to apologize to you. "

"It was not your fault."

"Sister-in-law, you are so generous." Aaron smiled and said, "sister-in-law, Bruce is also here. Do you want to see him?"

"No, thanks,"

"Why not?" Bruce's furious voice came from behind. He strode over and grabbed hold of Polly' s arm. "Go with me! Aaron, tell Miss. Jean that I have something to deal with in the company and I'm leaving now. "

Sitting in the passenger's seat next to the driver's seat, she asked in confusion, "where are you taking me?"

"I will tell you the truth after you drink eight glasses of cross cupped wine with me."

He knew what happened in the private room just now. But she counted. There were nine people there just like last time, and Abbe Su was still not there.

As if he saw through her, he added in a cold voice, "Aaron, he doesn't have the guts to do that!"

The man was in a towering rage, and she thought she'd better shut her mouth. She noticed that the car was driving towards the direction of his apartment. She thought that he wouldn't really take her back to the apartment and force her to drink eight glasses of wine. She would definitely get drunk after drinking so much.

Thinking of a drunken scene, she blushed.

"Dear Polly, what are you thinking about?"

As he said so, he leaned towards her. The alcohol mixed with the fresh and good smell on his body stirred her nerves constantly, and the air was full of ambiguity.

She immediately answered, "I think about nothing!" Her face was even redder.

As soon as she finished speaking, he slowed down the car. His face was so close to hers that her sexy thin lips were almost touching it. Somehow, she forgot to dodge his hug and her heart raced uncontrollably.

All of a sudden, Bruce raised his hand to raise her face. Their faces were so close. In the dim light of the car light outside, she saw two clusters of flames flickering in his eyes, and they were all her shadows.

All of a sudden, she dared not move as if she was bewitched, as if she was the one burning in the fire.

When their lips were about to get close to each other, Bruce suddenly laughed, reached out his hand and patted her on the shoulder, and said, "Dear Polly, don't let your imagination run wild at midnight!"

Her mind was full of the scene that his lips were leaning over. The car was so hot and stuffy that she could hardly breathe. It took her a long time to react.

"I'm not thinking too much!"

The window was rolled down silently. The breeze at night was dry and cool, bringing the fragrance of roadside tree, and she felt much more sober.

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